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Whether you’re a start-up in Surfers Paradise, a hotel owner in Broadbeach or a tradie in Coolangatta, the online space is very competitive. You want to be up there on page 1 of Google at the exact time people are doing a Google search for your services. The problem is, all your competitors want the same thing.

That’s why you need to invest in SEO services Gold Coast businesses can rely on. You need to work with an SEO specialist Gold Coast team that is not just “up to date” with the latest search updates and algorithms – they are in tune with your Gold Coast customers, what they are searching and how they are searching. Good job you found us!

We use our years of expertise and experience to deliver SEO services Gold Coast businesses need to generate the maximum ROI and generate long-term sales growth.

Do you want to know our secret weapon? Data. Lots and lots of data. Our SEO gurus draw in-depth insights from the latest SEO trends, keyword research, your Gold Coast customers, competitors and the Gold Coast market to drive qualified traffic directly to your site. But we don’t stop there. We continuously pull data from your SEO campaign and use it to fine-tune your strategy. Why? To continuously improve the quality and quantity of lead flow. Sales growth, here we come!

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We work with great companies of all sizes and we’ve helped big name brands grow even bigger.
"We've had a positive experience working with OMG for the past 2 months. They already are Gurus in all things online marketing but what sets them apart is their excellent pre-existing processes and systems which means that we are using all our time to collaborate on initiatives to meet objectives. The team at OMG are knowledgable, attentive and communicative."
Rollie Nation
Nishtha Mohil - Digital and E-commerce Manager
"Only one word for these guys AMAZING.....they really are Online Marketing Guru's. It is clear they know their craft but can explain it to a non IT/Tec person like me. Our Account Manager, Asia, is outstanding - in fact everyone in the OMG Team I have met are "black belts". Adam Kennedy, Chairman X Factor Retail Australia."
Adam Kennedy
"Have been working with OMG for the past 18 months. After a period of inconsistent account management and reporting, OMG have evolved to be trusted partners and proactively deliver valuable SEO insights. Can highly recommend Emily and Danny for their professionalism and communication skills"
Maurice Peigna - Digital Growth Manager

Why OMG?

Whether you’re a start-up in Surfers Paradise, a hotel owner in Broadbeach or a tradie in Coolangatta, the online space is very competitive. You want to be up there on page 1 of Google at the exact time people are doing a Google search for your services. The problem is, all your competitors want the same thing.

Dominate Google and grow sales

Propel your business growth with powerful SEO Gold Coast services. See your site naturally climb in Google rankings. Open the flood gates to highly qualified visitors. We’ve helped Gold Coast and Queensland businesses achieve insane results by improving their SEO strategy.

That’s why you need to invest in SEO services Gold Coast businesses can rely on. You need to work with an SEO specialist Gold Coast team that is not just “up to date” with the latest search updates and algorithms – they are in tune with your Gold Coast customers, what they are searching and how they are searching. Good job you found us!

Trust the SEO experts

Gain maximum exposure to relevant web and mobile device searches with digital marketing & SEO. Watch your business effortlessly overtake the competition and form thriving new revenue streams. We’ve helped clients achieve an insane 3x increase in leads just by improving their SEO strategy with our services.

We use our years of expertise and experience to deliver SEO services Gold Coast businesses need to generate the maximum ROI and generate long-term sales growth.

Partner with Aussie SEO Gurus

Work with a team of SEO Gold Coast specialists dedicated to getting the maximum ROI from your SEO dollars. From the beaches of Burleigh to the iconic Surfers Paradise, we know your local market, and we have what it takes to make you soar ahead of the rest – and keep you there.

Do you want to know our secret weapon? Data. Lots and lots of data. Our SEO gurus draw in-depth insights from the latest SEO trends, keyword research, your Gold Coast customers, competitors and the Gold Coast market to drive qualified traffic directly to your site. But we don’t stop there. We continuously pull data from your SEO campaign and use it to fine-tune your strategy. Why? To continuously improve the quality and quantity of lead flow. Sales growth, here we come!

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Let the numbers do the talking. Our clients have achieved incredible results!
Dive into Cubic Promote's case study who've found success online. Find out how we make the web simple and profitable for everyone.
Visited by some of the world's best artists and athletes, there's good reason why Culture Kings is a well-loved brand. Culture Kings partnered with OMG to grow their rankings, traffic and revenue. A custom SEO strategy skyrocketed their website and results within 12 months. See the results for yourself!
The Ryderwear brand is a fashion and fitness brand that partnered with OMG. Our expert Gurus launched an international SEO campaign set to create serious impact. The results? 150% more organic revenue, 140% more organic traffic, and a 20:1 ROI achieved.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Curious to learn more? Here are some of the most common questions we hear day to day.

What is SEO Gold Coast?

If you're struggling to stay competitive and maximise online visibility, now's the time to see how a powerful SEO campaign can back your brand with the exposure it needs. As a driving force of leads and conversions, this marketing tactic is now a strategy that no brand - big or small - can live without.

The problem is, you have to find the right person for the job - and we all know how hard that can be.

Until now.

At OMG, we're all about making waves (see what we did there?) by getting our clients on page 1 of Google. Through a meticulous process that embraces everything the Gold Coast scene stands for, we power up our clients' websites with influential keyword search, explosive local SEO campaigns and social media marketing for a holistic, winning combination.

Rise up the ranks of the world's biggest online stage with the best SEO experts in the game. Trust our incredible digital marketing agency to deliver on our every word, be it across a web design project, search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy, multi-channel campaign for your online presence, social media or another challenge you have waiting for us.

We use our years of expertise and experience to deliver SEO services Gold Coast businesses need to generate the maximum ROI and generate long-term sales growth.

Want to know our secret weapon? Data, and lots of it. Some people are drawn to choc-chip cookies. We're drawn to numbers, stats and graphs that show us the insights we need to build hard-hitting search engine marketing campaigns that deliver a return on investment.

From our tech wizards to every account manager in our digital marketing team, every Guru in our SEO company is fuelled by a determination to hit the podium on Google, and we strive to make it our goal for every business we work with.

No matter the strategy you choose to collaborate with us on, our search engine optimisation team will ensure every facet of it is built on accurate, up-to-date data that continues to add to your bottom line. And if you don't believe us, you can see our many case studies for the good word on how we've worked magic for our clients across the country.

How does OMG work?

As one of the best Gold Coast SEO companies, we don't believe in a cookie-cutter approach to any SEO strategy. We don’t pre-package our Gold Coast SEO services or expect that the same strategy will work for every other client in our books. That's not how we work.

Just as no two zebras have the same stripes, no two digital marketing campaigns from OMG has the like-for-like build. We make sure that all of the Gold Coast SEO strategies we work on are 100% custom-tailored, designed for the specific brand we're working on, and able to deliver on even the most challenging objectives. And that's what sets us apart from the crowd.

Years in the industry has shown us that too many agencies use short-sighted tactics and strategies. We couldn’t be more different.

We invest the time and effort into getting to know your business to understand what you want to achieve from our SEO Gold Coast services. We become an extension to your team, not another silo that doesn't correlate with your existing efforts.

From the very beginning, we dive into your world to understand every Gold Coast customer you want to win over, and every competitor you want to beat. The result? A tailor-made Gold Coast SEO strategy that will propel your long-term growth.

If you haven’t guessed by now, we’re all about the results - your results. We’re not satisfied until we deliver revenue-shifting outcomes that you can see right in front of you. Every decision we make is based on getting you the absolute maximum return from every dollar, complete with transparency; always know what we're working on and when.

Want to see our results?

If you’re looking for a Gold Coast SEO company that can get results, you’ve found us. Okay, we know any SEO agency can talk a big game, but can they back it up with real-world results? We can. When it comes to SEO services Gold Coast businesses can trust to bring serious growth and revenue, we deliver time and time again.

Need some proof? Just take a look at the numbers. One client saw an explosive increase in organic traffic of 253%, thanks to our SEO and content strategy that delivered first-page visibility and top search engine rankings for competitive terms. Another client became the leader in a competitive construction market using our powerful SEO strategies. And that’s only the beginning!

You’re probably wondering how we did it. Well, it’s not magic and it’s definitely not luck. It comes down to rock-solid SEO by the best SEO Gold Coast team. Give us a call and we're happy to talk through each winning SEO strategy. Best of all, you can understand how we can help your Gold Coast business soar toward success too.

Why is OMG the best Gold Coast SEO company?

We are driven entirely by the success of our clients and we’re here to get results. Unlike many SEO services Gold Coast has to offer, our model is built on creating high-performance campaigns that deliver the maximum return on your investment.

While any old SEO company out there can make promises that they'll explode your website traffic and bring rankings that no other agency can deliver, we don't like churning out lines that you'd expect to hear from a car salesman. Instead, we focus on building SEO Gold Coast campaigns that are built on analytics and insights that we work hard to curate in the very beginning.

From the moment you step into our humble world of search engine optimisation services, you'll be met with an authentic experience that has been formed off of complete transparency.

Collaborate with our digital marketing experts who are more than happy to give you direct advice and recommendations, as well as honest feedback on whether we can achieve the outcomes you're looking for. Because let's face it: if every man and his dog could hit page 1 of Google through search engine optimisation, then the online world would look a lot different.

You have our word.

What we can promise you is that you'll always get a reliable team that's willing to work on the best possible result for your business. From building high-quality backlinks through to ranking you on page one and then going even further to maximise your conversions, you're never left in the dark.

Whether you've dabbled in SEO Gold Coast campaigns before or you've only ever taken a broader approach, our local experts will take your initial brief and vision, and create a fine-tuned road map for your OMG strategy.

Honestly, it's hard not to make so many OMG puns in this content, but we're restraining ourselves so that we can properly convey how serious we are about honest digital marketing services.

At all times, we focus on creating strong, results-based partnerships with our clients. Because we know from experience that’s what it takes to get results you can shout about, and we really want to hear your voice.

Our Gold Coast SEO team are:

  • Results-driven

  • Transparent

  • Analytical

  • Data-driven

  • Creative thinkers

  • Problem-solvers

  • Agile

  • Reliable

  • Conversion-focused

Absolute brand-smashing masterminds (if we don't say so ourselves.

Will SEO work for me?

Absolutely, if you’re committed to its success. Here’s the thing: if you’re looking for overnight wins or the cheapest SEO, you will only be disappointed. SEO is a long-term investment.

The best results are achieved by those clients who give SEO the time, energy and investment it requires. That means you need to choose your partner carefully and work with top SEO specialist Gold Coast has to offer (hint: that’s us!).

Do you offer SEO training on the Gold Coast?

Yes! It’s all part of our SEO service. Our Gurus are here to help businesses of all types and sizes realise the true power for SEO for real revenue results. We offer face-to-face SEO training and consulting for our clients on the Gold Coast, as well as Master Classes which cover a whole range of digital marketing topics.

Even when you're working with a digital marketing agency, you might still want a certain level of SEO knowledge so you can better understand how your strategy is performing and maybe even implement some tactics yourself. That’s where our SEO training comes in. We can tailor your training to meet your goals, whether you want to learn how to improve your web design for search engine optimisation, understand the latest Google updates, scale your SEO campaigns, find new tactics to improve your Google rankings, or something else.

Why learn from us? Because our Gurus really know their stuff. Our co-founder and SEO mastermind Mez Homayunfard has presented at key conferences around the world, while our Gurus have trained teams in leading companies globally. Talk to us about your SEO training needs today.

What is included in local SEO?

Local SEO is the practice of getting your business to appear at the top of search engines in a specific geographic area. This part of SEO involves many of the same tactics as regular SEO: you still need to conduct keyword research, focus on link building, optimise your website pages, and develop high-quality content. However, it’s all done with a local focus, which makes it particularly well-suited for small businesses. 

With local SEO, there’s a greater focus on keywords with location modifiers, such as “breakfast buffet gold coast”. These searches are being made by someone who’s looking for your product or service IN your local area, which means they’re hyper-relevant and more likely to lead to an enquiry or a sale. Local citations are another huge part of local search marketing: by ensuring that your business information is consistent across platforms like Google My Business or Facebook, you’ll be more likely to rank for searches being made by customers in your local area.

It sounds straightforward, right? But like any online marketing strategy, you need to tailor your approach to fit your business and your goals. The keys to success for local SEO at the suburb level are different from those at the city, state or country-wide level. As you start targeting larger geographical areas, you’ll have more opportunities to get your brand in front of more people and grow traffic in-store and online. But expanding your geographical footprint also comes with added complexity, as you’re juggling multiple store listings and geo-targeted keywords. If you want to truly take advantage of local SEO, you need to work with SEO experts who know how to maximise your visibility regardless of where your customers are based.

Operating an enterprise-level company with multiple shopfronts? Then it’s even more important that you partner with an SEO agency that knows how to navigate the complexities and challenges of enterprise local SEO. An enterprise local SEO agency can help you increase foot traffic to specific locations where you operate, while also growing your overall visibility online.

Regardless of whether you’re a local business in the Gold Coast or an enterprise looking to increase your visibility in regional Queensland, we’re here to help. Claim your free digital marketing audit today and we’ll show you exactly what it takes to grow your presence and bring more people to your store using local search engine marketing.

Is SEO still profitable? 

Absolutely. Despite Google’s multiple algorithm changes over the years, search engine optimisation has remained one of the most effective channels for growing businesses online and generating insane ROI.

Why exactly? 

At the very heart of it, SEO is all about building a profitable search engine presence. When you work with a leading agency like OMG, you’re increasing your visibility in organic search for only the most relevant keywords for your business. These are the keywords that have been proven to deliver tangible SEO results in the form of qualified traffic, leads, or sales. And best of all, SEO only INCREASES in profitability if you stay on top, because you’re getting qualified traffic to your website day in and day out.

Here’s another reason why SEO is still profitable: because it’s only for businesses who play the long game. White hat SEO strategies are centred upon building a solid online reputation for your business. Over time, this pays off with higher trust from potential customers, continued organic traffic to your website and sustainable, long-term growth. 

Want to really put your SEO campaign into overdrive and supercharge sales? Integrate it with a Google Ads campaign. When you combine search engine optimisation with a laser-focused Google Ads (AKA Google AdWords) strategy, you have all the ingredients you need to outrank the competition in organic and paid Google search results. 

But don’t just take out word for it. You only have to look at the numbers to see how many of our clients have found SEO to be extremely profitable. Clients like So Watt, who saw a 4,175% increase in organic conversions and created an entirely new revenue stream with their online presence; or Bespoke Baby, who grew organic revenue 50x in 9 months with the help of search engine optimisation. Need more proof? Check out more SEO success stories here.

What’s the difference between black hat and white hat SEO strategies? 

Black hat SEO and white hat SEO are two very different approaches to search engine optimisation. One involves adhering to Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and adopting best practices to build a website that’s optimised for users AND search engines. The other uses dodgy practices, like sneaky redirects and cloaking, to manipulate Google into ranking a website higher in search engine results. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out which one’s which.

Here’s the thing. Black hat strategies might work for you in the short term. But Google is well aware of these tactics, and it’s constantly trying to weed out any existing or new website that tries to manipulate its search engine algorithm to gain an upper hand in rankings. And when a website does get caught, Google doesn’t play nice: it penalises that website by downranking it or, in the worst case, removing it from search engines altogether. If you don't want to open Google Analytics one day and find that your organic search traffic has dropped to 0, it's best to avoid these tactics (or any SEO consultant that uses them).

White hat strategies, on the other hand, are designed to offer a fantastic user experience while also complying with a search engine’s terms of service. White hat SEO includes tactics like link building from authoritative websites, fast loading times, mobile-friendly website design, and quality content marketing. When done by an experienced SEO consultant, these tactics help a website climb the search rankings AND delight users, which leads to sustainable results and incredible ROI.

Here at OMG, we exclusively use white hat tactics to help you crush the competition and smash through your revenue goals. And because we have nothing to hide, we’ll tell you EXACTLY which tactics we’re going to use, all at no cost to you. Claim your free audit worth $2,000 and you’ll get a comprehensive SEO audit and game plan for digital domination.

How do I choose the right SEO agency?

If you are looking for a new search engine optimisation firm or agency, there is no shortage of options out there, especially when it comes to SEO Gold Coast companies. But look, there can only be one Beyonce, so it only makes sense that there can absolutely only be ONE ground-breaking, head-turning digital marketing agency.

Just kidding. Or are we?

We understand that finding an effective and honest SEO agency can be difficult if you don't know where to look, so here's what we recommend when you're on the hunt for a new sidekick:

1. Do your research first

This goes for hiring any professional service provider: make sure your SEO expert is qualified to handle your brand's objectives and overall project. This means doing some research about their background and credentials, and going all Sherlock Holmes on their experience.

2. Ask for testimonials

Request case studies from your potential agency. One that's able to deliver proper results won't shy away from flaunting their wins. If they can't list any references or testimonials for you, then that's a big flag right there. A.K.A ... run.

3. Do they rank?

You can't expect an SEO company to rank your Gold Coast business if they can't even rank theirs. It's as simple as that.

4. Assess their price point

Like we said previously in this guide, it's super important to observe the cost of their SEO services and why they are that amount. Seem too cheap? Run. Seem too expensive? Ask them why. Be smart about the investment you're being asked to make. As a rule of thumb, an SEO campaign under $750 per month is too cheap.

5. Put them to the test

Gold Coast SEO agencies that know how to work magic on search engines will happily do an audit on your website and assess where it stands. At OMG, we use our FREE $2000 audit to prove to our clients how their website is tracking and where we can provide support to improve on their existing strategy.

6. Explore their deeper team

We're only as good as the team behind our services. It's integral that any SEO service you're thinking of investing in has an organic search expert on the scene, a local SEO pro, a suite of talented account managers and business owners that are passionate about clients' results.

Combined, this sweet, sweet combination of specialists will bring you more return on investment through search engine rankings than you thought possible. You just have to put in the work to understand how they tick in the first place.

For example, at OMG, we invest heavily into our overall staff. From Google Ads experts to content marketing executives, social media fanatics, web design masterminds, local Gold Coast guns and SEO marketing powerhouses - all of our team members are committed to taking every business to the next level. We truly love what we do for work, so we're always on the ball to collecting more organic traffic for our clients through competitive search terms and killer content creation, all the while maximising every last conversion rate.

When you choose our team, you're choosing an online marketing community that acts as an extension of your own. Become a part of our family and see why our clients continue to choose our SEO specialist team for revenue-shifting results beyond just first page rankings on Google.

The bottom line

At the end of the day, if your potential agency isn't able to shed light on strategic aspects before you sign up - like keyword research or even social media marketing - then they're not able to deliver results either.

Finally, make sure your Gold Coast SEO company of choice uses real data to inform your SEO strategy, rather than relying on cookie-cutter templates. No figures or analytics in your audit? That's a hard NOPE.

It’s critical that any Gold Coast SEO agency you choose to work with is aiming to meet long term revenue goals, not just trying to get your products and services to the first page of Google and leave it there.

Spoiler alert: OMG ticks all the right boxes and many more.

What are the best SEO tools?

There are more tools for search engine optimisation than there are M&Ms in a packet, and not all of them are as tempting as they seem.

Like anything in marketing, resources are aplenty, but it takes experience to know what tools work best for the latest SEO trends. As Google changes its algorithms more time than we change our hair colour, it's important to back ourselves (and even your brand) with the most influential, accurate and in-depth SEO tools.

While it's hard for us to narrow down which would make our list of the very best on the market, here are a few of our winning contenders:

For keyword research

There's really no looking past Google Keyword Planner. As a free tool from the masterminds themselves, this platform is primarily a PPC tool but gives you incredible insights for planning what search phrases to use in your SEO campaign. The best part is, anyone can use it; you don't have to be a tech wizard to understand the information it gives you. From there, we'd also recommend KWFinder to dig deeper and find more niche keyword suggestions.

Our Gurus also religiously use Ahrefs, which is known for its exceptional wealth of information on competitor behaviour - such as backlinks, content gaps, low-hanging fruit, rankings, domain authority and more. When you're looking for the full picture, this is the tool to invest in.

However, if you're looking for an alternative to Ahrefs, Semrush is also widely used across the globe, offering much of the same information. It also gives you the capacity to conduct in-depth audits, which is something that's crucial to understanding where your website's influence sits and where the work needs to be put in.

For measuring your SEO campaign's success

This wouldn't be a very good list for the best SEO tools if we didn't include Google Search Console and Google Analytics.

While it might seem obvious, these two platforms are the most crucial weapons to have in your bank. They'll help you monitor how your campaign is tracking, understand how users are behaving on your website and where your traffic is even coming from in the first place.

Both tools should also significantly frame the way your strategy is built, no matter your goals.

Are you the cheapest in the Gold Coast?

Just like you wouldn't hire a cheap builder to work on your own home, you shouldn't hire a self-proclaimed "cheap" local SEO company to work on your website.


Sure, the price tag is appealing; you're cutting on costs that you may need put elsewhere in your operations. But trust us when we say that skimping out on investing in quality SEO doesn't always mean you'll end up with quality results.

In fact, we know it doesn't.

Time and time again, we see clients who have been burned by previous agencies or 'pros' who delivered a sub-par service at a low price point. It's for this exact reason that we stick to the "If it seems too good to be true, it probably is" motto.

Want first-page results? You get what you pay for.

If you bought a pair of $3 Bluetooth earphones, chances are they won't last long. Maybe they do the job for a day. Maybe they don't even get that far. Either way, you regret the purchase.

Cheap SEO is the same. You might land results temporarily but they will never last. And you risk inflicting severe damage to the integrity of your brand and website in the process.

They may be able to get you a good ranking on Google, but they won’t necessarily help your business grow and thrive in the long run.

If you want to see real growth for your website or online store, then it is important that you choose an experienced search engine optimisation agency with a proven track record of delivering great results. If they can talk the big talk, they can walk it too, and that's exactly what we aim to do when a prospect engages us.

We don't claim to be the cheapest, and we honestly wouldn't want to be, either. When you work with OMG, you get industry-leading experts who have years of experience in the field, so our services are priced at a rate that reflects this. In the end, you get a winning campaign that sends you droves of website traffic, leads and conversions, and we get to smile knowing we got you there the proper way.

How to catch a cheap SEO company red-handed

The best way to find out if a cheap SEO company really knows what they're getting themselves into is by asking the hard questions about their experience and specialties. Go bananas and play the good cop, bad cop routine here and try to find out everything you can about their offering.

You should also ask what kind of guarantee they provide – how much money will you have to pay upfront? How many months do you need to wait before seeing any improvements in your rankings? What happens if your site doesn't rank as well as expected? Will there be additional costs involved?

These are all things that can make or break a relationship between you and your chosen agency, so taking the time to do your research and ask questions is always worth the while. Luckily, we like talking so feel free to run these by us and we'll answer them honestly.

The biggest thing we see is that clients do get some rankings, but the website traffic doesn't reflect those results. This is a red flag, as it usually means there were some shortcuts taken to get you whatever trickling rankings they could. And you'll end up paying thousands of dollars for them, only to see them drop off a few weeks or months down the track.

Make sure that you understand everything that goes into their official process before committing to a contract. If something isn't clear, speak to someone directly rather than going ahead with the deal. It's always better to be safe than sorry.

Lastly, ask them what their take is on private network link building; this always weeds out the good from the bad.

When it comes to SEO, you shouldn’t be searching for the lowest price. You should be looking for the best return on investment, the highest quality service and expertise. That’s why we’re the SEO agency Gold Coast businesses turn to for results.

How much does SEO cost in Australia?

Like anything, it depends. Any business owner can get started with an SEO service for as little as $500 a month, while enterprise-level companies may need to invest upwards of $10,000 a month. The cost of SEO boils down to a few things, including which SEO agencies you work with, which services you require, and the type of industry you’re playing in.

Let’s start with WHO you work with. A lot of agencies will charge an average between $500 and $2,000 per month. However, the trick is in knowing what value you get from your search engine optimisation company. Are you getting a cookie-cutter campaign or a personalised SEO strategy that’s unique to your industry or goals? Do they have a team of onshore SEO experts, or are you working with an offshore team?  Do they use black hat or white hat tactics to get you to rank on search engines? All of these questions are important to ask, because not all SEO companies are created equal.

Then there are the SEO services that you require. If your business has already done a lot of the heavy lifting and just need ongoing link building, keyword research and content development, that’s going to be more affordable than if you haven’t done any SEO work since your website has gone live. The same goes for the scale of SEO service: an eCommerce website that sells thousands of products is going to require a lot more manpower than a site with just a few pages of products and services.

Finally, there’s your industry. Expect to pay more for SEO if you’re playing in a hyper-competitive field or if you want to rank for target keywords with a higher search volume. Your goals are another factor to consider as well: if you want to climb the ranks faster, you’ll need to invest more in SEO work to turn that ambition into a reality.

At OMG, all our strategies start from $1K/month, but the real cost of SEO will depends on how competitive your industry is and how quickly you’re looking to achieve business growth. Don’t worry though — getting clarity and confidence is easy with us thanks to our comprehensive FREE online marketing audit. Request your audit today, and we’ll show you exactly what needs to be done to improve your website rankings, how long it will take, and how much it will cost. No catches, no obligations. Get started for free today!

What kind of SEO trends to look for in 2022? 

SEO is constantly evolving. You have to be at the top of your game to stay on top — and if you want to outrank your competitors in 2022, there are three trends you NEED to know.

The first is zero-click searches. These are searches that appear on “position zero” of Google’s search engine results pages and don’t require the user to navigate away from the page to get the answer to their question. If you’ve ever typed a question into Google, gotten the response from a featured snippet, then gone about your day, then you’ve conducted a zero-click search. 

Two-thirds of all Google searches are now zero-click searches, so ranking in these results should be an essential part of your search engine game plan. Even if these searches don’t drive traffic to your website, they’re a powerful way to appear at the top of search results, build up brand awareness and create value for your target audience.

The other trend to keep an eye on is Google’s Core Web Vitals update, which is a new set of performance metrics that was introduced in 2021. Core web vitals place the user experience at the heart of search engine rankings by measuring a website’s speed, responsiveness, and visual stability. The pages that deliver a better user experience come out on top — so if you haven’t been prioritising your website design and loading times, it’s time to start.

Lastly, there’s video SEO. Video content has been BOOMING lately and it’s expected that in 2022, online video will account for 82% of all consumer internet traffic. Unsurprisingly, Google has started integrating more video content into its search results. Video content presents another opportunity for your brand to appear in front of relevant searches and get your content out there. Whether you’ve just started dabbling in video or it’s been part of your content marketing strategy for years, it’s important to consider SEO whenever you create and upload content.

Don’t have time to stay on top of the trends? It’s time to enlist a sharpshooting Gold Coast SEO agency like OMG to help you rank higher in search engine results. We’ll integrate the latest SEO trends into your online marketing strategy, so you’re always outranking the competition in search engine result pages. 

What are some SEO strategies that no longer work in 2022?

Essentially, any “black hat” tactics will not work in 2022. These are SEO strategies are designed to trick search engines into ranking low-quality sites higher on search engine results pages. Examples include article spinning, keyword stuffing, buying links, cloaking, and content automation.

While some of these tactics might work in the short term, the rewards won’t last long. Google severely punishes any sites that go against its rules and guidelines. So, if you or your SEO agency are caught using black hat SEO strategies, your site could be penalised or even get wiped off the face of Google entirely. The more penalties you get, the more time-consuming, stressful and expensive it is to get your website back ranking again with a positive online presence.

For SEO to work in 2022, work with a white hat agency like OMG. We will help you craft an SEO campaign that is 100% honest, plays by the rules and gets incredible results in the long term.

Do you focus on big or small companies?

We’re not sizest. Whether you’re a business owner, start-up or global enterprise, we’re here to accelerate your revenue growth. Simple as that.

What does that mean for you? It means you can be confident that we will approach your campaign with the same energy and passion as any other client, no matter the size of your digital marketing budget or type of products and services.

How long does it take to get started?

It depends on your current situation, but we’d say you should allow around 2 to 4 weeks. There are lots of factors that determine how long it takes to get started.

For example, have you tried SEO in the past? How competitive are your industry keywords? Do you have any Google penalties? What’s your content strategy and social media presence like?

For a clearer idea of the onboarding process and timelines, all you need to do is claim your FREE audit (valued at $2000) and we’ll conduct a personalised audit of your online presence and web design and provide you with an in-depth strategy for SEO success.

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