What is B2B SEO?

B2B SEO puts your business in front of prospects who are searching for your products and services online. Did you know the average B2B buyer conducts 12 different online searches before even reaching your website? With strategic SEO, you’ll show up in search when it matters — and gain qualified traffic, leads and revenue on tap.

OMG - Number 1 Rated Agency in Australia

70 Million

We generated more than 70 million clicks for our clients.

$761 Million

We’ve delivered over $761M in new revenue for our clients.

5.6 Million

Our clients achieved more than 5.6 million conversions with OMG.

4.1 Billion

We delivered powerful, profitable results through 4.1 billion impressions.

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With Over 10+ Years experience

We Help Brands Big and Small Reach Their Full Potential.

With 200+ Growth Gurus, 70-80% SMB clients, we’re certified experts in all channels and platforms it’s just part of the reason we’re Australia’s best rated, reviewed and revered marketing agency.

Why your business needs a tailored B2B SEO

Optimise your B2B strategy with our SEO benefits tailored to elevate your business in the digital realm, driving targeted traffic, cultivating high-quality leads, and ensuring sustained success in the B2B landscape.

B2B Mastery: Precision Keyword Research and Buyer Persona Crafting

Our tailored B2B SEO strategy helps close deals and boost your brand’s success. We deeply understand your target market’s decision-making process, creating detailed buyer personas. Using advanced tools like KWFinder and SEMRush, we find long-tail keywords that target precise buyer intentions.

Optimised Sales Funnel EngagementThrough Content

Our B2B SEO strategy goes beyond basic keyword research. We craft engaging content that targets users throughout the sales funnel, from blog posts to landing pages. Focusing on long-tail keywords, we ensure your content resonates with buyers at different decision-making stages, boosting your Google rankings and guiding users to relevant content. This strategy blends SEO and user experience to convert interest into action, enhancing visibility and engaging potential buyers.

Sustained B2B Dominance Through Dynamic Strategy Review and Keyword Refinement

A successful B2B SEO strategy requires continuous review and adaptation. Our specialists create dynamic strategies that evolve over time, analysing your content strategy and search rankings to solidify your position for profitable keywords. We work closely with you to identify the keywords your target customers are searching for, propelling your website to the top of search rankings and maintaining your lead in the competitive B2B landscape.

OMG - Jazmin Green

693% increase in top 3 keywords worldwide

Within 24 months this Australian fashion brand saw International success in a highly competitive market with OMG.
Jazmin GreenHead of Enterprise SEO
OMG - Erika Dias

Top Position #1 for Underwear

Calvin Klein saw organic search success, with reaching top spot for it’s leading product category with OMG.
Erika DiasSenior Enterprise SEO Consultant
OMG - Ahkeem Sealy

900% increase in keywords top 3 positions

Within 6 months, this leading Tutoring company saw success with OMG, focusing on an SEO & PPC strategy.
Ahkeem SealySEO Manager
OMG - Ed Jones

45 x ROAS on Paid Search

Within 6 months, a leading skincare brand saw incredible results to grow their online presence.
Ed JonesHead of Paid Search
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Lead Generation

Fuel your pipeline with pre-qualified prospects and watch the sales flow in. B2B SEO is all about maximising your online presence amongst a laser-targeted audience who are more likely to convert. Get it right, and you’ll be bringing floods of warm leads that are ready to sign on the dotted line. It’s what makes B2B SEO one of the most effective tools for lead generation out there.

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B2B SEO Strategy

Rankings and revenue don’t come overnight. You need a well thought out game plan that’s geared towards increasing your visibility for the most profitable keywords. That’s where a tailored B2B SEO strategy makes all the difference. Our expert gurus engineer a custom SEO plan that’s designed to help you outrank the competition and smash your business goals.

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Thought Leadership Content

Build authority with prospects and search engines. It’s not enough to get in front of potential customers. You have to earn their trust — and the best way to do that is with thought leadership content. White papers, a new blog post, video…our gurus will craft quality content that propels your industry status into the stratosphere.

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User Personas

Who is your audience and what are their pain points? If you don’t know, you’re leaving the door wide open for potential customers to go to your competitors. Develop crystal-clear user personas that impact every part of your business, from your SEO to PPC, content, sales team and more.

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Launching a new product or service? Dominate search from day one with B2B SEO. When you rank on top of Google search for relevant keywords, you’re meeting with demand and building awareness amongst your potential customers. Building a killer go-to-market SEO strategy requires serious market intelligence and thorough competitor analysis. Don’t worry — our gurus have you covered.

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Performance Audit

Wondering why you’re not getting as much organic traffic as you’d like? Or why your traffic doesn’t translate to leads and sales? Chances are, it’s linked to your website. Pinpoint opportunities to improve your search rankings and optimise your web pages for leads with a data-backed performance audit.

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Industry experience in Computer Services

OMG - Real Results - Cloud Collective

increase in organic traffic


increase in new users


increase in organic keyword reach


increase in domain authority

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How does SEO actually work in 2024 and beyond?

With Google’s constant updates and algorithm changes our Gurus constantly cover these 3 key areas


Increase in organic revenue.

“The best agency, best delivery and best service I’ve ever had in my 20 years of working with agencies.”

Lauren Jenkins – Zenith Payments


Increase in organic revenue.

“Simon and the team have really gone above and beyond for us…”

Tegan Thorpe – Cohen Handler
OMG - Client - Thomas Brown


Increase in organic revenue.

“We’ve enjoyed working with OMG over the past year or so..”

Lauren Jenkins – Zenith Payments

Become the brand everyone loves.

Attract people for the right reasons with irresistible content. Watch your business gain new customers, build their trust and drive loyalty with content that’s entertaining, fresh and incredibly valuable. We’ve helped hundreds of Australian clients drive real revenue.

Turn browsers into buyers into brand advocates.

Don’t settle for blog posts no one will read and a website no one visits. Generate content for a real audience and nurture your future customers. How? With a content strategy built on the data that matters: your target audience, content trends, keywords and more.

Deliver a killer ROI every single time.

Create content that brings sales straight to your online doorstep. Put high-quality content at the heart of your SEO, PPC and digital marketing tactics to deliver an unbelievable ROI. At OMG, if the content isn’t delivering results you can see, it’s not doing its job.

We Explain How SEO Actually Works!

B2B SEO Optimisation Journey

Embark on a comprehensive SEO journey, starting with market research, keyword mapping, and technical audits in the initial month, followed by ongoing refinement through Technical SEO, Link Building, and Content Development in subsequent months.

Month 1

SEO Foundations

It all Starts here
  1. 1

    B2B SEO Market Analysis

    We conduct a comprehensive analysis of the B2B SEO landscape, identifying key competitors and their strengths in content and backlinks. This includes identifying successful competitors’ keywords and strategies to discover relevant opportunities that resonate with B2B audiences, particularly decision-makers and influencers in your sector.
  2. 2

    B2B Keyword Excellence & Strategy

    To master B2B SEO, a strategic approach is essential. Before crafting your customised strategy, our experts evaluate your website’s content, structure, and SEO standing. We focus on identifying valuable and relevant keywords for your B2B audience. Aligning your website’s pages with these high-search-volume keywords, directly addressing the needs of B2B buyers, is crucial for dominating the B2B SEO landscape.
  3. 3

    B2B Technical SEO Excellence Audit

    B2B SEO encompasses both visible and invisible website components. Our comprehensive audit addresses common issues like broken links and 404 errors, which can harm a B2B brand. We assess website responsiveness and speed, critical for professional credibility, and ensure essential SEO elements like sitemaps and structured data are optimised for B2B audiences and search engines.
  4. 4

    B2B Content Mastery for SEO

    Our team excels in creating high-quality, SEO-optimised content tailored for B2B audiences. We adhere to the highest SEO standards, balancing Google’s E-A-T criteria for Expertise, Authority, and Trust. Our content resonates with B2B buyers, addressing their unique challenges and aligning with their business goals.
  5. 5

    B2B Backlink Excellence & Strategy

    Think of link-building as business endorsements. Our experts craft a strong backlink strategy to boost your website’s domain authority (DA) in the B2B sector. We assess your current DA, examine backlink profiles from a B2B perspective, and identify key link-building strategies within the B2B marketplace. Our goal is to build a backlink profile that not only improves SEO performance but also enhances your brand’s credibility and visibility among B2B audiences.


Your Personalised Roadmap

Our digital experts meticulously craft a personalised roadmap during the first month, setting the stage for targeted implementation strategies in the second month and beyond.

MONTH 2 onwards

Agile Campaign Development

ImplementATION OF your SEO STRATEGY roadmap

Situational Analysis

Following the initiation of your SEO campaign, our consultants conduct a situational analysis, evaluating your progress which summarises both the successful and underperforming aspects of our current strategy.

SERP Landscape Analysis

We’ll analyse which SERP features frequently appear for our target keywords, a vital factor for the remainder of our strategy sections.

Technical Audit

We conduct a full intensive SEO technical audit of the current site, identifying optimisations that should take place to help Google reach, understand, and index your content more effectively.

OMG - Icon - Badge - Upward Trend Chart

Opportunity Analysis

We’ll hunt for opportunities to further boost your online presence. This involves an intensive keyword research document and comprehensive opportunity analysis to compare our current performance with potential achievements.

OMG - Icon Badge - UI UX

On-Page Opportunities

To maximise your website’s value, we offer information architecture recommendations, which may involve a complete navigation restructure or adding or combining certain pages to enhance site structure.

OMG - Icon Badge - Globe Pin

Off-Page Opportunities

We’ll also delve into off-page opportunities, commencing with a competitor gap analysis to pinpoint areas where we can enhance our efforts in comparison to your competition.


Achieving SEO success for our clients

SEO is a long-term game; it takes months for notable results. Beware of overnight promises; genuine SEO companies focus on realistic timeframes and prioritise optimising key areas for increased sales and revenue.

Book a Strategy Session
Team member

693% increase in top 3 keywords worldwide

Within 24 months this Australian fashion brand saw International success in a highly competitive market with OMG.

Jazmin GreenHead of Enterprise SEO
OMG - Erika Dias

Top Position #1 for Underwear

Calvin Klein saw organic search success, with reaching top spot for it’s leading product category with OMG.

Erika DiasSenior Enterprise SEO Consultant
OMG - Ahkeem Sealy

900% increase in keywords top 3 positions

Within 6 months, this leading Tutoring company saw success with OMG, focusing on an SEO & PPC strategy.

Ahkeem SealySEO Manager
OMG - Ed Jones

45 x ROAS on Paid Search

Within 6 months, a leading skincare brand saw incredible results to grow their online presence.

Ed JonesHead of Paid Search

Money keywords ranked using our Evidence Driven Framework

Our sole focus is on digital marketing strategies that translate into serious revenue for your business. While other agencies promise results in the form of clicks and traffic, we’re only interested in the results you really want – the ones you can take to the bank.

Client High Search
Money Keyword
#1 ‘mens polo shirts’ 1 9
#4 ‘holiday rentals hunter valley’ 2 61
#1 ‘roof top tent’ 1 4
92 ‘best buffet in sydney’ 8 100
350,000 ‘womens dresses Sydney’ 4 67

How Can We Help?

Our SEO Services

Our expert team specialises in all facets of SEO. No matter the industry or size of your business we’ve got the experience and expertise to get you real results.


Local SEO

Get more customers locally, by improving your websites local seo strategy and drive more traffic to your site!

Enterprise SEO

Long-term success lies in enterprise seo campaigns to lower your cost per acqusition, scale your rankings, grow your revenue and increase your market share.

eCommerce SEO

Become a marketplace champion with a specialised eCommerce SEO strategy that boosts traffic AND sales.

Lead Generation SEO

SEO-generated traffic does nothing for your business if it doesn’t convert to leads. A killer SEO strategy is fine-tuned to generate real revenue.


Generate floods of qualified leads and supercharge revenue. Achieve next-level growth with evidence-based B2B SEO.

Content Strategy SEO

An expert content strategy accelerates your SEO results, attracts waves of new visitors and converts more customers.

Content Marketing SEO

Launch high-impact Content Marketing that delivers soaring growth in traffic, leads and customers for the long term.

Link Building SEO

Become the site that anyone who’s anyone wants to link to. Earn quality links to bolster your rankings, drive traffic and accelerate your revenue.

Our dedicated experts are ready & waiting to get started today.

Our B2B SEO Clients love us

Our sole focus is on digital marketing strategies that translate into serious revenue for your business.

  • It has been a learning and rewarding experience with OMG for over a year since we started building our online presence which has surely grown and is continuing to grow. Recommended agency!

    Marvin Christian

  • An online marketing agency that is results-driven, technically strong and supportive is a rare find! OMG is all this and more.

    Anna Mitsios

  • Great experience working with OMG on our SEO/SEM for 3 years – responsive, helpful, proactive and very pleasant to work with. Highly recommend.

    Stephanie Reid

  • I have been working with Mez and Andrew since 2013 across multiple retail brands. Measurable results and advice to further grow the business. The team at OMG are personable, honest, reliable and talented – this is attributed to the hard work and success that Mez, Danny and Andrew deliver.

    Karleitia Bodlovic

    Digital Marketing Head
  • Ian is Fantastic at OMG! He truly goes above and beyond and has all of the knowledge of the Industry. Our ROI Has far exceeded our expectations! I will continue to work with Ian and the team. Thank you

    Nicole Hadaway


We’ve been able to increase our organic conversions by 345% year on year.

Tegan Thorpe – Cohen Handler

We’ve been able to increase our organic conversions by 345% year on year.

Tegan Thorpe – Cohen Handler

We’ve been able to increase our organic conversions by 345% year on year.

Tegan Thorpe – Cohen Handler

We’ve been able to increase our organic conversions by 345% year on year.

Tegan Thorpe – Cohen Handler

We’ve been able to increase our organic conversions by 345% year on year.

Tegan Thorpe – Cohen Handler

All these Success Stories
started with a Free Audit

Our performance marketing specialists are known as the best at integrated digital campaigns and have won major awards for a reason… RESULTS.

Cloud Collective

Success Story #1

How Cloud Collective Grew Faster With A Complete B2B SEO Strategy

Content is at the core of great marketing. It’s a winning strategy that focuses on building solid B2B relationships with valuable, relevant and engaging information. This tactic is used frequently by tech companies like Google, Microsoft, and Apple, who emphasise highlighting their quality and distinguishing themselves as industry leaders. OMG set to work creating a comprehensive search and content marketing strategy for Cloud Collective’s brands that would drive clicks and customers to their suite of services and solutions.

OMG - Case Study - Cloud Collective
Ruby Cha Cha

Success Story #2

Success in Market Research Industry.

From May 2022, Ruby Cha Cha partnered with OMG to deliver an integrated SEO strategy. Within 6 months we saw some amazing results.

OMG - Real Results - Ruby Cha Cha
Macquarie Telecom

Success Story #3

How Macquarie Telecom Redesigned Their Website to Supercharge Business Growth

Amidst strong seasonal changes & a niche industry, we found keyword volume to be low for highly relevant keywords. Therefore, we built our campaigns following the 80/20 rule to ensure that we cover broad terms as well as long-tail keywords. A strategy which helped generate highly relevant paid traffic and therefore a strong lead volume.

OMG - Real Results - Macquarie
Bute Total Tray Solutions

Success Story #4

Success in Ute Trays & Accessories.

With a wide breadth of expertise and experience, we were able to take advantage of their existing consumer base. We needed to target the right kind of people – to build a foundation for long-term success contingent with accelerated growth, higher brand awareness and increased revenue.

OMG - Real Results - Bute Total Tray Solutions
Ur Cleaner

Success Story #5

Success in Cleaning Services Industry

UR Cleaner reached out to OMG in November 2022 to help them increase non-branded traffic, online leads, and improve their domain rating. As such, OMG created an SEO strategy that revolves around content optimisation to improve the site’s relevance to their focus keywords, paired with targeted link building thereby improving their visibility and overall keyword rankings.

OMG - Real Results - Ur Cleaner

Success Story #6


After onboarding we migrated AC3 from their WordPress based website and old brand name to Klavio using their now established brand name. A challenging project due to Klavio being an intricate custom CMS. We had to work closely with their team to get all the fine points of the migration sorted, whilst ensuring all the traffic and keywords were transferred correctly. Post a very successful migration we have continued to deliver consistent increases in traffic YoY whilst running effective ad-hoc PPC campaigns.

OMG - Real Results - AC3

Our dedicated experts are ready & waiting to get started today.


We don’t just execute strategies we pioneer innovation.

OMG excels as a digital marketing innovator, consistently pushing boundaries to provide clients with leading-edge strategies in the dynamic digital landscape.

Online Marketing Gurus announces its new partnership with StackAdapt
Online Marketing Gurus announces its new partnership with StackAdapt

We’ve got Gurus all over the world.

SydneyMelbournePerthGold CoastBrisbaneAdelaideSingaporeDubaiTexasCape TownSerbia
OMG - Gurulytics Mobile

Meet The Team

OMG - Jazmin Green

Hi I’m Jazmin, I’m the head Head of Enterprise SEO.

I make sure that our enterprise clients rank high on SERPs to gain some BIG results.

OMG - Meet The Team - Simon

Hi I’m Simon, I’m the Chief Customer Officer.

I take huge pride in making sure that all of our clients are happy and well taken care of.

OMG - Hayley Crandell

Hi I’m Hayley, I’m the Head of Data & Analytics.

I am always ahead of the game – keeping all our Gurus up to date on the latest.

What exactly is Gurulytics?

It’s our advanced analytics tool and bedrock of our success. It transforms raw data into actionable strategies, consistently delivering exceptional results for our clients.

5 Star SEO Agency

Drive genuine business growth

OMG - Search Badge

Multiply your organic website visitors

Gain maximum exposure on relevant search engine results with an SEO company that never pulls their punches.
Watch your business effortlessly overtake the competition on all the search engines and form thriving new revenue streams from masterfully constructed SEO campaigns.
We’ve helped Australian businesses achieve an insane 3x increase in leads just by improving their SEO strategy with our services.

OMG - Badge - Settings

Dominate Google search results

Rise to the top of Google’s search results and all the other search engines.
Crush the competition with multiple first page search rankings on relevant search terms and local directory listings.
Stay ahead of the curve and let a top SEO agency implement innovative and cutting-edge digital marketing strategies to your web pages.

OMG - Badge - Website

Partner with genuine SEO experts

While some SEO companies employ “smoke and mirrors” tactics to mask their lack of results, OMG operates with complete transparency on where all your money is going.
Whether it’s towards technical SEO, link-building, or local SEO, our SEO specialists will keep you in the loop at all times and explain why each process is being done.
Our SEO experts promise real results, and we don’t rest until you get what you’ve paid for.

OMG - Global Agency Guru

A Global Agency. The Same Goal.

Team Members


Client Revenue


Client Retention


Why OMG? With Australia’s leading agency – you get an army of the best marketing minds in the country working on your account.

  • Nothing cookie cutter – just strategically personalised campaigns crafted to deliver powerful marketing returns.
  • No time wasting on BS. We only provide real results through correct practices for short- and long-term growth
  • With digital specialists across every channel and stage of the customer journey we supercharge your marketing performance.
  • With vast experience across hundreds of industries for both big and small across brands
  • Begin with a free audit and strategy session. We pride ourselves on 100% transparency.

Why not another Agency?
Worse results, less experience, outdated practices.

  • Agencies regularly use cookie cutter strategies that don’t live up to expectations.
  • Fake guarantees on activities that don’t hit ROI achieved through dodgy practices that harm you long-term.
  • Limited experience & service lines available on teams that work separately.
  • Less experience and knowledge of how to navigate different industries and verticals.
  • Constant hidden fees & undisclosed information, leading to financial surprises and unexpected costs.
OMG - Global Agency Guru

Top Certifications

We Partner with the best

Our trusted partner network of top technology brands and leading agencies helps us deliver the best, seamless experience – time and again.

Top 3% Google Ads Agencies in Australia

Frequently Asked Questions B2B SEO

What makes B2B SEO unique?

B2B SEO is unique because it targets business decision-makers rather than individual consumers. This approach focuses on longer sales cycles, niche keywords and content that specifically addresses businesses’ unique needs and pain points. Unlike B2C SEO, which often aims for broader audience appeal and immediate conversions, B2B SEO strategies are designed to engage professionals seeking solutions that benefit their organisations.

Can B2B SEO strategies help in lead generation?

Yes, by carefully targeting the right keywords and creating valuable, relevant content, B2B SEO helps attract potential clients actively searching for solutions your business provides. This targeted approach ensures the traffic to your website is made up of professionals and decision-makers within your industry, increasing the likelihood of converting these visitors into quality leads.

How important is content in B2B SEO?

Content is extremely important in B2B SEO as it establishes thought leadership and trust and addresses a professional audience’s needs and questions. High-quality, informative content also helps rank higher on search engine results pages, attracting potential business clients. B2B content is pivotal in nurturing long-term relationships with business decision-makers, guiding them through the sales funnel with relevant and authoritative information. In the B2B space, where decisions are often made based on detailed research and trust in a provider’s expertise, effective content can significantly influence the decision-making process.

How do you measure the success of a B2B SEO campaign?

The success of a B2B SEO campaign is measured by several key indicators, including improved search rankings for targeted niche keywords, increased organic traffic to your website and a higher volume of quality leads.
An uptick in organic traffic typically indicates that more potential customers have found your site through search engines. An increase in quality leads can signify the traffic is higher in volume and more aligned with your target audience, indicating a higher likelihood of conversion into sales or partnerships.