How A Skincare Brand Achieved 330% More Conversions

increase in
organic conversions
increase in organic
search revenue
ROAS for paid search campaigns
ROAS across all paid media campaigns



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About Challenges Our Approach Strategy & Execution Outcomes Key Results Testimonials

About Ultraceuticals

Ultraceuticals is a leading global skincare brand, well known for its cosmeceutical-grade, scientifically proven products. Led by Dr Heber, Ultraceuticals prioritises environmental sustainability as they constantly strive to look for sustainable skincare solutions that offer optimal results for everyone.


Australia has one of the harshest and most diverse climates in the world, contributing to a lot of signs of aging, acne, redness & pigmentation. This company is committed to providing products that work to address these common skin ailments.:. This is because they’re on a mission to “empower everyone…around the world with real skincare and life changing results”.

As the brand grew over the years, Ultraceuticals needed to establish their name online. Countless individuals were looking for moisturiser creams, vitamin c serums, sunscreen and more. However, without visibility, customers were clicking on competitors too often.

An authoritative digital presence would mean they could be in the right place at the right time — at the top of search engine rankings. As such, Ultraceuticals partnered with OMG in 2015 to put their company on the digital map – and has since run highly profitable online campaigns over 6 years.

  • Competitive skincare industry made it challenging to rank for crucial keywords
  • Needing to raise awareness, visibility and authority of their brand name
  • Looking to increase organic traffic, conversions and revenue in a sustainable way
  • Outdated content in need of a refresh

Our Approach

Ultraceuticals needed an authoritative digital presence to support their well-respected, multi-million dollar brand. OMG delivered! Our Gurus orchestrated a plan that involved a custom SEO strategy, in combination with a content restructure and a new look PPC journey, allowing the company to get the conversions they were after.

Strategy & Execution

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Engage and Delight! – The content overhaul

Given the competitiveness of the skincare industry, quality content was crucial to separate Ultraceuticals from the rest of the pack. Focusing on engaging, timely, unique and interesting copy, the skincare company wanted to inform customers, engage encouragement and build brand awareness.

The intention behind the content overhaul was from an SEO perspective – to increase visibility for relevant topics and targeted keywords, especially broader topics and terms including pigmentation, sun damage and more. The aim? To repurpose said content across other channels including organic social, paid social and many more, all with the purpose of capturing people at the Top of the Funnel (TOFU).

Topics and themes for content aimed at leveraging both industry interest areas, high ranking search terms as well as product and seasonal focus, aiming to tie it in with product launched to allow for indexation.

With this in mind, our Content Gurus focused on attention-grabbing/relatable headlines, images and related assets, internal links to convertible category pages and many more key elements to boost Ultraceuticals visibility, encompassing the complete content overhaul.

Capitalising on new PPC advertising avenues

As previously mentioned, the skincare industry can be quite unforgiving, given its competitive nature. As such, OMG explored possible opportunities that could be capitalised on, for SEM success.

Our PPC Gurus underwent rigorous testing and optimisations to implement campaigns across multiple channels that would give Ultraceuticals the visibility they deserve. Taking into account the company’s budget, current campaigns and campaign goals, the Australian company looked at maximising their Pay-Per-Click through paid search, shopping and display advertising channels.

In just 6 months, Ultraceuticals achieved a 45:1 ROAS through paid search and 5:1 ROAS through shopping, combining to a total of 21:1 ROAS in total for the two paid media channels (display advertising was introduced later).

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SEO optimisations to propel online presence

Google updates their algorithms all the time, why shouldn’t your marketing follow suit? Evolving your strategy with data and ongoing optimisations are crucial for your SEO.

Online Marketing Gurus implemented an integrated SEO approach, aimed at strengthening the online presence of Ultraceuticals. Optimisations were implemented and monitored monthly to stay ahead of the competition.

What exactly did we optimise? Our SEO approach looked at optimising product and content pages, aligning the two with the launch schedule of new products where possible, link building to align site targets with priorities, and technical SEO with website fixes.

Did it make a difference? After 2 years, we were able to help Ultraceuticals achieve a 330% increase in organic conversions with a 50% increase in organic search revenue!


To note, OMG helped increase:

  • Increased, organic conversions by 330%
  • Achieved, 550+ keywords in the top 3 positions 
  • Increased, non-branded top 3 keyword visibility by 467x
  • Increased, organic search revenue by 85% YoY

To note, OMG helped increase:

  • Achieved, 45:1 ROAS for paid search campaigns 
  • Achieved, 21:1 ROAS across all paid media campaigns

Key Results


increase in
organic conversions


increase in organic
search revenue


ROAS for paid search campaigns


ROAS across all paid media campaigns

Hear from the Client

OMG - Double Quote

“Great experience working with OMG on our SEO/SEM for 3 years – responsive, helpful, proactive and very pleasant to work with. Highly recommend.”

– Stephanie Reid

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