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White Fox Boutique

How White Fox Boutique Achieved 90% More Organic Revenue



Increase in organic revenue compared to previous year


More visits from organic search compared to previous year


Increase in website revenue compared to previous year


Increase in conversions from PPC

The challenge

White Fox Boutique is an Australian eCommerce business featuring affordable and trendy fashion for young women. Launched in 2013, they've since grown a loyal customer base with millions of social media followers. 

The fashion industry is highly competitive, meaning monumental success called for a strong digital strategy. In particular, White Fox Boutique wanted a mobile-friendly, high-performing website that would convert their ideal customers. For that they worked with Mindarc, one of our trusted partner agencies specialising in eCommerce website development.

Furthermore, they needed more and more people to find them online. That's why they partnered with OMG. Our expert team of Gurus crafted an SEO and PPC strategy that would skyrocket rankings, traffic and sales. The results? 90% more organic revenue, 69% more organic visits, and 31% higher conversion rate from PPC. 

See how they achieved these stunning results.

Key problems

  • Fierce competition in the fashion industry
  • Not enough content on core website pages
  • Low search engine visibility compared to competitors
  • Want to increase rankings and sales
Case study date 10 January 2019

Our Approach.

To drive growth in one of the most competitive industries, we implemented a multichannel approach. Combining expertise in SEO, SEM, PPC, content marketing and more, we drove the most qualified, ready-to-convert traffic straight to White Fox Boutique. Technical website optimisation further ensured their website was a high performing machine. 

  • Comprehensive content and SEO strategy to make search engine and revenue impact
  • Technical SEO to maximise performance of website
  • High quality link building strategy to boost website authority
  • Custom PPC campaigns to capture qualified traffic

Let the numbers do the talking.

By first getting to know our clients, we can deliver and execute a digital strategy that works. OMG has consistently delivered explosive growth for White Fox Boutique. Serious digital results as good as 90% more organic revenue, 69% more organic traffic, and 31% higher conversion rate from PPC. 

Digital done well with an expert team.
Our account manger Elodie is always there to help us with any questions and advise for the best results. They offer countless support and are very good with providing us feedback or updates on campaigns. I would highly recommend.
White Fox Boutique
Courtney Flood - Ecommerce Manager

First page visibility for explosive results.

In a competitive fashion industry, the most profitable keywords are also the most competitive. Proven SEO strategies boosted this client's search engine rankings - resulting in first page rankings for tough keywords such as 'boutique dresses', 'formal dresses australia', 'mini dress', and 'playsuits online'. 

Breaking down a winning digital strategy.


Comprehensive SEO strategy for maximising search engine visibility

Effective SEO is all about making impact where it matters most: on search engines. Rising to the top of relevant rankings helps you connect with ready-to-convert customers. Our strategy focused on pinpointing keyword search volume to map demand. Then we aligned every website page with the most relevant and profitable keywords.


Technical SEO to champion a fast and high-converting website

Turning rankings into revenue calls for a strong foundation, AKA your website. That's why our first mission was to champion the fastest and highest performing website for White Fox Boutique. This included fixing http/https errors, crafting more robust category page content, and setting up Schema Markup for core pages.


High quality link building strategy for explosive online visibility

Growing website authority is a crucial part of improving rankings. After all, Google only wants to rank websites that it sees as trustworthy. OMG's global team set to work manually reaching out to publishers worldwide and producing quality backlinks.


Custom PPC campaigns capture ready-to-buy customers

Hyper-targeted PPC campaigns excel in capturing customers quickly and delivering results FAST. Furthermore, PPC can positively influence and boost SEO results. The aim is always to create the best return for every dollar. One way is by increasing the conversion rate, from click to purchase. Over several campaigns, OMG's expert PPC team managed to increase the conversion rate by 31%.

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