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  • Overview of the Online Marketing Gurus

    Welcome to The Online Marketing Gurus we are a team of leading Sydney SEO Consultants

    who work on some of the biggest brands globally from AU to the US and Europe. Our mission is to become the world’s leading Enterprise Search Agency helping our clients drive strong ROI through creative SEO, PPC and Content Marketing..

    We know its hard to choose an SEO company or Digital Agency..

    The Online Marketing Gurus know its hard to choose an SEO Company. Our two co founders humble beginnings in small to medium business means we know the strains of talking to 4 or 5 different vendors and getting 4 or 5 different answers about SEO and what google wants..

    The secret is there is no secret, great online marketing , SEO, SEM & Content marketing is about applying the fundamentals of great offline marketing in an online environment. Make your website popular, and have great content and the rest will happen..

    Why you need to work with us your Online Marketing ( SEO, SEM, PPC or Content Marketing campaign) 

    Most SEO Agencies in Sydney and Online Marketing Companies have it wrong. Our Co Founders have deep roots in small business and know that SEO, SEM, PPC and Content Marketing are means to an end for our clients . The ends are to:

    1. Increase your businesses revenue , sales and leads
    2. Build up your brand authority, and establish yourself as a thought leader/vertical leader ( Content Marketing)
    3. Drive down your cost per acquisition of lead/visitor/click/purchase

    Most SEO companies are focused on rankings, we are obsessed with with the end game and ROI focused metrics. Our strategies and in-house tools are powerful ( not cheap) and are for businesses that are serious about driving growth through their Online channels.

    What makes our Sydney SEO Consultants (and our global team) the real deal?

    The Online Marketing Gurus have a globally recognised team, we have 1 Forbes top Digital Marketer on our advisory board and another of Australia’s most famous consultants working with us.

    1. We were Telstra Business Award finalists in 2015 for NSW Sydney
    2. We have a team of over 55 Consultants globally and are one of the fastest growing Marketing Agencies in the Country
    3. We have worked on over 200 successful campaigns
    4. Over 90% of our clients see traffic uplifts within 3 months
    5. Our Sydney SEO team are trained by globally recognised consultants
    6. We are nimble giants. We offer Giant , enterprise spec solutions that lead go game changing traffic uplifts for our SMB clients, but are nimble and offer specialised service at the same time..How?
      • We have built our own SEO /PPC and research tools to streamline our processes that we have trialled , tested and work..

    How can the Online Marketing Gurus help your business?

    Our teams specialise in Integrated Search campaigns, that go much beyond just SEO. Our Online Marketing Campaigns include:

    Search Marketing & SEO Services : Strategies to drive up your online listings in the organic section of google. This includes Technical SEO, Content and Online PR.

    Paid Search Marketing: Paid traffic solutions using google’s adwords , shopping and display networks to drive relevant traffic to your site.

    Content Marketing: Strategic identification and production of content to drive up your brand value and search visibility. We have produced hundreds of blogs, infographics and run competitions for our clients to build visibility.

    Analytics: Assisting your business in setting up and configuring analytics correctly to effectively track visitor funnels on your site.

    Training: We have google certified experts, and SEO consultants trained by globally recognised consultants who are able to run training sessions for your internal teams to teach them how to better utilise search/SEO.

    Should you apply for a free SEO workshop with the Online Marketing Gurus..

    The Online Marketing Gurus get over 100 requests per month for proposals and clients wishing to work with our team of Little Giants. Our workshops include a 90 minute session with an audit of your site, your competitors and a game plan for your business ( based on a brief discovery call) Our solutions are not suitable for micro businesses ( revenue less than 100k/annum) Our minimum investment is $1,000 ex GST/month. Examples of some of our clients include

    Small business:

    • LPZ Plumbing
    • Rockdale Office Furniture
    • Oxford Bathrooms

    Large & Enterprise clients:

    • Gasweld ( PPC and SEO Services)
    • UNSW ( Enterprise SEO Services)
    • Hello Molly Fashion ( PPC and Search engine optimisation services)
    • Forcast Women’s fashion
    • Coke (Run via Louder Online our Enterprise Search arm)

Our Awards and Industry Recognition

The Brands Our Guru Help Grow Online

Our team have driven game changing growth for businesses big and small, we are proud to have helped hundreds of businesses globally driving game changing growth through search marketing.

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