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Launch high-impact Content Marketing that delivers soaring growth in traffic, leads and customers for the long term. Our Content Marketing Services deliver an evidence-based strategy to achieve your growth goals.

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Did you know that for every dollar spent, Content Marketing generates THREE times as many leads as traditional marketing (Demand Metric)? In today's digital landscape, consumers are switched-on and searching for all the answers online. And so, highly-personalised, informative, and authoritative Content Marketing strategy is often what businesses need to get noticed in all the right ways — and position you as the trusted, go-to brand. In the long run, we're talking improved brand trust, higher lead generation, and more sales.

Out of all the Content Marketing Agencies Australia has to offer, thousands of clients choose Online Marketing Gurus. Why, you might ask? It all boils down to our evidence-based approach which guides everything we do in the world of Digital Marketing. Using data to drive smarter decisions and more innovative discussions, we focus on achieving your version of success — whether it be launching a new revenue stream to scaling your business. Evidence, not opinion is our core value and it's how we generate serious revenue results for all our clients. Plus, data is what ensures you spend your precious marketing dollars where it'll make biggest impact.


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Content marketing, in sync with every digital channel.

Success doesn't happen in a silo — this is why some digital marketing campaigns don't get lift off. A social post here, a blog post there, maybe an Adwords campaign chugging along in the background. All the puzzles pieces are there but... Connecting the dots is what's necessary to create multichannel, high-ROI impact. The goods news? This is what the Gurus do best. We engineer content that ranks on search engines, stands out on social media, captures clicks via email marketing, and nurtures your dream customers at every stage of their buying journey. As a Content Marketing Agency, SEO and PPC stay front of mind whenever we're diving into brainstorming topics, content creation or promotion strategies. And inhouse, we host some of the smartest minds when it comes to all areas of digital marketing.

So what does this look like day to day? It means our team of 100+ Gurus are here to generate the revenue results you've always wanted, through a Content Marketing campaign uniquely tailored to your goals, customers and market. We'll champion strategy and content creation of a whole range of fresh content, from blog posts and case studies to landing pages and whitepapers.

Partnering with the best to give you an unfair advantage.

Wondering why Online Marketing Gurus is the best Content Marketing Agency Australia has to offer? Because our Gurus get the results. And since 2012, we've built long term partnerships with some of the biggest names in tech. from HubSpot and Magento, to Shopify and Bigcommerce). This means we integrate seamlessly with your systems, with experts who know digital AND your platform like the back of their hands. Our team is your team, from day one.

Plus, through our 200+ strong partnership network, we know the best in the business. Looking for a social media marketing agency or a web development army? Searching for a trusted brand expert or PR firm? On the hunt for an email marketing agency with specific experience in your industry? We know exactly who can get you the results you want.

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Secure long term revenue growth with an evidence-based Digital Marketing strategy, engineered to achieve your goals.

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Frequently asked questions

To help you make the most-informed decision, here are common questions customers ask us. More questions? Scroll down, fill out the form, and just ask.

The short answer: YES. But let's look at the numbers to see exactly how content marketing is so effective. Did you know that businesses who publish at least 16 blog posts per month receive 3.5X more traffic than those that published less than 4 times per month (HubSpot)? Did you also know that for every dollar spent, Content Marketing delivers 3X as many as leads as traditional marketing — while costing 62% less? that's a fantastic recipe for an incredible ROI. And there a whole more statistics are out there. Again and again, the data proves how effective Content Marketing can be for businesses. A rock-solid strategy gets you ranking on search engines, noticed on social media, growing in brand awareness and bringing in more sales.
Content marketing includes the strategic creation, distribution and optimisation of content. All with the business goal of captivating and converting more of your dream customers, using a sustainable, long-term, high-return strategy. We're talking increased brand awareness, soaring traffic, more sales. Different content could include everything from blog posts and videos to white papers and case studies, all of which are either gated or ungated content. Amplifying content in a highly-targeted manner is a core part of making every piece of content go the extra mile, so an effective Content Marketing strategy considers how best to distribute content on social media, and through channels such as email marketing. Overall, a Content Marketer ultimately considers how your website and online presence can do the heavylifting, including where your website pages and landing pages fit into the big picture of your business.
It all boils down to our evidence-based approach to Online Marketing. Since 2012, we've worked with thousands of Australian and international businesses after the same thing: Digital Marketing they could bank on. They were looking to grow their traffic, leads, and sales through investing in their online presence — and the time and investment continues to pay off! Take a look at our case studies page to meet some of our happy customers. The Content Marketing Agency Sydney chooses? It's Online Marketing Gurus. And likewise, the Content Marketing Agency Melbourne chooses? It's the Gurus, once again. All over Australia, businesses on the hunt for content marketing that delivers often turn to our team of 100+ local Gurus. We win when our clients win, and it's as simple as that. So if you're looking for the content marketing Australia trusts, check out our services and contact us to get started.
Curious to see what content could do for your business? Wondering where to get started for maximum impact? Maybe you're looking to take your current content marketing to the next level. Whatever your circumstances, we're offering a Digital Audit and Strategy (worth $2,000) for FREE, to make it easy as possible for you to get started. This free offer involves a 30 minute strategy call with a Growth Guru, 50+ page audit covering SEO, PPC, Facebook and content, along with a 6-month multichannel game plan. On a granular level, this offer includes an experienced Growth Guru getting to know you, your business, your goals — and paint a picture of where your online presence is at. How does a search engine see your website? What are your competitors up to? How can your business reach more ready-to-buy customers? Then we propose a plan that'll help you smash every goal — and it comes with no obligations. But if you are ready to sign on, then our Gurus are ready to hit the ground running. Ready to take the next steps towards big business growth? Simply fill out the form below and our Gurus will get in touch with you within 24 hours to lock in your free offer.

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