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What is Link Building?

Link building services are ideal if you want high-quality backlinks to help rank higher in search engines, but are too busy to build them yourself. Let’s face it; building backlinks is a time-consuming yet essential task for search engine optimisation.

Jazmin Green
Enterprise SEO Manager
Enterprise SEO Manager
Earning backlinks from authorative sites
Earning backlinks from authorative sites

The best link building services Australia offers should focus on earning backlinks from authoritative sites that people trust and respect.

Links should be related to your site, and they should be natural. In other words, the agency should NOT buy them. Any agency worth their salt knows that buying links is a black hat SEO tactic and can result in penalties from Google.

Creating exceptional content
Creating exceptional content

The most effective way to build links is to create exceptional, shareable content. That’s why link building services go hand in hand with another key search engine optimisation service: content marketing.

Link Audits
Link Audits

So, what can you expect from great link building services?

They should include link audits to understand how your link profile is currently working (or not working) for your site.

Content marketing
Content marketing

Next, and most importantly, link building services include content marketing. Great content is the cornerstone of any great link building campaign as that’s what will earn you links.


Link building services also include outreach. The best SEO agencies will work with you to reach out to relevant sites for your business and industry to gain authoritative links.


The final element of link building services is measurement. An agency should monitor and measure your links continuously and adapt your strategy as needed.

Jazmin Green
Enterprise SEO Manager
Jazmin Green
Put the best team on your side

Work with a link building company who does things the white hat way – no shady tactics. Our gurus leverage tried and true platforms to audit, build and monitor your link portfolio. Partnering with major platforms, we know how to optimise every tool for results you can see.

Make an impact, earn links naturally.
Make an impact, earn links naturally.

Backlinks are insanely powerful. Having quality links pointing to your site is one of the most important ranking factors for Google. Why? Because backlinks show search engines that your content is trustworthy, authoritative and worth sharing.

But we’re not talking about just any links from any site. To stand any chance of getting top rankings, you need to build domain authority through relevant, high quality and natural mentions from reputable websites. That’s exactly what OMG specialises in. Our focus is building links that are relevant to your audience, so not only do you get a ranking boost – you also attract traffic from potential customers.

Personal Approach + Expertise = Quality Links

Tried DIY link building? Earning quality links is incredibly time-consuming. It means creating and sharing high-impact content that attracts genuine interest from relevant sites so that they WANT to link to you. It requires a long-term strategy and relentless dedication. Does that sound like something done by automated bots? No way! Our proactive link building services are handled by humans. Not just any humans – a talented team of 50+ link building consultants with a proven track record for building natural links from authoritative sites.

Personal Approach + Expertise = Quality Links
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Frequently Asked Questions

Curious to learn more? Here are some of the most common questions we hear day to day.

How important is link building for ranking?

Are you wondering, why should I focus on link building for my website? Put it this way – backlinks are a vital part of Google’s algorithm. Google uses more than 200 factors to rank your site, and it’s no secret that backlinks are a top ranking factor. Just check the top-ranking pages for your keyword, and you’ll see they have a good number of quality backlinks. So, if you want to achieve high visibility and rankings in search engines, link building is an essential tactic.

So, what exactly is a backlink? Backlinks are when one website links to another. Google counts this as a positive vote when working out where to rank your site in search results. When it comes to the crunch, Google exists to provide searchers with useful, valuable results. Every high quality, relevant backlink shows Google that your content is valuable, trustworthy and shareable. But here’s the thing: it’s not the number of links you have, but the quality, relevance and variety of backlinks that really counts.

Focus on link building for your site and you can dramatically increase your domain authority, improve search engine rankings, enhance your online brand, and attract relevant traffic from the sites linking to you.

With a killer link building strategy, you can make sure your link is right there for the kind of people who will see real value in your site, products and services. We’re not necessarily talking about big audiences, but a focused audience who are more likely to convert.

Link building also helps you create a positive brand image online. Become a pinnacle of knowledge in your industry with informative and authoritative content that people want to share.

What are the most effective link building methods?

The most effective link building methods are the ones that focus on generating high-quality backlinks that are authoritative and relevant. This demands a personalised strategy that fits your business goals and audience – not a cookie-cutter approach.

Here at Online Marketing Gurus, we create a solid link building strategy by first doing a digital audit. We get to know your online marketing goals, understand your current link profile, and look at your competitors’ link profiles. This reveals the kinds of link categories we should be shooting for, such as influencer blogs, brand mentions, local citations, sponsorships, industry sites, and more. Then we tailor a link building strategy that’s sustainable and organic.

There are lots of effective link building methods we might employ. The first and most important technique is content marketing. High quality content gets you noticed by the right people, instils trust and offers value. So, if you are consistently creating quality content from day one, you will acquire natural links. Then there are proactive outreach methods. For example, you can look for broken links on other high authority sites and offer them your link as a replacement. Or you can find social media influencers and bloggers who will be interested in your content.

The fact is building links isn’t fast or easy. It takes TIME and EFFORT. One thing you will never find OMG (or any other reputable agency) doing is buying links. Google penalises sites they found to buy or sell links – that’s what Google’s Penguin update targeted. Buying links actually violates Google’s guidelines: “Buying or selling links that pass PageRank can dilute the quality of search results. Participating in link schemes violates Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and can negatively impact a site’s ranking in search results.”

How much does link building cost?

It depends. The best way to approach link building is as an essential part of a comprehensive SEO strategy. At OMG, we always quote SEO strategies according to how competitive your industry is and your specific business goals. As with all things in SEO, you get what you pay for. So be careful with agencies who offer cheap link building services – there’s a good chance they are cutting corners with black hat SEO tricks. And that will only wind up costing you a LOT more in the long term.

While we can’t give you a price for link building packages, we can tell how much to invest in your SEO strategy to unlock explosive revenue growth – contact us for your free 30-minute strategy call and 6-month multichannel growth plan. Our gurus will ask the right questions to find what you want to achieve and provide you with a roadmap and timelines to get there. Best of all, your strategy session is completely FREE.

What are the best tools for link building?

There are lots of tools designed for link building. Most importantly, you need to set up your website on Google Search Console. There are some incredible SEO tools on Search Console, with one of them being the ability to track your links to site. In other words, you can see the number of indexed links Google find pointing to your site.You can also use the Search Console to check the quality of backlinks and ensure they are high quality and relevant.

Outside of Google, one of the best tools is Ahrefs. In fact, if a link building consultant could only invest in one link building tool, it would be Ahrefs.Think of this as the world’s largest backlink index, which makes ita stellar tool for backlink research. It allows you to review the links pointing back to your site or a competitor’s site. Use this information to feed into your content strategy and link building efforts, as you can see what type of content is attracting links for competitors.

Another tool worth exploring is Moz Link Explorer. This lets you reverse engineer your competitor’s backlinks to see how they did it. Found an irrelevant or bad link? Create a disavow file in seconds using Disavow.it.

When it comes to creating great content and outreach, there are countless tools you can use. One of our favourites is BuzzSumo. It makes it easy to create content that people want to link to, and you can find influencers in your niche.

Why is OMG the best link building company?

There are heaps of reasons we’re the best link building company. But the most important one is this: we see the big picture. In other words, we don’t just generate links from any old site. We look at how link building fits into your overall SEO campaign and business objectives.

Our gurus never stop monitoring and fine-tuning your link portfolio to earn even more high-quality links. Unlike many other link building companies, we keep you in the loop throughout the process. Transparency is ingrained in the way we work. There are no hidden agendas or black hat link building tactics. With OMG, what you see is what you get. And what you get is honest, results-driven campaigns by experienced digital marketers.

We’re told our professionalism and dedicated approach set us apart from virtually every other link building service Australia has. Take a look at our reviews – 450+ happy businesses rate us 4.9/5 on average.

Need more proof? See what we achieved for an online tech company. As part of comprehensive SEO services, strategic link building boosted website authority, and thereby search engine visibility. Now the company gets 504% more organic visitors and 1,590% more organic revenue.

Of course, the best, most authoritative links aren’t easy to get. You need to earn them. Sometimes it can take weeks or months to get contextual, relevant links. An incredible amount of work underpins every successful link building campaign. We never cut corners – we craft a link building strategy that only use white hat SEO tactics, including content marketing. This delivers sustainable, measurable results that extend from your search ranking to your online reputation and beyond.

You’ll know why we’re different from the first moment you speak to us. We see you as a partner whose business and goals we treat like our own. Your initial strategy discussion starts with your aims, your competition, your audience, and your previous experience with link building. Our in-depth understanding of your business and goals means we can focus our efforts on delivering the results you want. We will audit your existing link profile to see the gaps, look at the types of link you already have, and discover any manipulative and unnatural links from previous work.

The backbone of any link building (and SEO) campaign is excellent content. Our team will develop a high-impact content strategy to earn quality links that stand the test of time. We know because we’ve helped hundreds of clients do the same.

Want to know how we did it? Check out our case studies. Better yet, talk to us and we’ll break down each link building strategy, so you can see for yourself how we achieved results. Claim your free digital audit and see how we can help you reach your goals.

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