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How The MxStore Grew Website Revenue By 54%


296 keywords

Keywords ranked on page 1

200:1 ROI

Generated within 14 months


Growth in organic revenue


Conversions from organic

The challenge

The MxStore is a renowned motocross gear, dirt-bike gear and accessory store. Since its inception in 2010, the MxStore has grown into one of Australia’s biggest online merchants for motorcycle apparel, holding over 75,000 quintessential motorcycle products.  

Advantageous pricing, premium brands, and durability are just a few reasons why the MxStore is a fore-front leader in the world of two-wheelers. 

In fact, there were continued promising signs pointing to continued growth with over 95,000 customers since launch. Despite this, the team wanted to optimise their website design and structure to establish trust and credibility in the eyes of both website visitors and the search engines. 

Online retailers need to increasingly invest in their online presence, as the plethora of choices can be overwhelming for customers. The team wanted to augment their existing client base - ensuring long term search engine optimisation success. To alleviate this problem, they decided to partner with OMG on a holistic SEO campaign. 

Their goals were simple. Optimise their website structure conducive to their SEO goals, improve the site’s technical SEO, and boost site authority. 

So we took over, streamlined our digital marketing efforts to periodically give the site a thorough audit, re-building the MxStore's online presence.

Key problems

  • Keyword cannibalisation, significantly reducing their online footprint
  • Poor long tail traffic coupled with low conversion value
  • Internal site cannibalisation, limiting qualified traffic to the site
  • Goal to increase the number of keywords ranked in the top 3 positions
Case study date 09 July 2019

Our Approach.

Are you aware of how many sites are invisible in search engines? By using our advanced SEO knowledge, we help companies rank in some of the most competitive search phrases. Success begins by pre-identifying the potential major client’s problems. Then we overcome the infuriating barriers of the competitive market landscape. We demystify the world of SEO, giving companies the best possible chance to rank well in search engines.

  • In depth market and competitor analysis to provide the MxStore with a distinct competitive advantage in the industry
  • The implementation of technical SEO to improve their online presence, dramatically improving keyword densities and conversion rates
  • Acknowledging their “digital sludge” with the implementation of improved web design and a streamlined content marketing process
  • The employment of link building in the marketing structure which helped drive increased website traffic and bringing more ready-to-buy customers to the site
mx store case study mock up

Breaking down a winning strategy.


Over 50% growth in organic traffic

As the web becomes more oversaturated and competitive, a cookie-cutter approach that doesn't recognise the unique challenges faced by different businesses is not enough to stay ahead of the game. Since web design is important to SEO, optimisation of the MxStore’s website was crucial in helping drive more organic search traffic to the site.

OMG leveraged their knowledge of the market to engage and excite ready-to-buy customers, attracting positive attention to the MxStore's brand.

In fact, we increased organic search revenue by 41% in 12 months, with over 50% growth in YoY organic traffic and over 85% growth in YoY organic revenue.


Increased the number of keywords ranked in the top 3 positions

It’s no secret that keyword optimisation is needed not only for prospecting but for generating ongoing qualified traffic to your site. That’s why our forward-thinking Gurus engaged in in-depth keyword research to facilitate the growth of more personalised customer interactions.

Optimising the website for those keywords was the hallmark of our hyper-targeted SEO strategy.

The RESULTS? Keywords on the first two pages of Google’s SERP have increased by 22%. This includes top 3 rankings for: 'motocross gear', 'dirt bike helmet', and 'bike gear'.


An average 200:1 ROI

How did we help the MX store experience an exceptional return on investment? As Abraham Lincoln once said: “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”

Before we partnered with the MxStore, they had stable levels of growth. However, we knew that the OMG team could take it up a notch! Within a 12 month period, we achieved a 36% increase in website revenue. This included a 44% increase in the conversion rate within the same timeframe. The only way to rev up your ROI is through quantifying the expected outcomes of the campaign through clear short and long term objectives.

From there, our Gurus were able to more effectively seize and identify opportunities as the backbone for interpreting data and monitoring industry trends.

Most of all, we were able to perform comprehensive technical audits of the website to find, diagnose and treat any problems the MxStore faced. Thankfully, the results speak for themselves.

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