How This Accounting Firm Achieved 264% More Organic Conversions with Integrated SEO & Content

increase in organic conversions
increase in goal conversion rate
increase in non-branded clicks
increase in organic sessions


Woodward & Co

About Challenges Our Approach Strategy & Execution Outcomes Key Results

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About Challenges Our Approach Strategy & Execution Outcomes Key Results

About Woodward & Co

Woodward & Co is a boutique accounting firm offering advisory services for all types of businesses wanting to take it to the next level. Located in Clayfield, Queensland, they emphasise a high quality of service — prioritising prompt communication whilst meeting deadlines punctually. This helps achieve the best tax result along the way.


In May 2021, Woodward & Co reached out to Online Marketing Gurus wanting to increase their organic traffic and conversions. As such, the SEO Gurus conducted an integrated SEO strategy that involved a content refresh to help this firm achieve their organic goals.

Through our free introductory audit (worth $2,000), we were able to uncover areas of improvement and opportunities to capitalize on, that would help propel Woodward and Co’s organic rankings.

  • Thin content on category pages + content gap
  • FAQ Schema Markup & Google My Business (GMB) not optimised.
  • Slow site speed affecting Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)
  • Unoptimised and missing/duplicate metadata elements

Our Approach

Whilst implementing an integrated SEO and content strategy, we focused our efforts to achieve tangible growth in key organic traffic and conversion goals. We targeted all the areas of content, links, and technical that Google prioritises when it comes to bringing value to your target audience. With this in mind, our partnership towards superior organic rankings blossomed.

  • Reconstruction of existing pages and creation of new category pages
  • Optimising Title Tags, Metadata and H1 (header) tags
  • Revamping FAQ schema and GMB
  • Further configuration of goal tracking
  • Improving website speed

Strategy & Execution

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Strengthening content to rank and convert

From an SEO perspective, having good quality and unique content is an important ranking factor. From our initial audit of the Woodward & Co website, we discovered a content gap that was crucial to address if the accounting firm wanted to compete among the top organic rankings.

Several of the site’s category pages contained a low word-count and were not optimised for a wider range of keywords. As such, our content optimisation strategy included reconfiguring these existing pages whilst creating new category pages that catered to Woodward & Co’s services. In doing so, it opened the door for internal linking opportunities. Specifically, we were able to link to key category pages along with the site’s contact page to reap the SEO benefits.

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Supercharging their online presence through Schema Markups and Google My Business

One of the main goals discussed with Woodward & Co was to increase online visibility on search engines. Two great ways to achieve this is to implement markup data on webpages and optimise GMB for local SEO — both are tangible ways to gain higher click-through rates and most importantly, better organic rankings and therefore more visibility. And that’s exactly what we did!

Our first avenue involved investigating Woodward & Co’s schema markup. Our Gurus discovered the website was missing relevant homepage schemas whilst uncovering improper implementation on category and product pages. With access to their Content Management System (CMS), our SEO Gurus implemented the appropriate schema markup for the homepage whilst correcting implementation issues on category and product pages.

Secondly, Online Marketing Gurus identified optimising the firm’s Google My Business profile as another avenue to increase online visibility. Our initial audit (valued at $2,000) highlighted Woodward & Co’s GMB listing was missing vital information. Optimising this listing involved updating the profile with only the most relevant information, staying consistent with NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number).

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FAQ content revamp to hypertarget keywords and turbocharge rankings

Through a competitor analysis of Woodward & Co’s service industry, we identified the potential for a FAQ revamp for industry-related questions and queries. Close competitors had an existing general FAQ section on their websites but OMG aimed at orchestrating a content revamp strategy to turn this up a notch.

Implementing FAQ schema can allow Google to catapult you up the SERPs if your answers are relevant to user searches. As such, our Gurus identified relevant keywords in line with the company’s service offering that sparked opportunities to satisfy these common customer queries.


What did Woodward & Co achieve during our partnership? We saw massive growth in impressions for keywords surrounding ‘crypto’. Being a direct result of ranking 1 in Google’s SERP for this keyword, this is what was driving the most amount of organic traffic to the website. Within 6 months, the accounting and advisory firm saw impressions soar for both branded and non-branded keywords. To highlight, overall impressions increased by 34% and non-branded increased by 29%.

Our initial campaign goal for Woodward & Co was to increase organic traffic by 10% in 6 months, however we smashed this by achieving a 41% increase, representing a 44% total of overall traffic.

As mentioned previously, the keyword ‘crypto’ drew lots of organic traffic for the accounting and advisory firm. The strategy behind this included targeting keywords surrounding ‘crypto’ like ‘crypto accountant’ and ‘cryptocurrency tax accountant’ (to name a few) and answering common queries to boost organic rankings. As a result, Woodward & Co were able to maintain position 1 for the ‘crypto’ keyword.

Other keywords that saw big wins from this content strategy included ‘property tax accounting’ and ‘cfo accounting services’. Both these keywords had a FAQ section content revamp to reflect and answer the common search queries bordering said keywords. Questions like ‘What does a property tax accountant do?’, ‘How do I choose a property accountant?’, ‘What is CFO in accounting’ and ‘Why should I choose Woodward & Co as my CFO accountant in Brisbane’ allowed for greater visibility and even better rankings.

We also put the turbo in turbocharged rankings as we helped Woodward & Co achieve p9 for ‘property tax accounting’ and p4 for ‘cfo accounting services’.

Key Results


increase in organic conversions


increase in goal conversion rate


increase in non-branded clicks


increase in organic sessions

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