How Betontools Grew Organic Revenue by 351%

Increase in organic traffic, year on year
Increase in organic revenue, year on year
Increase in keyword rankings
Increase in organic conversions



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Gladesville NSW

About Challenges Our Approach Strategy & Execution Outcomes Key Results Testimonials

About Betontools

Betontools is a Sydney-based supplier of concrete and construction tools and equipment. As a pioneer in the industry, their dedication to sourcing quality products at affordable prices are exactly what has made them a popular choice for customers in the building and construction industry. Their ability to look beyond the checkout in providing premium after-service touch points meant that they have garnered invaluable brand and customer loyalty.


Put simply, they provide their customers with what they’re looking for, what they need and when they expect it.

While Betontools were growing and succeeding in a competitive marketplace, to stay at the forefront of an industry ripe with opportunity, investing in SEO was essential. They partnered with OMG on a campaign aimed to refine and enhance search engine rankings. After 2 years, the results are still going strong with better conversions and sales year on year.

  • Want to solidify their standing in rankings out in front of competition
  • Increase website authority via optimising linking domains
  • Yield an optimal ROI for digital investment

Our Approach

Online Marketing Gurus implemented a comprehensive, uniquely-customised solution to increase Betontool’s online visibility. With a wealth of experience in fostering businesses like Betontools and with online lead generation at our core, we were able to deliver great results.

Our cross-channel, wide-reaching strategy guaranteed our client’s satisfaction.

Strategy & Execution

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Comprehensive keyword research to align Betontools with market opportunity

Competition is a healthy part of any industry. However, for Betontools, contending with multiple SEO competitors (outside and inside their niche) in the SERPs was one noteworthy priority. Fortunately, to best monitor the SERP landscape, OMG precisely nailed down on a comprehensive keyword research plan.

By understanding the game of Betontools main SEO rivals and paying attention to these competitors – we were able to help them compete for coveted spots. Since we started in 2017, we have grown the amount of keywords we’re ranking for from 430 to 774, which is an increase of around 180%.

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Turn rankings into revenue

Once we garnered a knowledge base on profitable keywords. We were able to optimise their website to rank for the most relevant and profitable keywords. In other words, keywords that could and would drive revenue across the digital channel. We helped them rank for 180% more keywords. Plus, we got them onto page 1 for a myriad of keywords that previously weren’t. This included keyword such as ‘light construction tools’, ‘laser screed’, and ‘light construction equipment’. The result? 351% more organic revenue year on year — results they could take to the bank.

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Robust link building to establish authority

Once we were able to monitor the SERP landscape, we began analysing specific link building strategies that we would capitalise on. This is because Google looks at your websites total domain strength as a signal of a trustworthy website. Our expert team investing hours into link building to generate conversions and sales. This resulted in increased link building domains, which was invaluable in building trust and authority.


To note, OMG helped increase:

  • increase in Overall Keyword Reach by 265%
  • increase in Keywords in Top 3 Positions 825%
  • Increase in Domain Authority 700%

To note, OMG helped:

  • Optimised keyword strategy and quality of content and search to overcome prior decline in keyword rankings
  • Improved site visibility by creating content for existing and new category pages to rank for more keywords
  • Creating quality backlinks to help improve organic traffic and keyword indexaction over time as we add more keywords and backlinks over time

Key Results


increase in top 3 keywords since Aug ‘17


increase in organic traffic since Aug ‘17


increase in referring domains


Increase in organic conversions

Hear from the Client

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“I have been working with OMG for over a year now, really happy with their service and my SEO results! The team are really friendly and easy to chat too.”

– Michael Murdica

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