How Barton Family Lawyers Increased Organic Conversions by 1150% with SEO

increase in organic conversions YoY
increase in organic traffic YoY
increase in ‘top 3 positions’ keyword reach
increase in organic non-branded clicks on SERPS YoY


Barton Family Lawyers

About Challenges Our Approach Strategy & Execution Outcomes Key Results




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About Challenges Our Approach Strategy & Execution Outcomes Key Results

About Barton Family Lawyers

If you are on the hunt for a family or divorce lawyer in Brisbane, look no further than Barton Family Lawyers, a well-respected and specialist Family & Divorce Law Firm with offices in Petrie, Aspley and Chermside. 

Dedicated to helping you navigate through difficult issues, these Brisbane Family Lawyers will aim to achieve the fairest and most practical outcome for you and your family as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. 


In July 2020, the law firm reached out to Online Marketing Gurus wanting to increase the traffic and conversions monthly. Whilst Barton Family Lawyers focused on seeking justice for their clients, OMG focused on executing an SEO strategy to maximise the law firm’s organic visibility. 

  • Unutilised / Unoptimised metadata and headings
  • Schema Markups not optimised
  • Content on category pages was lacking value
  • No implementation of goal tracking present to measure success

Our Approach

Upon conducting our onboarding process, our SEO Gurus discovered a low domain rating and a lack of referring domains for the site when compared to their closest competitors. To combat this, our intelligent Gurus implemented an SEO strategy that looked at technical SEO, link building and content to supercharge the Barton Family Lawyer brand.

Through our initial audit of the Barton Family Lawyers website, we identified several issues across the 3 key pillars of SEO that were affecting their organic results. With their medium-term key goals being to increase non-branded traffic by 20% MoM and to increase conversions by 20%, we developed an end-to-end SEO strategy according to the issues identified, which helped us drive some outstanding results. Our approach looked at the following:

  • Optimisation of the brand’s Google My Business account
  • Implementation of goal tracking to help build funnel
  • Creation of keyword-rich and unique content on priority pages
  • Hyperfocused keyword targeting strategy to compete sharpen organic visibility

Strategy & Execution

OMG - Badge - SEO

Reaching new keyword heights with content optimisations

OMG’s initial audit (valued at $4,000) when onboarding Barton Family Lawyers uncovered a lack of keyword-rich content on site. Google prioritises google quality and unique content on the SERPs and upon uncovering category pages with either low word counts or were not optimised for a wide range of keywords, our SEO Gurus had to intervene. 

By using a KWR document, our Gurus helped create relevant and unique content on important/priority pages to increase our keyword reach and current keyword rankings. Additionally, using the KWR document allows us to target a broader range of keywords and opens the door for internal linking optimisations. 

Some pages that were optimised by OMG included the Barton Family Lawyer homepage, important FAQs and key service pages, all optimised to be clear, concise, keyword-rich and populated with internal links. Did it help?

OMG - Badge - Settings

Measuring success through implementation of goal tracking

Being able to accurately measure success is vital to a company’s future performance and growth, as doing so allows for better forecasting and therefore, more refined allocation of resources. Barton Family Lawyers at the time of onboarding had no goal tracking configured in Google Analytics and this is something OMG addressed immediately. 

By incorporating complete goal tracking through Google Analytics, OMG can look to build a funnel and understand which product/pages lead to a conversion. For this business and their situation, our SEO Gurus proposed phone number clicks, contact page form completions and the “book a consultation” CTA on the homepage as the key goal completions to be tracked through GA. 

OMG - Search Badge

Hyper-targeted keyword E-A-T strategy resulting in non-branded wins

E-A-T stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness and this is used to define and separate websites that demonstrate knowledge of their industry. Showcasing good E-A-T on and off your website can potentially help improve your Google rankings.

The law industry is a very competitive vertical, meaning it can be difficult to rank for keywords as your competitors would be ranking for the exact same keywords as you. As a result, creating keyword-rich content based on competitive search queries can help boost your domain rating and therefore propel you above your competitors and gain more traffic to your website. 

This was instrumental in helping Barton Family Lawyers gain more visibility and traction to their site By using a KWR document, OMG highlighted and prioritised popular yet relevant keywords to optimise and/or create content around to help build the Brisbane lawyers as a firm with high authority. 


Within 12 months we saw massive keyword wins as a direct result of the site content and our link building strategy. Keyword reach in 12 months soared to new heights, with keywords in spots 1-3 increasing by 219% (from 21 to 67), with priority keywords such as ‘brisbane family lawyer position’ surging to p5 from p18 and ‘divorce lawyers brisbane northside’ catapulting to p1 from p13.

Within 12 months, we’ve seen positive results across the board in organic traffic goal completions. This included phone number clicks which saw a 2,578% increase in clicks (from 9 to 241), contact page submissions which saw a 2,550% increase in submissions (from 2 to 53) and booking page submissions which saw a 733% increase.

We also saw increases in non-branded clicks and impressions. Non-branded clicks increased by 70.3% whilst our non-branded impressions increased by 92%.

Key Results


increase in organic conversions YoY


increase in organic traffic YoY


increase in ‘top 3 positions’ keyword reach


increase in organic non-branded clicks on SERPS YoY

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