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Looking for SEO services that will deliver real revenue?

When you partner with the best SEO agency Brisbane has to offer, that’s exactly what you get.

We craft an advanced SEO strategy to get you in front of the right kind of traffic for more qualified leads, more sales and more revenue. Lucky you found us!

Actually, luck has nothing to do with it. You searched for something like “SEO Brisbane”, right? And now here you are. If we can do that for our own business, imagine what we can do for you.

Get results with Brisbane SEO services.
Dominate Google and grow sales
Grow your sales with powerful SEO Brisbane services. We use our extensive experience and expertise in SEO to make your site naturally climb in Google rankings. No quick fixes, shortcuts or black hat tactics. Simply powerful SEO geared to drive serious revenue.
Bring in the SEO experts
Tap into the most talented SEO agency Brisbane has to offer. Our local SEO consultants become part of your team from day one. We take the time to get to know you, your customers and your competitors to create a razor-sharp SEO strategy that works.
Your SEO Brisbane Powerhouse
Meet the SEO company Brisbane businesses trust to bring in the big sales. From Ascot to Woolloongabba, we know the Brisbane market and we have what it takes put you ahead of the rest – and keep you there.
Win customers, not clicks
More traffic doesn’t always mean more sales. To beat your competition + see your revenue soar, you need to carve your niche with a local SEO Brisbane strategy. That’s what we do.

Search engine optimisation drives more traffic, more leads and more conversions than any other channel. Why? Because the majority of purchases start with a simple Google search, with most of that traffic clicking on organic rankings. Who wouldn’t want a piece of that action?

The question is, how do you beat Google at its own game to generate long-term sales? You need to work with SEO specialists who are not just up to date with the latest search engine updates – they are in tune with Brisbane searchers and how they are searching. Our team of SEO Brisbane gurus have got it covered.

Our super-talented team of SEO consultants know how to navigate the Google maze to get real revenue-busting results. We don’t just improve your ranking and boost traffic to your site, we focus on continuously improving the quality and quantity of lead flow. That’s how you can be confident every dollar you spend will generate the maximum return.

Can you guess the one thing that makes us stand out from every other SEO company Brisbane has? We’re all about the results. Everything we do is based on real performance targets, real customer data, real revenue growth and real ROI. Sound good? Then we’re the SEO agency for you.

A lot of SEO Brisbane agencies out there will use shiny tactics, fancy gimmicks and empty promises to win you over. They’ll tell you what they think you want to hear. But if you want to see a real return on your investment, you need to focus on how the agency will get results. At OMG, we’ve spent years testing, learning and improving our tactics so we can help you get the absolute max out of every dollar spent on search marketing. And we know this still isn’t enough. That’s why we sink our teeth into your business to understand exactly what you want to achieve. We dive into your market to understand your Brisbane customers and competitors. The result is a razor-sharp SEO strategy that will help you win sales and generate long-term growth. Trust us – it works every time.

Any SEO Brisbane agency can talk the talk, but can they walk the walk? We can. Think of us as the “SEO Brisbane Powerhouse”. Thousands of companies turn to us for SEO results, and we deliver over and over. 

What results can you expect from the best SEO agency Brisbane has to offer? Take a look at the numbers. We helped a fashion destination double their online sales in just 18 months. Another client became the leader in a competitive construction market thanks to our powerful SEO strategies.

How did we do it? Let’s just say luck has nothing to do with it. Just how you found us by searching “SEO agency Brisbane”, we make sure you are visible when your customers are searching. Talk to us and we’re happy to break down each incredible SEO strategy so you can see exactly how we achieved the results using proven search techniques. Best of all, you can understand how we can deliver the best SEO Brisbane strategy for your business success.

Wondering who is the brain behind every killer campaign? Want to put a face to a name? Thanks to our incredible local talent, meeting some friendly Gurus is as easy as ever. 

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You’ll achieve your business goals thanks to our never-say-die SEO services.

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Why OMG?
A lot of digital marketing agencies talk the talk, but we’re more interested in getting stuff done. Our focus is on high performance campaigns with results you can see for yourself, boosting your bottom line and helping your business achieve insane success. That’s it. No filler, all killer.

Because trust is everything

If you're trusting us to be part of your business, you should know exactly what the game plan is and where your money is going. There's trust without transparency, which is why we keep in contact every step of the way. Detailed reports on performance stats, spend vs sales, targets achieved, current vs projected results and more. You've got it all.


Because marketing shouldn't be a gamble

Shelling out for a digital marketing campaign is a big deal, we get it. Many Brisbane companies see it as a gamble. It shouldn't be. Our aim is for everyone one of our clients to see a remarkable return on their investment, both in the short and the long term. Your strategies need to be aligned with your goals. Let's win together.


Because we deliver results, not excuses

We’re straight talkers. There are agencies who bamboozle you with hype, jargon and shiny campaigns that are merely digital facelifts. Not us. We outline the strategic goals and financial results we aim for in real terms, then we go and get them.


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Frequently asked questions

To help you make the most-informed decision, here are common questions customers ask us. More questions? Scroll down, fill out the form, and just ask.

To answer this, let's start with the basics. Digital marketing is where you use digital channels to connect with your target audience where they spend most of their time: online. In other words, you use search engines, email, websites, social media and mobile to get in front of your audience and start building a trusted relationship with them that results in sales.

One of the most popular tactics within digital marketing is search engine optimisation (SEO). This is where you optimise your web pages to rank higher in natural (unpaid) search engine results to attract more organic traffic to your site.

The simple truth is: digital marketing is NOT an option. Any Brisbane business with an online presence (and even those without) should have a digital marketing strategy in place. You won't survive without it. Done right, digital marketing will supercharge leads, conversions and revenue in the long term.

Why? Because more and more consumers go online FIRST to research and buy products. A staggering 82% of consumers conduct research online (Forbes) and 79% of people shop online (TechCrunch). So how do you reach these consumers, engage them and win their dollars time and time again? The answer is digital marketing and SEO strategies.

Another reason digital marketing is so important? Data. Digital marketing delivers truckloads of data, which you can tap into to craft more relevant, personalised campaigns and user experiences.
It’s all about attitude. How we think, what we do, and the way we interact with your business is what makes us the best SEO company Brisbane has to offer.

Our SEO Brisbane Gurus focus on getting to you and your industry, so we can ensure your strategy is designed with the sole aim of smashing your revenue goals.

Unlike other Brisbane SEO companies, we won’t stop unless we’re satisfied that we’re delivering the maximum return on your search investment. And even then, we’ll find ways to get an even better ROI. That’s just the way we’re wired.
No, and we don’t want to be. When it comes to SEO, as with anything in business, you get what you pay for. Pay for cheapest SEO agency Brisbane has to offer, and you won’t get the results you want.

SEO needs time, and time costs money. The less you pay, the less time your agency is able to dedicate to your strategy. Sure, the agency might dazzle you with some quick wins. But they won’t be able to sustain them. Chances are they are cutting corners with “black hat” tactics to get any results at all. This will damage your online reputation and attract Google penalties, which is an expensive problem to fix.

At OMG, that’s not our style. Our SEO Gurus only use honest, “white hat” tactics for maximum ROI. While we’re not the cheapest, we are the SEO agency Brisbane businesses trust to deliver long-term results.
There’s no quick formula to tell you how much SEO should cost. There are lots of variables, including your business goals, website, how competitive your industry and keywords are, historical SEO activities, and heaps more. That’s the bad news.

The good news is you can get the answer in your FREE digital marketing audit (worth a massive $2000!). Our local SEO Brisbane team will dive into your website, digital activities, competitor sites, and more. They’ll put their findings in an in-depth report that outlines our recommended SEO investment for the absolute max ROI.
We work with everyone. From entrepreneurs and start-ups to e-commerce businesses and national enterprises, we are here to help you reach your digital growth potential.

Because we’ve worked with all different business types, sizes and industries, you can trust that we know how to get results for your company.
It depends. How serious are you about your investment in SEO? Are you seeking overnight SEO success? Are you after the cheapest SEO services Brisbane has to offer? If you answered ‘yes’ to the last two questions, SEO won’t work for you. Or at least, it won’t work the way it should.

But if you recognise the power of search engine optimisation and are geared up to give it the time and investment it requires, you’re on the road to explosive success. And the best part is, we can help you get there.
Start by claiming your SEO audit from Online Marketing Gurus. This no-obligation audit will put our Digital Growth Gurus to work assessing your website and online presence.

Our SEO team will look dive into your search, paid advertising and social strategy (if you have one), then show you how and where we can make improvements. You'll receive a comprehensive audit plus a roadmap and timeline. The best part is this initial 30-minute strategy session and SEO auditing is completely FREE.

Like what you hear? Brilliant – let's not waste any time. We'll prepare a strategy that puts your goals centre-stage. Knowing your business intimately is critical for success, so we'll put in the hard yards to understand you, your business, your landscape and your strategic direction. After all, if we don't know EXACTLY what you want to achieve, we can't help you get there. This is when we do your keyword research and competitive analysis too. How long does all this take? Around 2 to 4 weeks, depending on where you're at, to begin with.

Once everyone is happy with the digital marketing strategy and proposed SEO campaign, our team will hit the ground running. But that's not where we stop. We'll provide constant advice, recommendations and strategy sessions to improve your results in the long term. And because we only use white hat tactics, you can be confident that when there are algorithm updates, your Google search rankings won't plummet but continue soaring.
Local search is all about the location. Search engines look for signals both on-page and off-page to provide the most relevant local results to the searcher. The good news is all the usual SEO tactics work for local search, so long as you give them a local focus. For example, SEO techniques including SEO content, on-page optimisation, technical SEO, keyword research and link building all need a local twist. Create content that focuses on local topics and trends. Build strategic links with relevant local associations, groups and media, always with a focus on quality over quantity. Find the local search terms your target audience is using.

But that's not all. There are other SEO tactics that will specifically improve rankings in a local search, specifically directory listings, Google My Business profiles and social media profiles. In fact, your Google My Business (GMB) location is the number one factor influencing your local search ranking. Business owners need to make it part of their local SEO strategy.

Another essential element for local search is citations, which is your name, address and phone number (NAP) on other online listings. Look for niche directories for your Brisbane business, such as directories for salons, trades or childcare centres.

Generating great reviews is another critical tactic for local search. Truth is, good reviews will always help your lead generation! Plus, Google's algorithm ranks sites higher if they have lots of positive reviews.

Bottom line, if you're doing well in general SEO results, you've already got a good foundation for local search. Now work with a local SEO Brisbane agency to nail the rest.

Let's increase your sales.

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