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How Boody Got 59% More Organic Revenue



Increase in organic transactions


Increase in organic revenue


Increase in organic traffic


Increase in keywords ranking for top 3 positions

Meet Boody

Boody is a Bamboo Eco Wear Brand loved worldwide for their comfortable, soft, and sustainable products. All their beautifully designed essentials are made with the highest-quality, organically-grown, ethically-produced bamboo. There are so many reasons why bamboo is the material of choice: it's durable, hypo-allergenic, breathable, sustainable, and soft. 

It all started in 2011, along the shores of Sydney's eastern suburbs beaches. Two friends turned their love for fashion and health into an eco clothing brand, both good for you and the planet. 

Best of all, Boody are part of a game-changing charity called 1% for the Planet. This means they donate 1% of all sales to environmental non-profits, with the belief that by taking small steps, we can create big change. 

As this Aussie brand looked to connect with eco-conscious shoppers worldwide, they looked to leveraging the powerful world of search. So they partnered with Online Marketing Gurus on a hyper-targeted SEO strategy. 

The goals? To drive positive growth and revenue from SEO, along with creating meaningful visibility online. After working with the Boody team for one year and counting, the results speak for themselves!

Key challenges

  • Lots of "low-hanging fruit" opportunity, with many crucials keywords ranking on page 2 and 3
  • Low website authority compared to key competitors in Eco Wear and everyday basics
  • While AU presence was strong, the indexation and visibility in NZ was extremely low
  • Some technical issues involving 404 errors, hreflang tags and the XML sitemap
Case study date 29 July 2019

Our Approach.

With an SEO strategy laser-focused on Boody's goals, the end result is revenue growth (and floods of happy customers along the way). Our Gurus formulated a unique strategy encompassing technical, onpage, and offsite SEO to produce meaningful online visibility and a tangible increase in sales. 

  • Technical SEO to streamline a high performing website
  • Strategic linkbuilding to increase website authority and thereby visibility
  • Comprehensive onpage SEO, including developing a content strategy and optimising all metadata
  • Leveraging audit insights to hone in on high-return opportunity
boody case study mockup
We've been working with OMG for over a year now and we've seen our organic traffic and revenue rise significantly. By working closely with us to understand our business they have been able to define the relevant keywords for us to seed throughout our site content and secure quality backlinks.
Oriane Perrin - Digital Marketing Manager

Breaking down Boody's winning digital strategy.


Comprehensive audit to uncover crucial low-hanging fruit and the most profitable long term opportunities

After a thorough investigation of Boody's website, local competitors, and the online demand, OMG discovered the most high impact opportunities out there. This include "low-hanging fruit"; primarily keywords ranking on page 2 and 3. This included keywords such as 'bamboo clothing', 'women's underwear', 'comfy bras', 'singlet', and many more.

With dedicated authority building and onpage optimisation, we knew these keywords could and would rise to page 1 — where they could capture the lion's share of highly engaged, ready-to-buy consumers.


Strategic link-building tailored to boost website authority for high-ranking visibility

Google still considers the quality and quantity of websites linking to you as a strong measure of how trustworthy and relevant your website is. That's why strategic link building factors in every successful SEO strategy.

Quick analysis uncovered that although strong, Boody's website authority was lagging behind other key competitors. So our Gurus set to work employing a range of high-value, manual outreach techniques to build authoritative editorial and other links.


Data-driven insights to superpower a high-ranking, high-converting website

By starting every campaign with a comprehensive Digital Audit, our Gurus uncovered key technical improvements that were essential to SEO success. This involved addressing 404 errors, the XML sitemap, and Google search console, among other tactics.

Furthermore, OMG's insights kept the finger on the pulse through ongoing gap analysis. By understanding what competitors are doing differently and what consumers are searching for, Boody continues to grow rankings and revenue month on month.


Laser-focused SEO for increasing the most profitable and relevant rankings

In the highly saturated fashion industry, the most profitable keywords are also the most competitive — meaning getting any cut-through takes time and a dedicated approach. Our Gurus delivered an evidence-based SEO strategy to help Boody rank for the terms that would both drive meaningful visibility and translate into real sales.

After a year, the proof is in the pudding. 63% increase in organic transactions, 35% increase in keywords ranking in the top 3 positions, 35% increase in organic traffic. As OMG and Boody's partnership enters its 2nd year, the future is looking bright and full of enormous growth opportunity.

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