How A Cake Delivery Business Used SEO to Score Some Sweet Results

increase in Organic Revenue YoY
increase in Organic Traffic YoY
increase in Organic Goal Completions YoY
increase in Keywords on Page 1 of Google


Cake Mail

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About Challenges Our Approach Strategy & Execution Outcomes Key Results

About Cake Mail

Cake Mail is an online cake delivery service that offers customers same-day quick delivery across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane & Gold Coast. With cakes ranging from chocolate, vanilla and gluten-free cakes (to name a few), Cake Mail have cakes for every occasion.


Cake Mail came to Online Marketing Gurus back in July 2020, wanting to turbo-charge their organic visibility and their overall SEO results. Our Gurus engineered an integrated marketing strategy to accelerate and improve SEO visibility across Cake Mail’s key product ranges. We wanted to target locations with the goal to maximise reach within the online cake delivery space, and drive organic traffic and sales across key markets (i.e. Sydney and Melbourne).

Our talented team of Gurus, delved deep into an SEO and Website audit to identify any content gaps and technical issues with the site. From our comprehensive analysis, OMG uncovered some key issues that needed rectifying asap: including poor keyword depth across key product ranges, poor domain authority with a low number of referring domains, and a lack of content on product pages.

  • Little keyword indexation for relevant industry search queries
  • Lack of authority when compared to competitors within the online cake delivery industry
  • Lack of category/product content on key product pages
  • Multiple technical issues on their site including a lack of FAQ and schema markups, unoptimized metadata and 404s present across the site.

Our Approach

Our SEO Gurus went about building up the domain authority score with quality & authoritative links from relevant websites. Furthermore, we identified content gaps & positioned a large portion of our work towards content creation across key product categories & product pages, to improve the ranking ability of the site. To the left, is a snapshot of our link building approach and how through collaborative dialogue we developed the focus of the business to drive the right traffic to the right pages. 

Strategy & Execution

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Optimise Key Pages for Easy SEO Wins with Keywords

Create keyword-rich content to capitalise on low hanging fruit for key category and service pages

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Re-Engage TOF Users

Recapture TOF users by revamping the company blog

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Sweet SEO Wins

Wanting to increase organic visibility within the competitive online cake delivery vertical, Online Marketing Gurus outlined a strategy to elevate Cake Mail’s organic rankings. Nothing tastes better than incredible organic wins, and within a 2 year period, we were able to help Cake Mail increase:

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Tasty Keyword Results Across Key Markets

Prioritising Cake Mail’s key service areas in Sydney and Melbourne, we helped expand their on-site content and implemented FAQ and schema markup to rank for more keywords on Google and gain more real estate on the search engine results page. Over a period of 2 years, we were able to help the online cake delivery business score some mouth-watering keyword results such as:


To note, OMG helped increase:

  • First Page Visibility by 653%
  • Organic Traffic by 113% YoY
  • Organic Goal Completions by 94% YoY
  • Domain Authority by 114% (from 7 to 15)
  • Referring Domains by 149% (from 65 to 162)

To note, OMG helped increase:

  • Position #1 for ‘cake delivery sydney’ (SV: 110)
  • Position #1 for ‘cake delivery melbourne’ (SV: 8,100)
  • Position #1 for ‘birthday cake delivery’(SV: 5,400)
  • Position #1 for ‘same-day cake delivery’ (SV: 590)
  • 710% increase in Sydney-based product terms (from 19 to 154)
  • 135% increase in Melbourne-based product terms (from 37 to 87)

Key Results


Increase in organic revenue YoY


Increase in organic traffic YoY


Increase in organic goal completion YoY


increase in Keywords on Page 1 of Google