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King Content

How King Content Got 1000% More Onsite Conversions From Digital Marketing



ROI from digital marketing revenue


More onsite conversions


More global website traffic


Of blog posts ranking page 1 within a few days

The challenge

King Content was an Aussie owned and founded Content Marketing Agency. They quickly became a market leader through delivering unique campaigns and tangible results for their clients. Within a few years of operation, they grew to more than $10M. To support their rapid growth across the nation and the globe, they partnered with OMG on a multichannel campaign. 

OMG delivered a custom solution that leveraged SEO, Adwords and Display Advertising. The team began by establishing King Content's firm foothold in the Aussie market, with a particular focus on Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. As market leaders, we then helped King Content expand to 10 countries globally.

The international nature of their digital marketing called for unique expertise to manage 10 different websites in 10 unique markets. Our hyper-targeted approach consistently generated a serious ROI, with more than $14 generated in return for every dollar spent on digital marketing.  See the results for yourself!

Key problems

  • Looking to improve onsite conversion rates for winning over more of the right clients
  • Need to increase online visibility both in Australia and across the world
  • 10 websites across different domains and targeting 10 different countries posed unique technical challenges
  • Digital presence needed to support their rapid growth on the international market
Case study date 16 November 2018

Our Approach.

King Content was a fast growing Content Marketing Agency on a mission to deliver incredible results for their clients. Going global was all part of their monumental success. They partnered with OMG on a multichannel digital campaign that put them on a map in every single country they operated in. That's 10 different websites, custom campaigns and unique local requirements to handle. Our team rose to the challenge to deliver results that simply keep getting better. 
  • Hyper-targeted international SEO campaign to create revenue-shifting results across the globe
  • Custom Adwords and display campaigns reached more of the right clients at the right time
  • Partnering in content strategy served to skyrocket the readership and conversions on all blogs

Let the numbers do the talking.

By first getting to know our clients, we can deliver and execute a digital strategy that works. OMG has consistently delivered explosive growth for King Content. 14:1 return on digital marketing investment and 70% of blog content ranking on page 1. 

Digital done well with an expert team.
We exist to take the complexity out of digital, whilst delivering real revenue results.
Andrew Raso

First page visibility for explosive results.

In the competitive content marketing industry, the most profitable keywords are also the most competitive. Proven SEO strategies boosted this client's search engine rankings - resulting in top 3 rankings for the toughest keywords relevant to 'content marketing agency'. 

Breaking down a winning digital strategy.


International SEO helped King Content's website scale from Sydney to the world.

Going global posed unique challenges for the King Content website. 10 identical websites distributed over 10 geo-specific domains and 10 target countries called for unique expertise. OMG managed the technical aspects of duplicate content and more, to ensure King Content continued to rank for the most profitable keywords in every location.


Targeted Adwords and display campaigns converted exponentially more of their ideal clients.

Targeted campaigns reached new audiences while retargeting potential clients ready to take the next step. This meant better results across every location. OMG performed ongoing optimisation to ensure the best return for every dollar.


Supporting content strategy to facilitate thought leadership and better search engine rankings.

Through partnering with King Content, we supported their ongoing content strategy — providing insights on leveraging keyword opportunity to reach the top of rankings. Over the course of the campaign, we helped lift blog readership by 30% while also ensuring 70+% of all blog posts ranked on page 1 within a few days.


Boosting conversion rates translated into more targeted traffic turning into paying clients.

By making ongoing improvements to their website, OMG boosted conversion rates and win over more of their ideal clients. In fact, onsite conversion rates improved by 1,000% - resulting in truly revenue-shifting results. The team also helped to generated 800% more global traffic, meaning more targeted audiences finding and converting through their content.

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