How Cloud Collective Grew Faster With A Complete B2B SEO Strategy

Increase in organic traffic
Increase in organic keyword reach
Increase in impressions for non-branded visibility
increase in organic YoY non-branded clicks on SERPS


Cloud Collective

About Challenges Our Approach Strategy & Execution Outcomes Key Results Testimonials




About Challenges Our Approach Strategy & Execution Outcomes Key Results Testimonials

About Cloud Collective

Cloud Collective is a strategic alliance of four Microsoft Gold Partners: Antares Solutions, iComm, Quorum and Walkerscott. They provide tailored cloud solutions from the Microsoft platform to “improve how your people work”. Cloud Collective’s mission is to carry out the dynamic paths of its individual companies as one powerful group which can grow and match the evolving needs of different teams.

Cloud Collective has successfully partnered with both private and public organisations in Australia and around the world including UNSW Sydney, Tourism Australia, GWA Group, Blackmores and NRMA. They have over 10 years of experience helping businesses to reach their full potential through the creation and assimilation of innovative digital solutions.

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Wanting to increase monthly qualified leads and overall organic visibility, September 2019 saw the cloud solution company reach out to Online Marketing Gurus for assistance. Our SEO Gurus aimed to develop a robust search engine optimisation and content strategy to help cement the organisation as technology innovators.

According to the Harvard Business Review, customers put B2B subject matter and solution expertise at the top of their list of important qualities when evaluating potential suppliers. As businesses become savvier and more time-stretched, it’s clear that a tactical approach to marketing and content creation is the key to success.

Our Approach

Content is at the core of great marketing. It’s a winning strategy that focuses on building solid B2B relationships with valuable, relevant and engaging information. This tactic is used frequently by tech companies like Google, Microsoft, and Apple, who emphasise highlighting their quality and distinguishing themselves as industry leaders. OMG set to work creating a comprehensive search and content marketing strategy for Cloud Collective’s brands that would drive clicks and customers to their suite of services and solutions.

  • Comprehensive website audits and review of competitor landscape to map gaps and opportunities.
  • Data-driven insights across the entire consumer journey to inform an end-to-end marketing strategy.
  • A quality content strategy designed to drive rankings, brand awareness, and links.

Strategy & Execution

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Reconfiguring technical errors to supercharge website performance

Building and maintaining a high performing website is a massive part of long term revenue growth. Your website needs to rank, attract AND convert clicks into customers. For Cloud Collective, we started with a comprehensive site audit that found lots of quick wins and technical updates that would move the needle.

With the goal of developing a new site architecture based on users’ needs, market research and competitor analysis, we helped Cloud Collective optimise metadata and implemented schema, fixed redirect chains and canonical tags, along with updating and removing thin and duplicate content.

Wanting to create a more powerful website, our Gurus set to work to help increase organic visibility on SERPs. Our work allowed for an increase in overall visibility in the SERPs which in turn has led to a huge increase in non-branded clicks (233% increase) and impressions (2174% increase).

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Content optimisations to accelerate search visibility for explosive SEO results

Over the last year, we have worked on creating new pages with content engineered to improve SEO, creating a new structure for the site and link building to increase our authority to not only the site but our new pages. Our focus was on Microsoft Teams, Unified Communications, Remote Work Solutions, and TCO 365.

An increase in authority leads to an increase in rankings which can broaden our visibility and enable our listings to show for more relevant queries. This leads to more qualified traffic to a site as it appears for something relevant. The more our keywords grow in the ranks, the more visible we are, and the more relevant keywords we rank for in these positions, the more qualified traffic we will get.

The result? Within 12 months, we have seen the cloud solution company’s domain rating increase from 14 to 25 through our link building efforts and content optimisations, allowing us to close the gap with competitor sites.

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Organic traffic wins through a hyper-targeted keyword strategy

Organic traffic is the holy grail. And yet, most brands are missing out as their pages don’t meet customers where they are searching: at the problem-awareness stage. Anticipate problems, create exceptional content that’s relevant to popular and relevant keywords, solve problems better than your competitors, and watch your organic traffic grow faster.

We suggest doing the following: map out all of the pain points your ideal customer might face and formulate in-depth content that showcases the solution. You can then look at keywords around each specific solution to optimise them for SEO and create pages that rank in the top spots on Google.

We used this strategy to target keywords surrounding Microsoft Teams, Unified Communications and remote working solutions, resulting in an increase in organic traffic by 77%, with the number of new users up 82%. This can be attributed to our consistent growth in keyword reach, achieving an increase of 376% of total keywords ranked in 12 months with priority keywords of ‘microsoft teams solutions’ and ‘chatbot experts’ boasting the top keyword position.


Pivoting their website to a business-first approach with content to improve customer acquisition and satisfaction. A strategy which helped grow their web traffic by a whopping 77% (with 81% new users) in just 12 months.

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Key Results


increase in organic traffic


increase in new users


increase in organic keyword reach


increase in domain authority

Hear from the Client

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“I worked with OMG through my employer, and have been very impressed with Krista and Daniel. Time and again they’ve delivered results for our strategy, and in fact, when we did our 12 month retro, we hit every single goal we’d set the year before. Would highly recommend working with them”.

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