How Hello Molly Doubled Online Sales

Increase in online sales
Increase in organic traffic
Increase in search engine visibility


Hello Molly

About Challenges Our Approach Strategy & Execution Outcomes Key Results



Ecommerce & Fashion

About Challenges Our Approach Strategy & Execution Outcomes Key Results

About Hello Molly

Hello Molly is one of Australia’s ultimate online fashion destinations, offering on-trend and affordable wardrobe essentials. Since 2012, they’ve won the hearts of happy customers in 130+ countries. With 100 new releases every week, there’s something for everyone. And it all started with a thriving team in Sydney, that’s now expanding to offices in Los Angeles and Beijing.


In a competitive fashion industry, digital is what defines achieving success or going stagnant.

Hello Molly saw big opportunity to grow even further, yet their digital presence just wasn’t doing the job. Search engine visibility was simply too low, along with dismal ROI for PPC efforts.

That’s where OMG and Mindarc came into the picture.

OMG collaborated with the Mindarc Agency to deliver an integrated solution that leveraged the Magento technology with SEO fundamentals to drive strong incremental growth.

OMG conducted in depth research on user trends for dresses and worked with Mindarc to customise the navigation and filtering on the Hello Molly site to fit the evidence based data on how the customers we’re searching.

This was incremental in driving the more than $1mil growth in sales we had for the client on SEO and Adwords.

Overall, we doubled their online sales, and that’s just the beginning. See for yourself the results they’ve achieved in 18 months and beyond.

  • Competitive fashion eCommerce industry, meaning outranking and outshining competitors is tough
  • Google Adwords delivering a poor ROI, meaning high cost and low conversion
  • Low search engine visibility, meaning click-happy customers were finding their competitors first

Our Approach

Skyrocketing sales for Hello Molly involved a strategic approach to get all channels converting. Technical and onsite SEO ensured the website was bringing in new customers. Boosting website authority through backlinks helped Hello Molly reach the top of rankings. Best of all? Double the sales in 18 months, and the results just keep getting better.

Strategy & Execution

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Data-driven SEO to skyrocket rankings, traffic and revenue

Technical and onsite SEO maximised visibility across search engines. This means click-happy customers find Hello Molly, at a lower cost compared to other channels.

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Customised PPC campaigns to improve ROI and capture customers

Targeted and timely PPC campaigns reached the right people at the right time — meaning more people converted at a lower cost per click.

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Backlink building to boost website authority and rankings

Strategic backlink building put Hello Molly on the digital map. High quality backlinks are a key ranking factor on Google.


Proven strategies increase search engine visibility by 347% and organic traffic by 94.9%.

ROI for previous PPC campaigns averaged 2:1. OMG delivered 6:1 ROI from Google Adwords by leveraging better copy and smarter remarketing.

With targeted backlinks, the website began reaching the top of rankings. This means organic traffic and organic revenue was on the rise.

Key Results


Increase in online sales


Increase in ROI from Google Adwords


Increase in organic traffic


Increase in search engine visibility

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