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The Challenge

Key Problems

Macquarie Telecom had just gone through a drastic brand evolution to further differentiate themselves and to continue their quest to be seen as not just another telco.

The ‘enthusiastically human’ brand idea involved a unique set of assets for the 3 individual business units (Telecom, Cloud and Government).

Rysen was challenged to create 3 unique experiences tailored to each business unit target market while maintaining the essence and brand ethos which Macquarie had worked very hard to implement.

With the best reported NPS score of any ASX company in Australia, Macquarie Telecom Group relied on Rysen to deliver multiple websites to continue this trend of exceptional customer service.

Our Approach

The idea was to deliver 4 different websites (one for each business unit and one for the overarching Macquarie Telecom Group) that offered a narrative like experience tailored to each target market while utilising the unique branding elements assigned to each business unit. Through numerous user experience workshops and customer journey mapping sessions, each websites architecture began to take shape. Although different in offerings and branding assets, each business unit followed a similar philosophy and execution. By keeping the navigation structure the same across all business units and applying the unique branding elements the user was easily able to identify which website they were viewing.

Strategy & Execution

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