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How Reborn Achieved Over 70% Growth In Website Revenue



Growth in YoY traffic


Growth in keywords indexed


Growth in YoY revenue

The challenge

Reborn is a growth focused digital marketing agency, offering results-driven services for clients who wish to grow their brand to scalable heights. The company was founded in 2010 with the aim to create meaningful strategic and creative outcomes for brands. Expertise and game changing work have made Reborn a leading creative digital agency. 

Aimed at establishing a unique and highly effective online presence for their clients, they have become a leading force in connecting brands with people. Plus, as a result of their knowledge, experience and passion, they have consistently deliver exceptional results day in and out.  

Enthusiasm, commitment and a long list of satisfied clients wasn’t enough for Reborn to achieve the growth they wanted. To get ahead of the competition, they partnered with OMG on a digital solution engineered for market success. 

We implemented a 24th month campaign carefully customised to their business and clients. By first diving deep into the ins and outs of their website, we were able to better understand what was needed in order for the company to grow. They wanted to become the market leader online for advertising agencies. So we tailored a strategy to successfully achieve this for them.

Key problems

  • Wanting to boost domain authority to dominate fierce market competition
  • Create a site structure that will enhance SEO
  • Onsite optimisation to make their website appeal to both search engines and users
Case study date 25 September 2019

Our Approach.

For Reborn, SEO was about achieving significant uplifts in rankings, traffic, and revenue. They were ambitious in becoming the market leader online for advertising agencies. To achieve their version of success we customised a 24 month campaign. The core strategy leveraged:

  • Optimising the website and content structure to improve the SEO ranking of their website
  • Cutting edge technical onsite optimisation to streamline search and website performance
  • Get more high authority and traffic driving links by increasing domain authority
case study mockup tall - flying mac (10)

Breaking down a winning SEO strategy.


The principle elements of great SEO copy

Crafting the perfect piece of content made Reborn worthy of a search result position. This meant pinpointing pages for improvement, and identifying certain gaps in the content on their website that their competitors were exploiting. The backbone of success for the company was about making the content more appealing to search engines.

Our Gurus we able to leverage on-page SEO to set Reborn up for long term success. From this, we were able to increase the number of keywords indexed from 301 to 1257.

After all, getting a website's foot in the door of SERPs is not achievable without perfectly optimised content. The content on your website is the cornerstone of your digital marketing world.


Technical SEO for BIG results

A solid website structure is essential for owning today’s exciting new SEO landscape. Going beyond the ground-floor practices of on-page optimisation is essential for long-lasting digital success. This can include anything from having a clean site structure to a proper URL site structure. Our Gurus put in 100% effort in optimising a high-performance website to get a top ranking on all search engines - no skimping or glossing - just ongoing addition and modification every-single-time.

After making the changes Reborn needed to own the SERPs, we ensured the entire site was structured for usability and findability. And it didn’t stop there - successfully optimising their website was not a set-and-done strategy. Google loves frequently updated websites. So we continually monitored Reborn’s strategy, which translated into returning traffic, adding tremendous value to their website.


Link building to maximise SEO impact

Engineering SEO success begins with building domain authority. That is, ensuring visibility in the search engine result pages. On the technical side of things, our Gurus got to the nitty gritty.

For Reborn this meant skyrocketed rankings and stellar page authority. This included top 3 rankings for “advertising agency sydney”, “creative agency sydney”, and “digital agency sydney” - exactly what they wanted.

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