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Rockdale Office Furniture

About Challenges Our Approach Strategy & Execution Outcomes Key Results



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About Challenges Our Approach Strategy & Execution Outcomes Key Results

About Rockdale Office Furniture

Since their inception, ROF has been the answer to all office furniture needs. Innovative and inspiring, ROF brings you top, hard-wearing furniture at transparent pricing. Driven by an ethos of providing customers with quality furniture at fair and accessible prices, the team strives to offer an extensive product range that stands the test of time. 

The business is renowned for producing functional, modern pieces, as well as a good range of office furnishings.

It is truly an online destination for businesses who want premier quality office furniture.


Wanting to build online sales in Sydney as well as increase foot traffic to their physical store in Rockdale, ROF decided to partner with OMG on a hyper-targeted SEO campaign that would guarantee stellar results.

  • Increasingly fierce competition limiting their chance to be found online.
  • Get a steady stream of organic traffic to potentially transform into sales.
  • Draw interest to the business and create visibility as a reputable furniture supplier.

Our Approach

Competition in the online retail industry is becoming increasingly fierce, even more so than the real world of brick-and-mortar stores. To help ROF stand out from the crowd and appeal to the people who are most likely to buy their products, we made sure our campaign was engineered as a profitable marketing investment.

Using the expertise from our clients who have garnered great success from their SEO campaigns, we grew their campaign to help them become a dominant force in their niche.

The problem is though – having a great product is only the first step. So OMG drilled down on what mattered – online visibility.

  • In-depth keyword and competitor analysis to best guarantee lifetime results.
  • Website restructure and content optimisation to boost their performance in the SERPs.
  • On site SEO target quality traffic and move ahead of the competition.

Strategy & Execution

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Full phase SEO strategy to gain a crucial advantage over competitors

To unlock the treasure chest of top rankings and pre-qualified traffic, OMG focused on a selected range of proven strategies including engaging in keyword research to boost site authority. This is where keyword research and aligning website pages to keywords become important for ranking well. We helped ROF rank for the keywords that were actually relevant and profitable for their business, which was integral to the success of their online presence.

Having good domain authority is also the key to irresistible rankings. That’s why every step we made was in charge with boosting their sites ranking potential. After all, link building is one of the most proven and effective ways of boosting page rankings – so this is why when implementing our link building strategy, we ensured we were building quality links.

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Strategic website restructure to dominate the market.

Improving user experience and increasing keyword visibility plays a vital role in ranking your site on Google. OMG implemented a number of strategies to ensure the whole website was tailored toward generating high-quality links for the site. This includes publishing informative and captivating content which would add value to the site.

A sure-fire way to approving the appeal of your website lies in your ability to produce amazing content. This is why a great deal of time was spent on writing dynamic and interactive content to keep their target audience hooked. By doing so, ROF gained exclusive online visibility for the most profitable and relevant keywords – resulting in the highest-quality, highest converting and most valuable traffic.


After partnering with us for just over 3 years, they have achieved incredible results, ranking on page 1 for competitive keywords including “office furniture sydney”.

OMG helped hit ROF the ground running with an SEO strategy that will deliver immediate results.

Key Results


for ‘rockdale office furniture’

Page 1

rankings achieved for core industry terms, including ‘office desks Sydney’


for ‘quality office desks’

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