How King Living Redesigned Their Website to Supercharge Business Growth

increase in top 3 keyword rankings
increase in organic revenue YoY
increase in organic traffic YoY
Above 'unique visitors' target


King Living

About Challenges Our Approach Strategy & Execution Outcomes Key Results

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About Challenges Our Approach Strategy & Execution Outcomes Key Results

About King Living

Since 1977, King Living has been at the forefront of Australian furniture design, manufacturing & retailing. With 17 showrooms in Australia, NZ & Singapore, King is synonymous for its unerring delivery of award-winning style & quality.

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Wanting to increase revenue, King Living partnered with Online Marketing Gurus in December 2017 to deliver an SEO Strategy.

The fundamental objective of the design, optimisation and development of the new King eCommerce website was to improve the online customer experience.

King Living (King) is a design-driven organisation. As a provider of high-end luxury furniture where the average customer order can range between $20k – $40k, King caters for a different type of customer with a different expectation to a typical eCommerce site. As such, the design of the new King eCommerce website needed to differentiate from competitors and establish itself as an online retail leader.

Our Approach

Rysen undertook a detailed research and analysis phase that included macro-mapping of the overall furniture purchase customer journey through to the micro-mapping of the specific digital user journey. The findings were further workshopped with stakeholders across the entire King business and its customers. Key recommendations and insights were implemented into the new King eCommerce website.

Key usability features included elements such as:

  • Smart (auto-hiding) header
  • Simple and intuitive navigation
  • Mobile first responsive design with four break-points
  • Advanced search with auto-complete and the ability to display site-wide results.

The new King eCommerce site caters for a visual and emotive product discover journey – education and storytelling that appeals to the senses.

Key site optimisation solutions such as the ability to ‘build your own King’ and a streamlined checkout process were further enhanced through the selection of eCommerce platform Magento 2.1 Enterprise.

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Strategy & Execution

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Keyword strategy based on key competitor research

We optimised and grew the content on their category pages, affording these key pages the opportunity to compete for highly relevant keywords and drive more traffic and sales to the site.

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Technical SEO and site structure

Optimised key technical issues to ensure consumer experience is as smooth as possible.

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Cross-Channel Testing & Optimisation

Consistent testing & optimisations across various channels from paid search, display, & Youtube to Facebook and Instagram.


We worked together for over 3 years and achieved some awesome organic results:

Results delivered in Australia:

OMG - Real Results - King Living

Key Results


increase in top 3 keyword rankings


increase in organic revenue YoY


increase in organic traffic YoY


Above ‘unique visitors’ target

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