How A Leading Finance Company Increased Traffic By 40%

more website traffic
more organic website traffic
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About Challenges Our Approach Strategy & Execution Outcomes Key Results




About Challenges Our Approach Strategy & Execution Outcomes Key Results

About NDA Client

A leading International finance company partnered with OMG on SEO. Established almost 20 years ago, this company has become the number one company for surety bonds in the United States. Clients keep coming back because of their low rates, easy process, and exceptional customer service.

OMG - Client Case Study -Leading International Finance Company


With competition in the digital marketing landscape turning fierce, the company was struggling to stay on track, vying for a limited number of high-ranking spots. In light of this change, they were looking to expand their SEO strategies and reach their targeted audience online. This is where OMG came in. Our Gurus engineered a comprehensive SEO strategy to help grow their business and get more traffic.

Our Approach

To help the company reach its full potential, we needed to stay ahead of the industry and drive goal-crushing results. Our Gurus did this with a unique blend of customised SEO marketing solutions. Once implemented, we continuously monitored and adjusted their campaign to optimise results in search – that is, using an accountable method designed to capture all market opportunities.

To transform the digital presence of the brand, dominate the Google results page and sustain their rankings, we needed to be fresh, innovative and forward-thinking. By no means was this a one-dimensional strategy.

  • Precise, high ROI SEO campaign which would deliver inspiring results
  • Comprehensive market and competitor analysis
  • Optimising the website for the search engines through keyword research

Strategy & Execution

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Comprehensive competitor analysis to uncover market opportunities which we could capitalize on

With that of a big audience, comes big competition. To overcome this challenge, we implemented a number of data-driven strategies across multiple channels. This included a full-phase competitor and market analysis to capture all opportunities available to them. First and foremost, our Gurus gathered information about their competitors, and the ability to leverage potential marketing techniques to keep them afloat. What this did is set the ground for reliable and transparent results.

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Keyword research and optimisation for sky-high rankings

For the best possible performance in search, we focused on what mattered most. To get more exposure and traffic to the company’s website – that is ranking for what the audience is looking for, we honed in on our keyword research insights. By prioritising both the most competitive short and long tail keywords, we gave the website the biggest strategic advantage. We were able to rank them in position 1 for strong terms such as “surety bonds” which is searched 22,000 times a month.


After 24 months, we went beyond improving their SEO rankings by bringing more qualified leads to their website. 20% more traffic. 40% more organic traffic. First page rankings in hyper competitive spaces across all US states. Real value that set them apart from their competition.

Key Results


more website traffic


more organic website traffic

Page 1

rankings for competitive industry terms

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