How This Queensland Fashion Brand Used SEO To Skyrocket Company Growth

increase in organic non-branded clicks MoM
increase in organic conversions MoM
generated in organic revenue within 12 months


Orange Sherbet

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About Challenges Strategy & Execution Outcomes Key Results

About Orange Sherbet

Offering the latest in dresses and accessories for women of all shapes, sizes and ages, Orange Sherbet, located in Redcliffe Queensland, offers to help build the wardrobe of dreams with every style available in sizes 6 to 20, all at an affordable price. Wanting to improve online visibility and increase the number of monthly sales, the eCommerce brand teamed up with Online Marketing Gurus in July 2021.


Upon our initial audit (worth $4,000) & market analysis, we learnt that a huge unique selling point Orange Sherbet had is offering a large size range for their clothes. We identified a large search volume around keywords related to plus-size clothing, showcasing an opportunity for Orange Sherbet to rank for these keywords. We proposed that Orange Sherbet create a plus-size range in order to rank for plus-size specific keywords such as “plus size clothing”, “plus size dresses” & “plus size jeans “. We incorporated content for their plus-size clothing into their content plan and put together a strategy to restructure their navigation header. 

Additionally, across the site, there were many pages that weren’t integrating related keywords within their title tags. Furthermore, across key category pages, their meta descriptions were automated to the collection, therefore were well surpassing the 160-165 character limit before truncation. We completed a KWM document to optimise the homepage, collection and product pages across the site. We have since continued to work through the entirety of the site in order to get the correct keywords targeted on each URL.

Lastly, our initial analysis found a large volume of 404 pages which held considerable authority in the past. We 301 redirected these pages to their correct live site version. Without these redirects, any authority these pages had would be lost, as Google’s crawlers come to an end rather than being redirected.

  • Truncating metadata and cannibalizing keywords across the site
  • Current keyword targeting strategy proved inefficient and costly
  • Large amount of 404 pages across the site that are not being redirected
  • Website footer was lacking internal links to important pages

Strategy & Execution

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Incredible SEO Results

After onboarding Orange Sherbet and assessing their competitive position with the fashion industry, we saw amazing SEO improvements month on month.

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Amazing Keyword Wins

In such a short period of time, our SEO Gurus were able to help Orange Sherbet secure many keyword ranking wins on a monthly basis.


To note, OMG helped:

  • Generate over $3.7M in organic revenue within 12 months
  • Increase referring domains by 142% (from 88 to 236)
  • Increase organic visits by 16% MoM
  • Increase organic conversions by 47% MoM
  • Increase organic non-branded clicks by 389% MoM

These increased rankings allow the Queensland fashion retailer to appear for more relevant queries, leading to more site traffic as we appear for something relevant, leading to more qualified traffic. To note, from a baseline of 100 OMG helped: 

  • Increase the number of keywords in the top 3 positions by 306% (from 48 to 195)
  • Increase total keyword reach by 232% (from 2,072 to 6,893)
  • Rank #1 for ‘plus size dresses’ (search volume: 301,000)
  • Rank #1 for ‘plus size dresses online’ (search volume: 2,400)
  • Rank #4 for ‘women’s midi dresses’ (search volume: 12,100)
  • Rank #5 for ‘plus size dresses for women’ (search volume: 27,100)

Key Results


increase in organic non-branded clicks MoM


increase in overall keyword reach within 12 months


increase in organic conversions MoM


generated in organic revenue within 12 months

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