How An Industrial Design Studio Grew 15X Organic Traffic

increase in organic traffic
increase in organic conversions
more search engine rankings
$0 > $7K
increased monthly revenue online


So Watt Studio

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Sydney, Australia

About Challenges Our Approach Strategy & Execution Outcomes Key Results Testimonials

About So Watt Studio

So Watt Studio is an industrial design company based in Marrickville, Sydney. Their award-winning work and get-it-done ethos have won them a trusted reputation in the industry.

So Watt was born out of a dream to change the way furniture is made and its lifespan in the Australian home. Founders and Industrial Designers Jonathan and Sophie Biet realised there was a growing appetite for affordable, custom and locally made furniture in Australia. So Watt simplified the process and by making sure custom affordable Australian made furniture is accessible to everyone. 


As a growing small business, So Watt Studio was looking to make their mark online and generate more consistent revenue streams. That’s why in mid 2019, they decided to partner with Online Marketing Gurus.

Over the past 12 months, the Gurus have jumped onboard to strategise and execute a comprehensive SEO campaign. Plus, we’ve assisted So Watt Studio in launching and ramping up their online store – as a new revenue stream to the business.

  • Wanting to level up their online presence in a competitive environment
  • Looking to improve search rankings to drive relevant targeted traffic
  • Seeking to grow revenue and launch an online store with new product pages

Our Approach

Success always starts with an understanding of what’s worked, and what hasn’t. That’s why when So Watt Studio jumped onboard, we set to work undertaking a comprehensive Digital Audit. The Gurus uncovered the low hanging fruit (quick wins), along with all the elements to engineer long term growth. Then we formulated an SEO strategy to take their organic presence to the next level.

  • Technical SEO to optimise a high-performing, high-converting website
  • Content strategy and onpage SEO to facilitate a more natural user experience and more organic conversions
  • Extensive market and keyword research to uncover the most profitable keyword opportunities
  • Robust offsite SEO to fuel consistent, high-quality backlink creation

Strategy & Execution

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Developing the right foundation.

Through our initial audit, the Gurus uncovered several actionable ways to make the So Watt Website do more heavylifting for their marketing. This included setting up goal tracking in Google Analytics, optimising their GMB, addressing 404 errors and quickly updating missing or duplicate meta descriptions.

The data shows us that Google uses 100s of signals to determine a website’s rankings. So tackling these action points early helped us measure results better and best position the website for success.

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Crushing it with content.

High-quality and unique content is a crucial ranking factor for a page. Early on, we noticed a key growth opportunity in So Watt Studio’s service pages – several of which featured a low amount of content which didn’t target important keywords. Whatsmore, there weren’t any shop category pages, meaning less chance of ranking for those specific keywords.

That’s why knuckling down on the content front was one of our next steps. We optimised existing pages, and launched new subcategory pages. We also implemented internal linking optimisation from category service pages (i.e. lead generation pages) to their products, and internal linking to products across the site (i.e footer).

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Increasing non-branded search.

To support So Watt Studio’s long term growth, we assisted in mapping short, medium and long-term goals. One of those goals was to increase non-branded search, which would position the website front and centre for a flood of new high-intent, ready-to-buy customers.

We focused on product page optimisation including product descriptions, product FAQs, and product link building to very niche specific products which are able to rank for competitive terms.

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Assisting the flow of conversions.

As a team, we evaluated So What Studio’s content on an individual page level – but also on a macro level. The Gurus developed a content strategy to facilitate more intuitive user experiences which would lead to more conversions and revenue.

This included providing advice around which category pages to launch, where to feature more different-priced products, and monitoring conversion paths via Analytics.


Due to our ongoing efforts, they’re already starting to rank for 435% more keywords. Currently, So Watt are sitting on page 1 for crucial industry terms such as ‘plywood’, ‘plywood furniture’, ‘plywood desk’, and ‘plywood furniture sydney’. Within 12 months, we’re already seeing 4175% more organic conversions and 1500% more organic traffic.

Key Results


increase in organic traffic


increase in organic conversions


more search engine rankings

$0 > $7K

increased monthly revenue online

Hear from the Client

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“One of the best digital marketing company to work with – organized team, knowledgeable and helpful staff, especially Elodie. Highly recommended.”

– Sophie Bain

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