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What is B2B SEO?

B2B SEO puts your business in front of prospects who are searching for your products and services online. Did you know the average B2B buyer conducts 12 different online searches before even reaching your website? With strategic SEO, you’ll show up in search when it matters — and gain qualified traffic, leads and revenue on tap.

Jules Ward
SEO Director
SEO Director
Lead Generation
Lead Generation

Fuel your pipeline with pre-qualified prospects and watch the sales flow in. B2B SEO is all about maximising your online presence amongst a laser-targeted audience who are more likely to convert. Get it right, and you’ll be bringing floods of warm leads that are ready to sign on the dotted line. It’s what makes B2B SEO one of the most effective tools for lead generation out there.

B2B SEO Strategy
B2B SEO Strategy

Rankings and revenue don’t come overnight. You need a well thought out game plan that’s geared towards increasing your visibility for the most profitable keywords. That’s where a tailored B2B SEO strategy makes all the difference. Our expert gurus engineer a custom SEO plan that’s designed to help you outrank the competition and smash your business goals.

Thought Leadership Content
Thought Leadership Content

Build authority with prospects and search engines. It’s not enough to get in front of potential customers. You have to earn their trust — and the best way to do that is with thought leadership content. White papers, a new blog post, video…our gurus will craft quality content that propels your industry status into the stratosphere.

User Personas
User Personas

Who is your audience and what are their pain points? If you don’t know, you’re leaving the door wide open for potential customers to go to your competitors. Develop crystal-clear user personas that impact every part of your business, from your SEO to PPC, content, sales team and more.


Launching a new product or service? Dominate search from day one with B2B SEO. When you rank on top of Google search for relevant keywords, you’re meeting with demand and building awareness amongst your potential customers. Building a killer go-to-market SEO strategy requires serious market intelligence and thorough competitor analysis. Don’t worry — our gurus have you covered.

Performance Audit
Performance Audit

Wondering why you’re not getting as much organic traffic as you’d like? Or why your traffic doesn’t translate to leads and sales? Chances are, it’s linked to your website. Pinpoint opportunities to improve your search rankings and optimise your web pages for leads with a data-backed performance audit.

Jules Ward
SEO Director
Jules Ward
Next-level SEO. Game-changing results.
Next-level SEO. Game-changing results.

Put your business in front of the right prospects and achieve revenue-shifting results with an advanced SEO strategy. More qualified website traffic starts with a B2B SEO plan that’s customised to your business, your goals, and your customers. Luckily, that’s our forte.

See, it’s one thing to “do SEO”. It’s another to increase your visibility in organic search for the ‘money’ search terms — the ones that get your phone ringing and your emails pinging. That’s what our Gurus are here to do: build custom data-backed SEO strategies that pay off in tangible results. And that means more qualified traffic, leads, and revenue.

Your trusted partners for growth.

Entrust your growth to a partner with a solid track record for success. Our gurus have helped countless B2B businesses reach their growth goals with SEO, so we know what it takes to optimise your search presence for leads and sales.

It all boils down to our evidence-based approach and our results-driven mindset. We’re here to help you achieve meaningful outcomes for your business, no matter what it looks like for you. But don’t just take it from us. The results speak for themselves: with our help, we’ve helped B2B businesses increase organic traffic by 190% and conversions by 300% in just 12 months.

Your trusted partners for growth.
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Make a monumental impact on your bottom line with scalable enterprise SEO strategies.
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Lead Generation SEO
Create revenue-shifting results with SEO strategies engineered for lead generation.
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Ecommerce SEO
Exclusively target ready-to-buy customers and send them straight to your purchase page.
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Local SEO
Skyrocket your sales by driving your website to the top of local listings
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Content Strategy
Invest in high-impact content strategy from Australia's trusted content strategy agency.
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Content Marketing Services
Launch high-impact Content Marketing that delivers soaring growth in traffic, leads and customers for the long term.
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Earn quality links to bolster your rankings, drive traffic and accelerate your revenue.
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Enhance your service offerings and grow your revenue with a top-rated White Label SEO partnership.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Curious to learn more? Here are some of the most common questions we hear day to day.

Why is SEO important for B2B?

Whether you’re an SaaS company, a service provider, or you’re promoting your products to other businesses, you need business-to-business search engine optimization (B2B SEO). Why? Because your potential customers are searching for your product or service online — and if you’re not there when they’re searching, they’re going to go straight for your competition.

9 in 10 B2B buyers conduct research online as part of the buying process. What’s more, 71% start their process with a generic search, such as “software development agency” or “online communication tools”. And by the time they’ve actually landed on your website? They’re already more than halfway down the path to making their decision. If you don’t show up when your audience starts conducting their research, you’re already on the back foot.

That’s where B2B SEO comes in. B2B SEO puts your website at the top of search engine results for the keywords your customers are looking for from the very beginning of their research. When you show up for these keywords, you’ll be top of mind as they begin their decision-making process. But your SEO campaign doesn’t stop there. Remember those 12 searches that buyers conduct before landing on a website? With a solid B2B SEO strategy, you’ll increase your online visibility with your target audience for these searches. Once they do land on your website, investing in SEO ensures you’ll provide them with authoritative high-quality content and a delightful user experience that’s fast, helpful, and looks great on all devices. All of this adds up to more qualified traffic, which leads to more enquiries and more sales.

Here’s the best part. Any organic traffic you gain from search engine optimization is absolutely free. That means that as long as you stay on top, you’ll be bringing in FLOODS of new prospects around the clock. Over time, that translates to insane ROI — we’re talking returns as high as 14:1 on your digital marketing efforts.

How do you do keyword research for B2B?

Keyword research for B2B SEO is much like any other industry. You need to identify which search terms are relevant to your business, select the ones to focus on, and build targeted content to address the search intent behind those keywords.

The process of conducting keyword research starts by knowing exactly who your target audience is and what they’re searching for. This is done by building user personas, which help you look at buyers as people, not just potential leads. A good buyer persona should cover core information about your prospects, such as their demographics, pain points at work, goals, and how your product or service can help them. Don’t limit yourself to one persona either — make one for each person that’s involved in the decision-making process, such as the CMO, CTO, and CFO.

Once you have these done, it’s time to brainstorm high-level topics that will help guide your keyword research. Keep your list to roughly 5 or so topics, then use these as seed keywords in a keyword suggestion tool. Speaking of SEO tools, you’ll want to have a few under your belt to start with, such as KWFinder, Google Keyword Planner, Ahrefs Keyword Explorer, or SEMRush. These are invaluable tools for unearthing search volume and competition for different keywords, as well as finding similar keyword recommendations.

We can’t talk about keyword research without talking long-tail keywords. These are keywords that are longer and more targeted than short-tail keywords, which are typically just a couple of words in length. Although these are low volume keywords, they make up 70% of all searches conducted via Google. More importantly, they’re more focused because the searcher is typically looking for something specific — for example “benefits of secure cloud computing”. If you show up for the right long-tail keywords, you can target buyers at different parts of their decision-making process. And as a bonus, a long-tail search term is less competitive, so it’s easier to improve your Google rankings for these than it is for high-volume keywords.

It doesn’t stop there either. You need to create content in order to appear to people searching for those keywords. Whether it’s a single blog post or a landing page, you need to be creating content and writing content that speaks to users throughout the sales funnel.

Finally, you should constantly be reviewing your own content strategy and rankings, and refining your list of keywords to ensure you’re ranking for the most profitable terms out there. Because if you’re not bringing in qualified traffic, then you’re not getting the most out of your search marketing efforts.

Sounds like a lot? Don’t worry — this is where our gurus shine. We’ll figure out which keywords your customers are searching for, then catapult your website to the top of search engine rankings. Get started for FREE today with your free digital marketing audit and B2B SEO game plan (worth $2,000).

How much do B2B companies spend on SEO?

It really and truly depends. There’s no universal benchmark on how much you HAVE to spend on SEO to see results. The cost of SEO can range from $500 per month to tens of thousands of dollars, depending on where you’re currently at with your business, your industry, and how much SEO work you require.

Let’s start with the current state of play. If you’re a marketing manager or an organisation that’s never invested in B2B SEO work, chances are you’ll need to invest in a lot more groundwork than a company that’s already got a decent backlink profile, optimised meta descriptions and landing pages, and a fast mobile-friendly website design. This means you might have a higher upfront cost for SEO work before moving into a monthly retainer.

Then there’s your industry. Imagine this: if you’re a company that’s making professional photo editing software and you want to rank for keywords like “photo editing software”, you’re going to have to go up against big competition like Adobe. On the flipside, if you’re a local business that’s first to market, you’ll have far fewer competitors vying for the same keywords that you are.

Another factor that affects the cost of SEO? The services you require. Unsurprisingly, the cost of B2B SEO gets more expensive as you stack on the services. If you’re just after local SEO, on-site optimisations and some help building links, you’re going to be spending far less than a company that needs an end-to-end solution with technical SEO, significant support in building backlinks, content SEO, and more. Speed also plays a role here: if you have a tight timeframe, you’ll have to scale up your SEO work to get the results you want without compromising on quality.

Let’s talk about quality for a second too. You want to make sure that no matter how much you spend on search engine optimisation, you’re spending it on the right type of SEO: white hat SEO that’s up-to-date with Google’s latest search algorithms.

There are plenty of shady B2B SEO agencies that promise the world but use black hat tactics to get your website to rank in search results — and these tactics can seriously damage your website’s reputation and be costly to recover from in the long run. Make sure to put any potential agency to the test and ask for their SEO strategy. If it involves any dodgy tactics that violate Google Webmaster Guidelines, such as spammy link building, keyword stuffing or cloaking, it’s time to put your budget elsewhere.

Ultimately, the focus for any SEO investment should be on ROI. When done well, B2B SEO pays for itself many times over with high-quality organic traffic and qualified inbound leads. If you’re getting a great ROI on your search engine optimization, this means you’re getting more bang for your buck and fuelling sustainable growth for your business.

Here’s the great news. You don’t need to guess how much B2B SEO is going to cost your business. We make it easy to gain clarity and confidence on SEO spending with our comprehensive FREE audit and game plan. Claim yours today and we’ll show you exactly how you can supercharge revenue and ROI with search engine optimisation.

How can a B2B SEO service like yours help my business?

What’s the digital marketing goal of any B2B company? To generate qualified leads that convert into sales. That’s exactly what you get from our B2B SEO services. Our gurus will prime your website to attract the right prospects, and ensure you stay top of mind as they move from awareness to research, consideration, and conversion.

Unlike other B2B SEO agencies out there, we’re 110% committed to achieving tangible results for your business. We’re not here to help you rank for thousands of keywords that aren’t relevant to what you do, or to drive tons of traffic to your site that goes nowhere. For us, it’s all about having a real impact on your bottom line and helping you to smash through your goals. Nothing cookie-cutter, no vanity metrics. It’s all about leads and sales.

So how do we do it? By increasing your visibility in organic search for prospects who are already looking for your products and services. This means building buyer personas that represent your ideal customers and conducting keyword research to find out what they’re searching for as they move through the buying process. It means optimising your on-page SEO, technical SEO, and link building to ensure you show up on top of relevant search results. And it means developing content that search engines love, and that builds your authority and credibility amongst your target audience.

Think B2B SEO is some sort of state secret that’s only reserved for your digital marketing agency and technical SEO experts? Not with us. We hold ourselves accountable to SEO results, which is why we keep you in the loop every step of the way with transparent reporting. You don’t have to worry about learning to use Google Search Console or other SEO tools either. Thanks to Gurulytics, our purpose-built centralised client dashboard, you’ll know exactly where your campaign stands at all times.

But you don’t have to take our SEO agency on our word. Claim your free digital marketing audit today, and we’ll show you exactly where the opportunities lie for your website’s SEO. You’ll also receive a tailored 6-month digital marketing strategy that outlines how our Gurus will help you outrank competitors’ websites and grow faster with a tailored SEO campaign.

What specific markets in the B2B sector do you work with for SEO?

Cloud computing, content marketing, business loans…we do SEO for all types of markets within the B2B sector. Our gurus have helped countless businesses achieve revenue-shifting results with our B2B SEO services, from local businesses to national and global brands.

Our success boils down to one thing: we’re focused on delivering results you can measure (AKA traffic, leads, and sales). We start by getting to really know your goals, industry and customers. Then we combine this knowledge with thorough competitor analysis and the latest SEO techniques to ensure your website outranks other websites. That means keyword research; technical SEO optimisations such as Core Web Vitals and your XML sitemap; on-page optimisations like your title tag, meta description, internal linking and URL structure; link building with high-quality authoritative websites; content marketing strategy and content creation; and local SEO. And we’re always refining your campaigns based on actual performance. These are the key differences that set us apart from any other SEO agency out there.

This evidence-based, results-driven approach is also the same regardless of your industry. Take, for example, Cloud Collective, a strategic alliance of three Microsoft Gold Partners that turned to OMG to cement their organisation as technology innovators. Thanks to our SEO efforts, Cloud Collective grew their organic traffic by 77% and grew new users by 81% in just 12 months. Content marketing agency King Content saw similar results from their B2B SEO, with 800% more traffic and 1,000% more on-site conversions — and a whopping 14:1 ROI. Then there’s Noble Loans, a business loans company that smashed its goals by ranking for 350+ new keywords and increasing traffic from search engines by 541%.

Want to see more? Check out our case studies here.

How can I start doing B2B SEO?

B2B SEO can feel overwhelming, particularly if you’re just starting out. But regardless of which industry you’re in, there are a few things you need to start doing if you want to rank higher and bring in more leads with search engine optimisation.

Every B2B SEO strategy should start with a performance audit. This is a comprehensive look at how your website currently stacks up in terms of its technical SEO, domain authority, off-page SEO, on-page SEO, and content. During this stage, your agency or in-house specialist should identify areas where your site could improve your visibility in organic search engine results. This performance audit should also form the foundation of your B2B SEO strategy.

Once you’ve identified where the opportunities are and which areas need improvement, it’s time to get to work. There are five key components of SEO: keyword research, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, technical SEO, and content marketing. All of these have an important role to play in ensuring that your website performs well in search, so every well-rounded search engine optimisation game plan should cover off all five of these elements.

While we’re on the topic of website performance, it’s a good time to mention that SEO isn’t just about improving your position in search engines. You need to ensure that you’re showing up for the right keywords, and delivering an impeccable user experience for prospects once they arrive on your website. Site performance, valuable high-quality content, and user-friendly design all play an important role in getting your visitors to enquire about your products or services, as well as helping you convert leads and close the sale.

As with any type of digital marketing, having the right strategy and game plan is crucial if you want to start off on the right foot and see gains sooner rather than later. Enter OMG. We’ll put our expertise and experience to work for your business to ensure that your website is primed to rank higher for the ‘money’ keywords in search results. With our data-backed approach, results-driven mindset and transparent reporting via Gurulytics, you’ll be on the road to digital domination in no time.

Getting started is incredibly easy. Simply claim your free audit today and we’ll show you exactly how to grow your organic traffic, leads and sales with B2B SEO.

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