What is a Content Strategy?

Ready for irresistible content that turns visitors into customers into brand advocates? Want a website that reaches the top of rankings and cements your presence online? A considered content strategy is what every business needs. The right strategy ensures every word you publish online creates results. Don’t just make noise, make impact.

At OMG, we don’t approach content like most content strategy agencies. We don’t write blog posts and web pages jam-packed with keywords but no real ROI. Our bespoke content strategy focuses on real people and real results.

Connect with users who are actively searching and move them down the sales funnel. Demonstrate your authority to search engine and rank high for relevant queries. Engineer a seamless website experience supported by unique content.

Our content marketing gurus will match your content to your buyers, so you are always giving them the information they need to make a buying decision. After all, success isn’t measured by keyword repetition or word count. It’s measured by what your content achieves – leads, sales, and customer loyalty.

SEO Director
Become the brand everyone loves.

Become the brand everyone loves.

Attract people for the right reasons with irresistible content. Watch your business gain new customers, build their trust and drive loyalty with content that’s entertaining, fresh and incredibly valuable. We’ve helped hundreds of Australian clients drive real revenue.

Turn browsers into buyers into brand advocates.

Turn browsers into buyers into brand advocates.

Don’t settle for blog posts no one will read and a website no one visits. Generate content for a real audience and nurture your future customers. How? With a content strategy built on the data that matters: your target audience, content trends, keywords and more.

Deliver a killer ROI every single time.

Deliver a killer ROI every single time.

Create content that brings sales straight to your online doorstep. Put high-quality content at the heart of your SEO, PPC and digital marketing tactics to deliver an unbelievable ROI. At OMG, if the content isn’t delivering results you can see, it’s not doing its job.

SEO Director
SEO Director
Dominate digital with content.
Dominate digital with content.

Drive your site up the search engines. Improve visibility online. Build your brand reputation and authority. Incredible things happen when you get great content in front of the right people. But they don’t happen by chance.

You need a plan. And not just any plan – your content marketing strategy needs to be built on real-life audience insights and keyword data. You need to know what your future customers are searching for and how they are searching.

That’s the only way you make sure your content is hitting the mark and accelerating towards your goals.

OMG is an Australian content strategy agency with the experience and expertise to make great things happen. Combining valuable data insights with our content marketing SEO know-how, we help our clients create a content strategy that helps you dominate digital and achieve revenue-busting results.

We create jaw-dropping and totally unique content that attracts people who are genuinely interested in what you have to say – the very same people who are most likely to buy from you, time and time again.

Every piece of content will be fully optimised to smash your SEO goals and improve conversion rates. Because without relevant, shareable, search-friendly content, digital domination will always be out of reach.

How we work.

Data and results: the two most important words in our vocabulary. Most content marketing companies will tell you that they are brilliant with words. That’s all well and good, but we know from experience that the real revenue-busting content marketing results come when you work with experts in data.

Data forms the backbone of every successful content marketing campaign. That’s why every single one of our content marketing strategies is built entirely around audience insights and keyword landscaping.

We make it our business to know what content you should be creating and why.

We pride ourselves on being up-front, honest and approachable from the get-go. Working as an extension of your team, we’ll always ensure you’re up to speed with how your campaign is performing and our next moves.

And because we know your boss loves data too, we give you regular reports to prove the incredible ROI of your content campaigns.

Data aside, a content marketing agency still needs a stellar team of writers, videographers and designers to bring a content plan to life.

At OMG, you can rely on our highly-talented team to deliver world-class content. From blog articles and service pages to infographics and downloadable eBooks, we do it all.

How we work.
Our SEO Subservices

OMG get every channel working in sync to deliver tangible revenue impact.

Lead Generation SEO
Create revenue-shifting results with SEO strategies engineered for lead generation.
Lead Generation SEO
Skyrocket your sales by driving your website to the top of local listings
Ecommerce SEO
Exclusively target ready-to-buy customers and send them straight to your purchase page.
Ecommerce SEO
Enterprise SEO
Make a monumental impact on your bottom line with scalable enterprise SEO strategies.
Enterprise SEO
Local SEO
Skyrocket your sales by driving your website to the top of local listings
Local SEO
Content Marketing Services
Launch high-impact Content Marketing that delivers soaring growth in traffic, leads and customers for the long term.
Content Marketing Services
Link Building Services
Earn quality links to bolster your rankings, drive traffic and accelerate your revenue.
Link Building Services
White Label SEO
Enhance your service offerings and grow your revenue with a top-rated White Label SEO partnership.
White Label SEO
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We work with great companies of all sizes and we’ve helped big name brands grow even bigger.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Curious to learn more? Here are some of the most common questions we hear day to day.

How much should content strategy cost?

How long is a piece of string? This is where the $2,000 free audit will come handy for you. Want results? A good rule of thumb is a bare minimum of $1,500 per month over 6 months. This’ll vary up or down based on your business size, industry, vertical, how good your site is, how many channels you need, and a variety of other factors.

Why is OMG the best content strategy agency?

We’re often told the thing that makes us the best content strategy agency is our unique approach. At OMG, we don’t do content like most other content strategy agencies. In other words, we don’t just write blog posts, case studies and web pages that squeeze in keywords with no real purpose or ROI.

Every content strategy we create focuses on real people, real goals and real results. We create strategies that connect with users who are actively searching and move them through the sales funnel. Want to rank higher for relevant search queries and build brand awareness? We know how to use content to demonstrate your authority to search engines and get measurable results. Need a website that delivers an incredible user experience and cements your online presence? We will deliver a strategy for content creation that hits your goals.

Our content strategists are not like other content teams. They don’t just create a content calendar and expect you to get on with it. They specialise in matching the right types of content to buyers, so you are always giving your potential customers usable content they need along their purchase journey. Most importantly, all content strategies are created in collaboration with you and work as part of your bigger marketing plan. Because we’re here for the end game – to deliver long-term revenue-shifting results.

How do I scale a content strategy?

Ready to give your audience even more usable content? Scaling your content strategy isn’t as hard as you might think. The first step is to review your strategy. Do you need to set new goals and KPIs? Will the same tone of voice and approach work? How has your target audience changed?

Scaling your content strategy means you need to invest in creating more pieces of content, which means you need more resources and more budget. So, get ready to make a strong business case. Look at the ROI your content has achieved to date and use real numbers to guide your business case and future strategy.

Your current content strategy might be based on educated guesses, but when you’re scaling, you can use real benchmarks to set the path. How are your content and SEO performing? Is your team creating content that resonates and compels your audience to act?

After all, scaling doesn’t just mean pumping out a higher volume of content – it means creating more high-quality content that adds value to your audience. And they’re the insights you can only find in the data. That means you not only need a content management system that is set up properly, but you also need to know how to get the right insights to make data-driven decisions.

Want to dive deep into your data to scale your content strategy? OMG can help.

Will a content strategy work for me?

Depends how serious you are. Here’s who this is NOT for: if you want overnight success, if you’re not ready to view marketing as a long term investment, or if you’re after “cheap”, this absolutely won’t work. To those willing to invest time, and who truly believe in the power of digital, it’s one of the most effective, and longest lasting sources of lead generation when done right. In most cases, given the above, content will absolutely work for you.

How does your business benefit from content strategy?

Content strategy is a roadmap to your digital marketing success. The process of creating a content strategy means you have a clear vision of what content you need to create, who you are creating it for, and how it will be delivered.

Content strategy is full of questions like, “Who are we trying to reach?”, “What are our goals?”, and “How will we measure success?”.

In other words, it defines how your content will add value for your audience, satisfy their needs, and meet your business goals.

Another way to look at it is that a content strategy makes sure every piece of content has value. Nothing goes to waste. This ensures you maximise your content marketing budget and drive a stronger ROI.

And there’s more. Content strategy makes your life easier as a marketer too. It guides decisions about content from the moment of creation to deletion. It also sets benchmarks against which to measure your content’s success. All of this means you have a strong business case for your content marketing, as well as clear guidelines for your team to follow. Whenever someone asks “what are we doing?” or “why are we doing this?”, you have an answer ready to go.

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