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Maison De Luxe Interiors

About Challenges Our Approach Strategy & Execution Outcomes Key Results



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About Challenges Our Approach Strategy & Execution Outcomes Key Results

About Maison De Luxe Interiors

Maison De Luxe is home to Sydney’s best selection of sleek and timeless furnishings and an incredible range of homewares. Since their inception, the store has celebrated their reputation as one of Sydney’s most sought after destinations for french provincial homewares. The business has grown to stock some of the most high quality, multi-functional products which are both practical and decorative. They are more of an emporium of expertly curated furniture inspired by textures and colours of every season.


The brand’s intriguing selection of french interiors solve both home and style needs. With a commitment to providing personalised in-store and after sales experience for their clients, as well as exceptional product knowledge it’s no surprise that have continued to redefine the home decor industry. However, despite offering the most exclusive and exquisite range of furniture on the market, Maison De Luxe was inundated with fierce market competition. So, to reach, engage, and convert new audiences, Mason Deluxe decided to collaborate with OMG on a valued-added SEO campaign.

And in only 7 months, Maison De Luxe saw a 800% increase in page 1 keyword rankings.

With a wide breadth of expertise and experience, we were able to take advantage of their existing consumer base. We needed to target the right kind of people – to build a foundation for long-term success contingent with accelerated growth, higher brand awareness and increased revenue.

  • Ranking for the most profitable keywords to gain an edge over the competition
  • Drive more organic traffic to their website and increase its popularity
  • Leverage the use of innovative and highly effective ways to increase online and foot traffic
  • Dominate local SEO rankings and get their business in front of prospects

Our Approach

It’s no secret that when executed correctly, a powerful SEO campaign will generate incredible results. Did you know that brands that rank on the first page capture 75% of traffic? The bottom line is, if you’re missing these core SEO strategies, you could be missing out on market-leading search engine success. To help Maison De Luxe’s results skyrocket we implemented time-tested tactics, which included:

Strategy & Execution

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Outrank industry rivals on Google and dominate the SERP’s

Developing and executing a stellar SEO strategy is often a challenge – especially when the digital landscape is changing.

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Front end optimisation for improved website performance

OMG took a current strategic approach in technical SEO and onsite optimisation. There are many ways to incorporate SEO into your digital strategy, and it’s depth and variation will depend on a multitude of factors.


Plus, for Maison De Luxe, their most relevant profitable keywords were highly competitive. This included keywords such as ‘luxe furniture’. Ranking for the top positions in the SERP’s means receiving the most majority of impressions and clicks, which is why a big focus for OMG was boosting site authority. This meant optimising and aligning every website page with the right keywords – the backbone of SEO.

What did we achieve for them? Page 1 rankings for the industry’s most competitive terms.

OMG went straight into the deep end, and reviewed everything from page speed and schema markup to meta descriptions and redirects. The most important pillars of SEO begin with a thorough SEO audit, and that’s exactly what we did from day one. This allowed us to pinpoint the most scalable way to promote their business – which meant an unbeatable ROI that’s worth raving about.

Key Results


More keywords rankings


More page 1 keyword rankings

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