What is SEO?

Lead generation is the process of attracting people (leads) and getting their contact information, so you can create a targeted pitch that converts them into buyers. The old style of generating leads relied on cold calls and emails. Not the most efficient method! Enter lead generation SEO.

Jules Ward
SEO Director
Qualified Leads

Lead generation SEO is search engine optimisation that focuses on creating a continuous flow of leads into your business.

But not just any leads – qualified leads who are more likely to convert into customers. And that’s how SEO lead generation can become one of the highest impact elements of your marketing campaign.

The winning combo

Doing SEO without considering lead generation? That's like ignoring customers that walks right through your front door.

If you combine the two, you'll have a winning combo that skyrockets your revenue. 

Website Audit

It is crucial that your website is optimised for both SEO and Lead Generation.

Our gurus will use their expertise to ensure your website is optimised to capture more leads. 

Jules Ward
SEO Director
Why Does Lead Generation SEO Matter?

Looking to increase leads? First step, increase your website traffic. SEO is the best way to increase website traffic for your website. Couple that with SEO that focuses on lead generation, you've got a winning formula. 

Visits vs. Sales. The real goal of SEO for business.

So you’ve done the ‘SEO thing’. Maybe you’ve hired an SEO Expert who has promised to get you better rankings and more traffic, and they have. You’re watching your site visits racking up, and it feels pretty good.

But if down the line, your new visitors are remaining just that – visitors – and not paying customers, has your SEO investment delivered any real value? Too often SEO is based on superficial objectives, and the cost doesn’t justify the return.

Results you can see.
Success you can measure.

Results. Big revenue shifts. That’s what you need to see. Our SEO gurus aren’t concerned with quick tricks that flood your site with drive-by traffic. We’re interested in strategies that initiate genuine consumer interest, cultivate potential leads and drive those leads through the purchase funnel.

Every business is different. The cookie-cutter approach just doesn’t get the job done. We dive deep into the needs, wants and habits of your target market to apply strategies that work for your business. That means intensive research on conversion-driving keywords, appealing to “hot leads” and identifying the right marketing channels.

A Lead Generation strategy is pointless if you can’t measure the results. We’re serious about efficient lead tracking. We monitor where your leads come from over an extended period and trace the way they navigate through sign-up processes and sales funnels. By tracking lead movement, we can tell you exactly what’s working, and what isn’t. If our reports show us there’s room for improvement, we adjust our strategy accordingly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Curious to learn more? Here are some of the most common questions we hear day to day.

What can lead generation SEO do for my business?

Every business needs leads. A continuous supply of new, qualified leads is the lifeblood of any growing business.

Without it, you can’t generate conversions, grow sales and build revenue. This makes lead generation SEO an essential tool in your digital toolbox. Lead generation SEO is the difference between getting more visitors and more sales.

Sure, SEO will bring visitors to your site. But if you’re not optimising SEO for lead generation, you’re missing out on the most crucial part: SALES. Building an SEO lead generation machine keeps your sales pipeline filled and grows your revenue reliably over time.

REPEAT: You get long-term reliable revenue growth. The best part? It can do this at a customer acquisition cost far lower than other channels.

How do I generate more organic leads for my business?

Every business is different. You can’t generate organic leads for your business using a cookie-cutter SEO approach. You need to dive deep into the needs, wants and behaviours of your target market, then use what you know to apply the right organic search strategies.

This means rigorous research on keywords that drive conversions, appealing to “hot leads” with targeted messaging, and identifying the proper channels.If all this sounds overwhelming and time-consuming, don’t worry. Partner with an SEO agency for help.

The trick is to find an agency who specialises in lead gen SEO and won’t be satisfied until your conversions have gone through the roof.

Why is OMG the best lead generation SEO agency?

Results. Real game-changing shifts. That’s what we care about and that’s what you see when you work OMG. Our SEO gurus aren’t busying themselves with quick tricks that inundate your site with drive-by traffic. That’s not where the real revenue lies.

What makes us the best lead generation SEO agency is our commitment to your growth. We’re only interested in strategies that spark genuine interest, cultivate leads and drive those leads straight through the purchase funnel to your bottom line.

That means deep-diving into your target audience to find out precisely what makes them tick. Then crafting a tailored strategy to draw them in.

Ready to crank up the volume on your lead generation SEO and skyrocket leads? Book your FREE digital growth plan with OMG.

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