6 Reasons Why Digital Marketing Fails And How To Get It Right

Digital marketing that doesn’t create results is more common than you think. Take for example, content marketing. Only 6% of B2B marketers rate their content marketing as being “very effective”. Figure 1 – Here’s the shocking thing. The quality of the content these companies create isn’t always the issue. In many cases, the true

Smash Your ROI: 5 Tips For Getting The Most Out Of PPC

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising can have a massive impact on your business. Google estimates that for every dollar spent in AdWords, businesses achieve $8 of profit through a combination of AdWords and search. Your campaign may not achieve those figures, even if you have a clear landing page and have used split-testing to optimise everything. There’s

85 Digital Marketing Stats You Need to Know

Digital marketing is a constantly evolving field. If you’re not keeping up to date your campaigns will surely fail. But how do you know which trends to follow? How can you figure out which techniques generate the returns you’re looking for? Digital marketing stats probably hold the answer. We’ve compiled some of the most interesting

3 Hidden SEO Opportunities Your Competitors Aren’t Using

SEO has evolved. You’re not grabbing backlinks from every possible site anymore and you aren’t loading your content with keywords. That doesn’t mean that web page optimisation isn’t important anymore. You still have to optimise websites for search engines. It’s the definition of SEO that has evolved over the years. New technologies, such as social

Ready To Rank: The Keyword Research Formula For Your Business

High rankings translate to revenue. Yet, often finding the right keywords is a major challenge. Wouldn’t it be great to have a keyword research strategy that works? Or better yet: What if you had seven easy tips that you can do yourself? And each one improves your search engine rankings and drives revenue. That’s exactly

Content Marketing That Converts: 4 Tips For Success On Any Budget

Content marketing leaders and influencers experience 7.8 times more growth than content followers. Plus it also costs over 60% less than traditional marketing and earns you three times as much revenue. The struggle comes with creating consistently great content. It’s tough to be on top form all of the time. You need a content marketing

Crush The Competition: 6 Keyword Research Tools For More Traffic

Wouldn’t it be great to have the tools needed to conduct awesome SEO keyword research? Those tools are at your disposal and you can start using them today. We’re going to introduce six of the best and look at how you can use them. Before that, let’s dig a little deeper into what keyword research

Convert More Customers: Build A Facebook Marketing Funnel In 6 Steps

Facebook has changed a lot over the last few years. Marketers now reach fewer people than ever with organic posts. New features, such as Facebook Live Videos, offer new opportunities. However, Facebook still offers marketers incredible potential that can translate into unmissable business impact. Why is this the case? Well, let’s take a look at

How To Hire A Killer Search Agency (And Why I Decided To Work For Them)

Every business owner should know the importance of a well-developed online marketing strategy. But you can’t execute that strategy with a bad search agency. The key problem is that many businesses go for the cheapest option available. They don’t understand the power that organic search holds or the results that it can achieve. Here’s the

noble loans case study
How Noble Loans Achieved 5x Organic Website Traffic in 6 Months

Noble x OMG In the first 6 months of Noble Loans x OMG’s partnership, we achieved a lot of success together. First of all, we tackled and resolved a series of technical issues with their website, which in turn increased their organic traffic by more than 75% in the space of a month. As their search