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Reach a vast audience on Instagram and compel them to action. Successful marketing is all about reaching your customers where they are spending time. And for some 800 million people, that’s on Instagram.

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Pinpoint your audience and see your ROI grow.
Pinpoint your audience and see your ROI grow.

Over half of users access the social media network every single day. With such a massive base of regular users, Instagram is the ultimate platform to reach your target audience and put your brand at their fingertips. Because the platform is owned by Facebook, advertising on Instagram gives you access comprehensive targeting designed to pinpoint your audience, and maximise your ROI.

Engage the right people with the right content.
Engage the right people with the right content.

Engagement rates on Instagram are much higher than they are on Facebook. Studies show users are 58 times more likely to engage with branded content on Instagram. This makes the platform extremely attractive if you want to interact with both current and potential customers.

Skyrocket traffic and conversions.
Skyrocket traffic and conversions.

75% of Instagram users take action on ads they see on their feed, and over one-third use it to purchase products. So, when you create effective ads as part of a targeted Instagram advertising strategy, you can increase website traffic and conversions.

PPC Director
PPC Director
Meet The Gurus

Meet Matthew, Digital Guru and Harry Potter Geek! By day, he’s waving his wand and getting insane results for his clients. By morning, he’s watching Goku collect all the Dragon Balls (probably while doing pushups as well!). Curious to see what else the Gurus can do? Check out why we’re the best-rated Digital Marketing Agency!

Up your sales with Instagram Advertising Gurus.
Up your sales with Instagram Advertising Gurus.

Most Instagram advertisers focus on generating likes, followers and comments. But unless you’re getting real conversions, you’re not tapping into the platform’s full potential. Work with Online Marketing Gurus to create and execute a targeted Instagram ad strategy that’s targeted on generating exceptional returns. Whether you want to focus on forming customer relationships through acquisition or re-engagement, or building awareness, our experience in social media advertising will get the results you want.

We’re all about precise campaigns that generate results. Every element of your Instagram ad campaign is designed to create a funnel that turns casual browsers into engaged buyers.

Take your social campaigns to the next level.

Tap into Instagram advertising to pinpoint your target audience at prime time and location. Know everything you need to know about your audience to deliver content that resonates with their likes, goals and lifestyles.

Got their attention? Now seal the deal with an eye-catching, urgent call to action. When it comes to driving conversions, there’s nothing as powerful as the fear of missing out. Let our gurus propel your ROI. We leverage every element of Instagram in your ad campaign, no matter your audience or marketing objectives.

Take your social campaigns to the next level.
Multichannel impact with social

Drop in on where your audience hangs out most and get them to come to you with social media advertising.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Curious to learn more? Here are some of the most common questions we hear day to day.

Is Instagram advertising worth it for my business?

Let’s put it this way – Instagram has some 800 million users. So, if you want to reach and engage your consumers where they are spending time, you need to be advertising on Instagram. Better yet, studies show users are 58x more likely to engage with branded content on Instagram compared to Facebook. And over one-third of Instagram users have used the platform to purchase a product online. With such an enormous base of regular, engaged users who are ready to buy, Instagram is one of the best digital platforms for your advertising spend.

How much does Instagram advertising cost?

The great thing about Instagram advertising is that it can cost as much or as little as your budget allows. You can drive significant results with minimal ad spend, so long as you take full advantage of the impressive targeting capabilities. Need some real numbers to play with? Expect to pay anywhere from $0.20 up to $5 for a click. But our advice is to think about it from an ROI point of view. Because users are 2.5x more likely to click on Instagram ads than ads on any other social media platform, your budget can deliver much more exciting results than other platforms. Work with our Gurus to squeeze the best return from your Instagram advertising budget.

What is OMG the best social media advertising agency?

We’re the social media advertising agency trusted by Australia’s most innovative marketers and businesses. There are heaps of reasons for this, but above all it’s because we are entirely results-driven. We won’t stop until we are generating the maximum return for your social media advertising budget. Nothing less than the best is good enough. How do we do it? We work closely with you to drill down into your goals and your target audience. Then, we use all the tools available to reach your audience with the best, more relevant messaging and creative. Above all, we know the secret to social media advertising success: testing, testing and more testing. We live and breathe your digital data to uncover the insights that will give your campaign the edge and deliver that irresistible ROI.

How long does it take to get started?

How long it takes to roll out your Instagram advertising campaigns depends on whether you’re working solo or with an agency. Launching an Instagram advertising campaign might be simple in theory, but without the help of an experienced agency, it can prove stressful and difficult to get the results you deserve. You need to work out the right audiences, nail your ad creatives and craft a solid targeting approach. And it doesn’t stop once your campaign is live: you need track data and gather insights to continually fine-tune and test new ad creatives, audiences and targeting approaches for even better results. Does your team have the time and experience to achieve this? If not, you’ll wind up wasting more time trying to set things up than doing the fine-tuning and testing needed to deliver real conversions. Work with us and we can get you started within days. We use our proven formula for success to roll out your campaigns quickly and seamlessly. No need to stress about ticking the right boxes – we’ve got it covered. Give us a call to see how we can help your business succeed.

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