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How Seafolly Reached The Top of Rankings


Top 5 spots

Of critical search terms


Increase in keyword reach

Top 3

Rankings gained for key 'swimwear' terms

The challenge

Seafolly is one of the most internationally renowned swimwear brands. As an early pioneer in the Australian swimwear market, the brand has now grown to become one of the most recognised beach brands since 1975. Their attention to detail in crafting unapologetically stylish and flattering pieces is just one of the reasons why they have received awards for being the ‘Best Swimwear’. With a loyal customer base for it’s swimwear, and growing with this line along with the company.

With a cult following and the expertise in creating a capsule wardrobe of swimwear, it's no surprise that they have managed to immerse themselves so deeply in the industry. 

They partnered with OMG on a comprehensive, customised SEO campaign to grow rankings in a way that would tangible boost sales. 

Key problems

  • Increase search engine visibility, search engine listings, and achieve higher rankings for key keywords
  • Stand out in the fashion and ecommerce industry with a laser-focused angle that will help overcome the hurdles that might prevent a crowd of ideal customers from finding their brand
Case study date 01 September 2018

Our Approach.

For Seafolly, SEO was more about obtaining higher quality links to close the YOY traffic gap. They were ambitious in achieving first page visibility for explosive growth. To boost the client’s search engine rankings, we customised a 6 month SEO campaign. The core strategy leveraged:

  • Implement a well-integrated, successful link building strategy to achieve greater outreach - this included balancing our link profile
  • Technical and offsite SEO to achieve skyhigh rankings
  • Ensure the use of remarkable, well-written website content that’s optimised for search engines
  • An indepth competitor and market analysis to identify viable ranking opportunities
seafolly case study mock up

Breaking down a winning SEO strategy.


Comprehensive website audit

Did you know that only about 22% of businesses are satisfied with their conversion rates? Ultimately, greater conversion rates boils down to the foundation of SEO success. The gold standard for this is ultimately the integrity of the website itself. See, anyone can build a website - but not everyone can do it properly.

Our strategy is all about making an impact - providing plenty of opportunities for visitors to convert. We began with implementing a concise seo audit, where we ensured that the sites content was optimised for conversions.


Hyper-targeted, on-going link building

Seafolly was ready to polish and optimise their website. That’s why our expert team of gurus were able to tailor the best link profile analysis. This included assessing the relevance, placement and ranking of the links on the site to ensure they were relevant, trustworthy and authoritative. This resulted in a 15% jump within the first month, in terms of keyword rankings thanks to purely link acquisition.


Ongoing optimisation of the digital strategy to spot hidden opportunities for sales growth

Digital marketing is about continual optimisation and strategy. This means that achieving measurable results is grounded in reality. To ensure every dollar of Seafolly’s hard-earned budget was spent wisely, our team of gurus regularly assessed the campaigns viability in the context of the wider market. Across the board, this results that the clients digital goals are aligned with their strategic objectives.

By doing this, were able to grow their traffic.


Hyper-targeted keyword identification

We found and targeted the right keywords based on their relevance, demand and competition. The discovery of primary and latent semantic keywords that fit with your prospective consumer’s intent have been proven to increase client rankings.

Infact, we were able to recover rankings for critical search terms such as ‘tankinis’, ‘swimwear online’ and ‘swimwear’, all of which were back to top 5 spots. OMG’s expert SEO team even managed to get key generic terms like ‘swimsuits’ and ‘black bikinis’ on page 1.

Within 1 month, we were able to rank Seafolly for the key search time ‘Swimwear online’ from page 2 to the top 5 spots on the first page on google.

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