How Business Telecom Increased Organic Users by 112% YOY

increase in organic users YoY
decrease in bounce rate YoY
Conversion rate achieved from paid search campaigns
Increase in returning visitors through AdRoll


Business Telecom

About Challenges Our Approach Strategy & Execution Outcomes Key Results




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North Parramatta, NSW

About Challenges Our Approach Strategy & Execution Outcomes Key Results

About Business Telecom

Located in North Parramatta, New South Wales, Business Telecom serves to deliver innovative and affordable telecommunications solutions in NSW to elevate business efficiencies. Offering solutions for every business large or small, their services aim to streamline the day-to-day operations for their clients.


From phone systems, internet and NBN, and security systems, Business Telecom offers a personalised, one-stop solution service. All with the goal to help businesses reduce costs and maximise productivity with tech savvy experts always on hand for support.

In December 2017, Business Telecom reached out to Online Marketing Gurus for help with their marketing efforts. Their aim was to generate more high quality leads through search engine optimisation and pay-per-click advertising. And so, our partnership began, with the Gurus looking to implement an integrated marketing strategy to make Business Telecom’s dreams a reality.

  • Not enough quality website visitors or leads
  • Content misalignment with relevant keywords
  • High CPC rates on key PPC campaigns

Our Approach

Business Telecom wanted to improve both lead quality and quantity. Our free audit (worth $2,000) identified crucial opportunities to capitalise on the opportunity online.

Strategy & Execution

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Hyper-targeted keyword analysis

When looking at keywords and their reach, it is critical for a business in any industry to target the most relevant and profitable keywords to get the traffic and conversions they’re after. Business Telecom needed to understand the importance of targeting the right keywords so they can elevate their search engine rankings.

Our onboarding process identified the need for a hyper-targeted keyword analysis to obtain greater online visibility. Our resourcing focused on link building, trying to increase authority for priority keywords that would yield quality conversions.

The data shows the top 3 rankings capture the lion’s share of organic traffic (50-60%). That’s why this was a priority.

Over the course of our ~ 4 year campaign with Business Telecom they achieved some ranking improvements that translated into positive lead growth. This includes, “business landline” moving from unranked to rank 4, “phone systems for medium business” moving from unranked to rank 8 but most notably and more. They also landed top 3 spots for critical industry keywords including “business telecommunications” and “business telecommunications systems”.

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Site architecture and content evolution

If a company wants to increase their organic rankings, content needs to align with what consumers are searching for. Part of targeting relevant industry keywords is aligning content with both opportunity and customer experience.

In partnership with a hyper-targeted keyword analysis strategy, Online Marketing Gurus orchestrated a site restructure to allow for indexing opportunities. This strategy involved building out separate website pages appealing to small, medium and large-sized businesses for better alignment with popular search queries.

The site restructure was instrumental for Business Telecom and their organic goals as this strategy went on to increase their organic conversions goal by 100% YoY. This, combined with a 112% increase in organic users YOY helped Business Telecom achieve the high quality traffic they were after.

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The Pay-Per-Click avenue for driving quality leads

Pay-per-click advertising may sound intimidating, but done right, you can see mindblowing results. A PPC campaign allows you to target those who are looking to buy, allowing for increased lead generation and revenue growth.

Business Telecom explored through a PPC avenue that included search and display campaigns YouTube ads and, remarketing via AdRoll. Whilst maintaining a low cost-per-click and a high click-through rate, the goal for incorporating PPC into the integrated marketing strategy was to increase the quality of traffic.

In particular, AdRoll was used to remarket to users who visited the remote work solutions page on the Business Telecom website.

Did it prove beneficial? Well, how’s a 297% increase in returning visitors sound? That, paired with a 99.3% increase in new visitors solidified the exceptional results they were looking for.


To note, OMG helped:

  • Over 112% increase in organic users YoY 
  • 8.04% conversion rate, PPC search campaigns 
  • Increased returning visitors by 297% through AdRoll Remarketing

To note, OMG helped:

  • Decreased, website bounce rate by more than 50%
  • Increased, domain authority by 30% 
  • Achieved a 5.10% CTR, PPC search campaigns

Key Results


increase in organic users YoY


decrease in bounce rate YoY


Conversion rate achieved from paid search campaigns


Increase in returning visitors through AdRoll

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