How TennisGear Got 744% More Organic Conversions

more organic conversions YOY
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About Challenges Our Approach Strategy & Execution Outcomes Key Results



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Queensland, Australia

About Challenges Our Approach Strategy & Execution Outcomes Key Results

About TennisGear

TennisGear is one of Australia’s leading online Tennis retailers with a booming online presence and bustling brick and mortar stores. If you’re looking for the very best, TennisGear have got you covered with an extensive range of racquets, grips, ball machines, apparel, and more.

Plus their customer service is top notch! The TennisGear team comprises former touring pros, experienced coaches, and all around experts who can share all the advice and recommendations you need.


As they pursued the next level of growth, they were looking to expand their visibility, sales and brand online. That’s why they decided to partner with Online Marketing Gurus to execute a highly profitable SEO, Adwords, and Remarketing campaign. They also teamed up with MI Academy (one of our partner agencies) to transform and elevate their inhouse team capabilities.

  • Declining backlink profile meaning they were starting to lag behind the competition (which was fierce!).
  • Needing to address key areas for improvement across their onsite and offsite SEO strategy to capitalise on ranking potential.
  • Want to increase paid investment to demolish the competition.

Our Approach

To this day, TennisGear is serving up success with a multichannel marketing campaign, leading to a steady flood of new customers and subscribers. Here’s the winning combination of channels at work.

  • SEO Campaign focusing on a highly profitable organic presence.
  • Adwords Campaign focusing on driving customers and highly qualified email subscribers.
  • Remarketing Campaign focusing on driving repeat traffic and purchases.

Strategy & Execution

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Laser-focused SEO delivers ready-to-buy online and offline traffic.

Success starts with defining the game plan — which is why a comprehensive website audit is our first priority. The Gurus combed through TennisGear’s online presence, identifying key growth opportunities. Then we proposed exactly what steps to take, in order to reach their growth goals.

As part of their local SEO play, we set to work on TennisGear’s Google My Business profile — first getting it verified, then moving on to optimisation. This would ensure their brick and mortar stores were best positioned to attract busloads of foot-traffic.

On the website front, OMG focused on the short and long term changes that would create the most impact. This included developing a robust content calendar for their blog, dedicated link building to boost domain rating, and implementation of schema markup.

Alongside this activity, we also reviewed page-by-page opportunities, such as advising on potential navigation changes (for a smoother user experience) and bolstering thin category pages with crucial content.

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On-the-ball Google Ads and remarketing to capture more customers.

Ready to make a ‘racquet’ online? TennisGear were raring to go with a hyper-targeted paid campaign. To kick off activity, we honed in on what customers were actually looking for online.

This included mapping competitor activity, researching the most profitable keywords, and evaluating the best targeting. It meant evaluating the demand around ‘tennis racquets’ vs ‘tennis gear’, along with deciding the ideal split between product-centric, brand-centric and generic search terms.

Then, OMG focused on building Google Ads and remarketing campaigns which would drive two key metrics: completed purchases and email subscriptions. As with all things in life and business, good things take time.

Maturing a high-ROI campaign meant running a few months of baseline performance to set the benchmark, followed by a period of rigorous optimisation and testing. OMG’s evidence-based approach means we never set and forget campaigns, which is a common pitfall.


After 8+ months and counting, the results are looking strong! Already we see 58% more revenue from PPC, 744% more organic conversions, 48% more organic visitors, and a wealth of new sales. The best part? It’s just the beginning! We’re thrilled to continue partnering with TennisGear on real revenue results with Digital Marketing.

Key Results


more organic conversions YOY


more organic visitors YOY


more clicks via GMB YOY


increase in PPC revenue YOY

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