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increase in Overall Keyword Reach
Increase in Organic Goal Completions
Increase in Users YoY



About Challenges Strategy & Execution Outcomes Key Results
About Challenges Strategy & Execution Outcomes Key Results

About Weekenda

Weekenda, a renowned leader in holiday home management, specialises in curating exceptional accommodations, all conveniently located within a 2.5-hour drive from Sydney. Their comprehensive services cater to discerning guests in search of premium stays and property owners aiming to optimize their investments.

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Weekenda reached out to OMG in August 2020 to help them increase bookings and leads as well as increase their keyword indexation.

Campaign Goals

  • Increase organic visitors per month
  • Increase bookings and leads
  • Increase the number of keywords on first page of SERPs

Strategy & Execution

As such, OMG created an SEO strategy that revolves around content optimisation to improve the site’s relevance to their focus keywords, thereby improving their visibility and overall keyword rankings.

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Technical SEO fixes

Fixes such as XML sitemap optimisation, broken links, and 404 redirects to ensure the website is properly functioning and accessible to search engines and users.

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Location and category page optimization and expansion

Target a broader range of keywords and internal linking optimization.

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Targeted link acquisition

Targeted link acquisition which built greater page authority within a selected category pages.

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Google Analytics & Tag Manager setup

Track and establish correct benchmarking data as well as to identify potential underlying issues.

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Monthly blog creation

Target relevant search queries to increase overall website visibility.

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Creating quality backlinks

Create quality backlinks to help improve organic traffic and keyword indexation over time as we add more keywords and backlinks over time

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Backlink audit and analysis

Disavow any low quality backlinks found and prevent any negative impact of these links on the site’s authority.


From August 2020, Weekenda partnered with OMG to deliver an SEO strategy. For the past year, we saw some amazing results such as:

OMG - Real Results - Weekenda

Key Results


increase in organic new users


increase in overall keyword reach


increase in organic goal completions


increase in top 3 keywords

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