We’re an independent agency that leads with a strong evidence-based and results-driven approach. We exist to help businesses achieve their growth goals.

Our History

Embark on a journey through Online Marketing Gurus’ remarkable 11-year history, tracing our evolution from humble beginnings in Sydney to a global force.


Where to next?

Next-level everything: ready to grow, faster?

As the digital world becomes more saturated and online marketing evolves at an ever-increasing pace, keeping up and even staying ahead of competitors is tougher than ever. OMG started with the aim of helping businesses overcome these challenges and turn them into opportunities.

Since 2012, OMG has helped 1,000s of companies grow faster online, and are rated 5 stars by 500+ Google Reviews. Our team of 200+ Gurus are ready to partner with you on achieving your growth goals — getting started is as simple as claiming your free Digital Audit, worth $3,600.

New HQ, new milestones

Introducing OMG HQ, our new office in Crows Nest, Sydney

Despite a rollercoaster year, OMG reached one of the most exciting milestones — moving into our brand new headquarters, based in the lower North Shore. With nearly 200 Gurus based locally, we needed a new home that would grow with us.

Using data to drive smarter decisions and pivot quickly was the exact approach that helped our agency AND our clients continue to stay strong during an uncertain time. Helping our clients win is what makes our day-to-day so rewarding.

In 2020, we also welcomed the first of several USA-based team members including the incredible Jon Bennion (our USA CEO). This international expansion also shaped the creation of Supergravity Group, the global suite of agencies including our own: Online Marketing Gurus.

Next-level growth

With global expansion plans, our growth journey started to accelerate

In 2018, OMG was at the cusp of several growth spurts in our journey. From building our dedicated inhouse marketing team to scaling our 50+ team to the next level, this period was all about planting the seeds for our long-term growth.

Since the beginning, “results-driven” is our mantra. No excuses, no dramas, no complex jargon and smooth-talking to mask a lack of progress.

Everything we’ve done (and still do) is based on real performance targets, real revenue growth and real returns on your investment. We found this mantra resonated not only with Aussie businesses of all sizes, but also with a suite of international clients in Singapore and the United States.

That’s why expanding global started to frame our efforts, alongside our goal to cement OMG as the go-to authority for evidence-based Digital Marketing in Australia.

Growing faster

During these formative years, we refined what we do best: helping our clients win

From moving into our first office to teaming up with so many incredible brands (and house hold names!), this era of OMG is marked by milestones. At every step, we’ve upped our game and picked up crucial learnings on how we can deliver the best service for our clients.

During this pivotal growth period, we refined our evidence-based methodology — focusing every campaign first and foremost on what defines success for our clients.

OMG also hired so many talented Gurus during this era — many of whom have since grown to become an integral part of the leadership team.

How it all started

The mission: make the web simple and profitable for everyone

Andrew and Mez launched OMG in 2012 knowing there were plenty of digital marketing agencies out there already. But there was one sneaking problem they saw industry-wide.

They’d seen enough to realise how rare it was for agencies to deliver truly game-changing results, and not just a digital facelift. Far too often, they’d seen honest businesses get the short-end of the stick, with smoke and mirrors.

That’s why they co-founded OMG with a results-driven approach from day one. No excuses, no jargon, just pure results. The mission was simple: Make the web simple and profitable for all businesses.

Real success in digital marketing takes knowledge, continual education and an unwavering ability to adapt. The creation of our R&D function played a big part of how we built this approach into the core of OMG.

During this key growth period, we also hired so many talented Gurus — some of whom have since become integral members of our leadership team.


We are a Full-Service Digital Agency.

OMG fortifies its standing through Rysen’s acquisition, solidifying our dedication to excellence. This merger elevates OMG as your go-to hub for complete digital solutions, featuring top-tier digital marketing, innovative UX/UI design, and high-converting web development—all in one place!


OMG Gurulytics

Provide the heartbeat to our success

What do we mean when we say Gurulytics?

Gurulytics is the linchpin for data-driven decision-making in the digital landscape, offering crucial insights into user behaviour and market trends.

Evidence & Proven Framework

We follow the proven data to get results

Everything we do is backed by facts.

Everything we do is anchored in facts and evidence. From strategic decisions to creative executions, data-driven insights guide our approach, ensuring precision and effectiveness in every endeavor. This commitment to evidence-based practices sets OMG apart.

Your OMG Digital Project Account Manager

They are the linchpin of seamless execution and exceeding client expectations

Our team is the reason we succeed.

Our team’s dedication and expertise are the driving force behind our numerous awards, showcasing excellence and outstanding achievements consistently.


Boost your website’s visibility and rankings!

Get your SEO developed by Australia’s best SEO team

At OMG we put all your goals and concerns in mind. Where you can sit back as we boost your website’s visibility and rankings! All translating to getting real results and real revenue.

Google Ads

Optimise your ad spend and maximise returns

Drive traffic & conversions by targeting the right audience at the right time

With Australia’s leading PPC agency, our experienced Gurus specialise in optimised campaigns that generate not just leads but actual customers for your business.

Social Media Ads

Get more than just likes

Social media campaigns that actually move the needle for your business!

Through our years of expertise across multiple industries you can trust us to build brand awareness, drive customer engagement and optimize for conversions.

Content Marketing

Invest in customised high-impact content

Achieve your growth goals with our Content Marketing Services

Get content that achieves your goals and delivers growth in traffic, leads and customers, for the long term – helping to accelerate your SEO results too.

Programmatic Advertising

Reach new audiences with absolute precision

Hyper-targeted advertising to grow brand awareness and drive leads

Get your brand in front of your perfect target audience at the perfect time and see exponential results on your bottom line.

UX/UI Research & Design

Give your users the best website experience

Get an aesthetically pleasing site that understands your users needs

Our seasoned team analyses your users and designs your website for a smooth user journey for maximum user satisfaction.
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Web Design & Development

Get a beautifully designed, user-friendling website

Get your site done by our award-winning enterprise website division – Rysen

We’ll build a phenomenally designed website that’s optimised to both get you found online, and achieve higher conversions.

Email Marketing

Attract attention from your email campaigns in inboxes

Say goodbye to boring emails

We don’t just educate and sell to your email lists but boost email engagement and convert more leads!

SEO & SEM Training

Stay on top of the curve so you can stay on top of SERPs

Learn from Australia’s leading SEO agency

We pride ourselves in our evidence-based based driven framework. We conduct extensive SEO tests so we can ensure that your brand’s SEO delivers unparalleled results.

Digital Strategy

Get a completely personalised marketing strategy

We understand that a strong digital marketing strategy is the backbone of any successful campaign

If you want increased brand visibility, higher conversions at a lower cost and scalable growth, it all starts with a comprehensive online marketing strategy.

A Global Agency. The Same Goal.

Team Members


Client Revenue


Client Retention


Why OMG? With Australia’s leading agency – you get an army of the best marketing minds in the country working on your account.

  • Nothing cookie cutter – just strategically personalised campaigns crafted to deliver powerful marketing returns.
  • No time wasting on BS. We only provide real results through correct practices for short- and long-term growth.
  • With digital specialists across every channel and stage of the customer journey we supercharge your marketing performance.
  • With vast experience across hundreds of industries for both big and small across brands.
  • Begin with a free audit and strategy session. We pride ourselves on 100% transparency.

Why not another Agency?

Worse results, less experience, outdated practices.

  • Agencies regularly use cookie cutter strategies that don’t live up to expectations.
  • Fake guarantees on activities that don’t hit ROI achieved through dodgy practices that harm you long-term.
  • Limited experience & service lines available on teams that work separately.
  • Less experience and knowledge of how to navigate different industries and verticals.
  • Constant hidden fees & undisclosed information, leading to financial surprises and unexpected costs.

Helping Businesses
at every step.

Dedicated to empowering businesses at every stage of their journey, we tailor our expertise to support startups, midsize companies, and enterprises, ensuring strategic solutions for success at every step.


Whether you’re just getting on your feet or already starting to walk, we’re here to help your business grow. Even with a limited budget we can help your business identify areas of improvement and opportunity through our no-obligation free multi-channel audit!

Mid-Sized Companies

Trying to get an edge on the competition or supercharge your business’ growth? Digital marketing is your answer. Our team of specialists optimise every word, strategy, and campaign to ensure your business gets the real results it needs to thrive.

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Now that you’re at the top of the food chain, that doesn’t mean you should slow down. Leave your digital marketing to the experts. We’ll defend your position and help you to keep the market share you’ve won by fending off the competition. We’ve got you covered.


You can rely on us

These values define how our Gurus get the job done. For every problem, we find a solution. For every client, we help them win.

Find Solutions, Not Problems.

Save the complaining for home. If you have a problem you need to share with someone, make it a habit to have two solutions ready to go with it. This counts both for your work life and your love life.

Share Evidence, Not Opinion.

Opinions are like agencies — everybody’s got one, but most are rubbish. Numbers, proven results, and evidence don’t lie. Whether the opinion is yours or someone else’s, it means nothing without evidence.

Make Customers Love You.

Our most important relationships are with our clients. We’re not just order-fillers here to complete a task. Be so obsessed that clients can’t help but love us (but don’t be creepy).

Featured in the media

We’re an independent agency that leads with a strong evidence-based and results-driven approach. We exist to help businesses achieve their growth goals.

Meet some of our Passionate Gurus.

Our team of Gurus couldn’t be more diverse. Their qualifications, backgrounds, and personalities are different, but there’s one thing in common: their love and passion for all things SEO, PPC and online marketing.

We couldn’t Fit everyone in, But here are some of our senior gurus

Andrew Raso

Co-founder and Global CEO

Mez Homayunfard

Co-founder & Head of Partnerships

Danny Andrawes

Chief Executive Officer

Simon Hancock

Head of Account Management

Ed Jones

Head of Paid Search

Jazmin Green

Head of Enterprise SEO

Jim Limberis

Head of SEO

Samantha Bell

Senior Paid Consultant

Mark Pearton

Paid Search Executive

Isabela Vital

Senior Account Manager

Andrew Sutton

Paid Search Consultant

Doug Allison

Enterprise SEO Consultant

Minati Hingorani

SEO Consultant

Eugen Donhauser

SEO Manager

Savita Nagarkoti

Senior SEO Consultant

Farzan Kamoosi

SEO Executive


Award Winning Agency

Skyrocket your organic traffic and outshine competitors with our team of SEO experts. Our tailored strategies aim to boost your website visitors, dominate Google, and secure top rankings for your keywords.

OMG Academy

OMG Academy

Making the web simple and profitable. Dive into industry insights and proven strategies for building success online.


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