How jason.l Grew Organic Conversions by 150%

increase in organic traffic, year on year
Increase in organic conversions, year on year
Increase in the number of keywords indexed
Increase in number of keywords ranked top 3



About Challenges Our Approach Strategy & Execution Outcomes Key Results



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About Challenges Our Approach Strategy & Execution Outcomes Key Results

About jason.l

jason.l is one of the most trusted Office Furniture brands in Australia, currently offering installation and delivery nationwide. Their designers and office movers are visiting offices daily in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, and more.

Whether you’re looking for a few chairs or a full office fit-out, there’s something for everyone. Their robust product range offers everything from office chairs and work stations, to whiteboards and electrical accessories. A lot of their products are also certified Australian Made and AFRDI Green Certified.


Customers love jason.l because they make office furniture easy and enjoyable. Did you know they’ve also received several awards over the years for their hard work, including the BRW Fast 100, and the Anthill Smart 100.

As fast-growing front-runners in the industry, the team at jason.l wanted to solidify their market-leader status. That’s why jason.l partnered with OMG on a customised SEO campaign, tailored to their unique goals.

  • Competitive office furniture and fitouts industry
  • Low search engine visibility meaning low traffic and leads
  • Looking to grow online sales and foot traffic to local show rooms
  • Want to become market leader in Australia, across multiple capital cities

Our Approach

Wondering what it takes to dominate digital? Look first to your search engine visibility. Brands that are ranking in the top 3 positions are capturing up to 60% of search traffic — that’s the lion’s share of ready-to-buy customers finding you every single day. To engineer market-leading search engine success, we researched their competitors and mapped a game plan.

  • Streamlining website and content structure
  • Boosting website authority with strategic link building
  • Technical and offsite SEO to optimize their website

Strategy & Execution

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First-page visibility for real revenue results.

In the most competitive industries, the most profitable and relevant keywords are often the toughest to rank. But they do form a crucial part of any SEO strategy. That’s why we focused a portion of SEO efforts to catapult jason.l to the top of these highly competitive rankings. Within 12 months, their website was in the top 3 spots for competitive keywords including ‘office removalists’, ‘office relocation sydney’, ‘commercial removalists sydney’, and ‘office movers sydney’. In fact, we increased the number of keywords ranking in top 3 by 7x.

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Quality over quantity means more conversions.

Ranking for the right keywords is the first step to building profitable search engine visibility. By getting granular with exactly what keywords you’re targeting, you can increase both the quantity AND quality of incoming traffic. Across the board, this often results in a higher conversion rate and a flood of new leads. For jason.l, they generated 150% more organic conversions within 12 months.


Within 12 months, they saw 130% more traffic and 150% more conversions, along with 7x more keywords ranking in the top 3 spots. That’s huge search engine impact resulting in serious growth for their bottomline. And it’s just the beginning!

Key Results


increase in organic traffic, year on year


increase in organic conversions, year on year


increase in the number of keywords indexed


increase in number of keywords ranked top 3

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