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Crush your competition. Rake in the Sales. Say goodbye to cookie cutter ads and catapult your business to industry dominance with an unmatched Google Ads campaign.

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Sit back and watch traffic to your website surge. Watch the leads come in. Watch the sales tick over. Yes, it’s all possible with a Google Adwords campaign. But it’s got to be the right campaign. Too many people come to us confused as to why their Adwords isn't working. It’s so easy to get lost. The right Google Adwords campaign can help your business cut through the competition by achieving top rankings on relevant search results. But relevant is the key word here. Your campaign need to discriminate between relevant and irrelevant clicks.

Let’s set one thing straight. Google Adwords is massively successful because it works. But it takes expert knowledge of Google’s tools, tricks and analytics to devise a tight, high performance Adwords campaign that cranks out sales, not just drive-by traffic.

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Killer campaigns that target buyers, not browsers

Imagine instantly connecting to customers with their credit cards in-hand while filtering out the ‘tyre kickers’. Sounds too good to be true right? Google Ads can do just that. With an in-depth understanding of how to exclusively target motivated buyers, our gurus can make it happen.

Worried about paying non-converting clicks? Our strategies help you “trim the fat”, cutting down on wasted spend and smashing out earnings. Armed with the knowledge of
what your customers are searching for, we make sure you only pay for search terms that consistently result in sales. But our Google gurus know keywords alone don’t equal a truly competition-crushing campaign. We understand how effective messaging can speak directly to the emotional triggers that lead to purchase decisions. So we create high conversion landing pages and enticing sales copy, boosting your quality score through a killer combo of keywords, messaging and geo-targeting. You’ll get non-stop optimisation while you sleep. Constant monitoring of the metrics helps us fine tune our strategy across the length of your campaign.

Partnering with the best to give you an unfair advantage

Smash your sales targets with a little help from our friends. That’s right, no matter what your website needs, our partnerships with the best people in the best digital technology sectors means a massive advantage for you.
While our gurus focus on SEO, PPC and social media marketing, we’ve partnered with industry guns in CRO, content marketing, web design and development and more. Ensure every aspect of your online presence is primed for optimal rankings, conversions and lead generation.

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Frequently asked questions

To help you make the most-informed decision, here are common questions customers ask us. More questions? Scroll down, fill out the form, and just ask.

Google Adwords is renowned for the phenomenal results it delivers to businesses. You’re targeting consumers who are ready to buy. Consumers browsing online, credit card in hand. The results speak for themselves. Not only are Google ads highly visible and brilliant for brand exposure, they also happen to generate clicks like mad.

But wait, there’s more. Around 2 in 3 people who are searching for products and are ready to purchase will click on paid ads. Now, imagine you’ve targeted that ad precisely to the audience. That’s where genuine sales really start to soar. People who land on your website from Google Adwords are 50% more likely to buy something than those who click through organic search. Your brand can benefit too, with Google studies showing the right ads improve brand awareness by as much as 80%.

Looking for real-life examples? See how Sydney-based distillery Archie Rose Distilling Co. used hyper-targeted PPC campaigns to reach the most ready-to-buy customers with products they can’t resist. OMG created and optimised campaigns to produce 500% growth in paid ROI.

PPC worked for Vet Shop Australia too. Using customised campaigns to capture customers at the right place, right time, OMG delivered a 220% increase in conversion rate. That’s not all - we achieved 1,000% increase in click-through rate and a massive 40% increase in transactions. That’s some serious ROI.

Custom PPC campaigns really delivered for a edu-tech company too: For every dollar spent on PPC, we delivered a $10 return!

No surprises, then, that Google Adwords is a much-loved tactic for businesses of all types and sizes. Want to get in front of local consumers? Tap into Google Adwords’ geo-targeting capabilities to. Running a quick promo? Short-term paid ads will bring in the sales.

The crucial thing to keep in mind is that even if you are getting “good" results with PPC, the improvement of a simple click-through-rate (CTR) or a reduction of cost-per-click (CPC) can create better, more tangible results. You can always keep optimising.

That’s why it takes expert knowledge of Google’s tools and analytics to create a tight, high performance Adwords campaign that skyrockets sales, not just drive-by traffic. With Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, as the name suggests, every click comes at a price. Therefore, it’s crucial to optimise the number of clicks that turn into sales.

The truth is, PPC isn’t something you can learn overnight and it’s easy to get lost if you don’t know how to navigate. You need specialists in Google Adwords who can craft hyper-targeted campaigns that zero in on only those who are ready to buy, while weeding out the tyre kickers. Don’t waste your valuable budget on non-converting clicks. If you want your campaign to work, it needs to discriminate between relevant and irrelevant clicks.

The ultimate goal? Spend less and earn more. A lot more.

There are several reasons your Google Adwords campaign might fail. One of these is landing pages. You can do everything right get leads onto your landing page, but if the landing page doesn’t hit the mark, people will just bounce away. Say goodbye to your conversions. You’ll have an amazing CPC but your sky-high Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) will tell the real story – your landing page is sending people away.

Other campaign hurdles might be more technical. Maybe you’re not using negative keywords effectively, which means you’re not filtering out irrelevant searches. Maybe you’re using only one ad for all audiences, rather than targeting consumers with relevant messaging. Or maybe you’re not monitoring the data to adapt your campaigns over time. There are all sorts of things that can go wrong with a Google Adwords campaign which mean you don’t get the results you hoped for. But all these things can be avoided if you engage Google Adwords specialists.

OMG goes beyond the basics with every Google Adwords campaign. We will create high conversion landing pages and killer sales copy. You can sleep easy knowing we will be monitoring your metrics to deliver non-stop optimisation in the duration of your campaign.
The simple answer is this: Google Adwords is a powerful way to get customers in the door, and fast. SEO is great for long-term wins, but Adwords gets you faster, high-converting results.

How? The secret is in audience targeting.

Google Adwords lets you get in front of the right people at the right time – that is, when they are looking to buy. That’s where the real ROI is.

People searching on Google have buying intent. This means they tend to be in the market for the keywords they are searching for. For example, if someone searches “hairdresser Sydney", they are probably looking to book an appointment in Sydney soon. Because you can set the location you want your ad to show for, you can ensure only people in that spot see your ad (in this case, Sydney). In fact, you can narrow your audience by time of day, language, device type and more.

This is what makes Google Adwords so successful: you are targeting people who are in the market for your goods or services at the exact moment they’re seeing your ad. In fact, 64.6% of people click on Google ads when they are looking to buy an item online (source: Hubspot).

Here’s the kicker: you only pay when people click on your ad. Repeat: you only pay if someone searches for the keyword you’ve bid on and they are interested enough to click on your ad. Compare this to other ads (in digital media, for example) which cost the same price no matter whether or not anybody sees or acts on your ad.

Google Adwords is nothing short of genius.

Google Adwords is also highly scalable. Say you create a campaign that’s converting like crazy. By increasing your PPC budget, you’ll see your leads and profits increase too.

Another unique benefit of Google Adwords is that you can test to see what works, and use your learnings across your digital marketing strategy. For example, ff you see that certain messages and ad copy are performing well, you can use that to inform you on-site content.

This makes PPC a fantastic tactic for new businesses, or if you’re launching a new product. You don’t have to wait long to see results (especially compared to SEO). If you see it works, you can scale up fast to turbocharge your return on investment. And you can quickly see which keywords or audiences are worth pursuing for SEO and other digital campaigns. Think of all that time and budget you’re saving!

We’re not saying you should use PPC and nothing else. Our experience shows that PPC is at its most powerful when used as part of a great digital marketing strategy. Our work with online fashion company Hello Molly shows the incredible results this can bring (spoiler: we delivered 6:1 ROI from Google Adwords alone!)

To unleash the true revenue-shifting benefits of Google Adwords as part of your online advertising, call in the experts.
PPC and SEO might be different in many ways, but when their powers combine, they can help you better achieve marketing outcomes. There are many ways in which the two tactics complement each other to achieve your goals: more qualified traffic, higher SERP visibility and a better return on investment.

The first thing to know is that PPC does not directly affect SEO in the traditional sense. If you’re thinking that you can spend a lot of Google Adwords and watch your organic results soar, that’s not the way it works. Of if you think that your competitor is ranking better in organic results because they are spending lots with Google, again that’s not true. Google’s Search Quality team does not let paid ads directly influence how they rank pages in organic results. Simple as that.

But SEO and PPC do work together to achieve amazing results. SEO is a slow-burn strategy. While it can take some time to see results with SEO, paid search is more immediate. So, you can use a PPC campaign to offset a slow start to an SEO campaign and get more qualified traffic through to your site.

That’s not all. A study by Google found that searchers who see a paid ad are more likely to click an organic listing. The reverse is true too – if searchers see a high ranking organic listing, they are more likely to click on the ad for the same brand. Google also found that SEO affects PPC. When a website has strong organic search results, it has a higher click-through rate for PPC ads on the same search engine results page.

In short, there are definite advantages to having both SEO and PPC running in sync.

Another huge advantage? Data. Lots and lots of data. When you’re running PPC and SEO campaigns at the same time, you have more data to inform your digital marketing decisions. You can even use the results from your PPC campaign to inform your SEO strategies. Pay attention to ad copy that’s performed particularly well, then use this to plan your SEO-friendly content for even better engagement. Analyse the keyword data from your paid search campaigns when developing your SEO plan. Combine the data sets to delve into your target audience and refine your whole digital marketing strategy. The possibilities are endless.

PPC and SEO might be different digital marketing tactics, each with their own pros and cons, but together they can lift your brand’s online visibility and turbocharge results. The key is to get all your digital channels working in sync, because, ultimately, it’s going to take many touch points before a customer will pull out their wallet.

Confused? Don’t worry – the world of PPC and SEO can be complicated and overwhelming. OMG exists to make it simple and profitable for all our clients. Our Gurus know how to use SEO and PPC separately and together to smash your targets and the competition. Claim your free $2000 audit to discover exactly what we can do for you.
Here’s the situation: You know you need a PPC campaign to drive leads and conversions. And because your team doesn’t have the time or expertise, you know that hiring an agency will help you make the most of every single dollar, rather than investing in campaigns that simply don’t deliver. There’s just one thing left to do: choose the right PPC agency.

What does the “right" PPC agency look like? While all agencies have their own quirks and personalities, there’s one thing all great PPC agencies have in common: they will be there at your side as an extension of your team, helping you make the most of your paid search campaigns and striving for the results you want, month after month.

So, what should you look for in the right PPC agency?

First, determine how much experience the agency has. Hint: you’re not looking for the years the agency has been in business. Even a bad agency can still stick around for a few years if it just scrapes in some results. What you’re looking for is an agency that understands PPC beyond the basics. If you’re not an expert in PPC, you might be wondering how you can tell. The best indicator will be examples of how they’ve worked with similar clients to get stellar results. The agency might already have case studies on their website (you can check out our results here). But if they don’t, just ask them to share their stats, such as Cost-Per-Click (CPC), Cost-Per-Acquisition (CPA), and general ROI data for previous campaigns.

Next, ask whether they have any certifications. These certifications are more than just a logo on their website. Many PPC platforms (including Google Adwords) operate their own certification programs. So when an agency has certification, you know that they have specialists who know that platform inside out. It shows that they take PPC seriously and are willing to put the time and effort into learning how to get the most from their tools, so you get a better campaign. There are lots of certifications to look for, but the main ones are Google and Facebook.

Transparency is another key attribute to look for. This obviously isn’t something you can ask the agency, as they’ll just tell you what they think you want to hear. So, a better approach is to look for signs that they are transparent and honest. Find out how the agency will report on your results. You should be able to see leads, sales, CPC, CPA, and everything in between. Bonus points if the agency can give you the results in a way that is clear and consistent. You want an agency that can show you the wood through the trees.

How will they communicate with you? Will you have regular meetings? Are they transparent about the methods they use, or are they unwilling to share? Be extremely wary of an agency who won’t let you have access to your own Adwords campaign. If they don’t want you to see the raw data, they have something to hide.

Don’t underestimate the power of good working chemistry. You’re going to be working with each other for some time, so you need to actually like them and trust them. You want to an agency who will become part of your team. First impressions are always a good indicator, but don’t be afraid to talk to some previous clients too. At the end of the day, the right energy will always take the time to get to know you and create a strategy that delivers the ROI you want.

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Absolutely! OMG is proud to be a qualified Google Partner. What does that mean for you? First, let’s look at what a Google Partner is.

Many PPC platforms operate their own certification programs. Google AdWords divides its certification across several categories. Each category covers a different aspect of the AdWords platform:

Display advertising, search advertising, video advertising, mobile advertising, and shopping advertising.

The Google Partner certification shows that an agency has learned more about Google Ads and is up-to-date with the latest knowledge of Google’s products. This last part is super important, because Google changes its products all the time. If you’re working with an agency that doesn’t have the latest on Google, your PPC campaign won’t be as effective. To prove our knowledge and earn the coveted Google Partner badge, we also needed to pass Google Ads product certification exams.

Fact is, it takes expert up-to-date knowledge of Google’s tools and analytics to devise a high performance Adwords campaign that continuously boosts sales, not just drive-by traffic.

Because we have certification in Google Adwords, we can do exactly that. Our gurus will create and optimise ads that show up in Google Search precisely when your target audience is looking. We can advise you on keyword strategy and budget planning – all the nuts and bolts of a killer campaign. As a Google Partner, we have the experience to tell you exactly what you should be spending on your Adwords campaign to reach your goals, and we can track it as the campaign progresses to make sure you’re on target.

And there’s more. Google Partners are frequently invited to exclusive Google events and training programs so they can sharpen their skills even more. Maybe they’ll also schedule a one-on-one with a Google Account Manager to talk strategy and optimisation tactics on behalf of their clients. All this allows us to pass our knowledge onto you, our clients.

Our Google Partner qualification proves we take ourselves seriously, and we take your success seriously. It means you are working with certified Google Adwords consultants, and that we meet Google’s standards for account management best practices. We not only know how to use Google Adwords, we know how to use it in a way that’s profitable for our clients. We’ve mastered the use of negative keywords, ad extensions, site links inside of ads, phrase match keywords, broad match modified keywords, split testing with AdWords, ad scheduling, and much more.

We’re not saying that an agency that doesn’t carry Google Partner certification will do bad work. They just haven’t gone above and beyond to learn about the tools they’re using to promote your business.

How do you know if an agency is a Google Partner? Look for the Partner badge on their website pages.

Bottom line? There's no better agency recognition for PPC and search marketing than being a Google Partner. So, if you want to get the edge over your competition with a killer Adwords campaign, engage a Google Certified Partner.

If you want true success, engage a Google Certified Partner.
It all comes down to your goals. We know that’s not the answer you were looking for. You’re probably after a nice and simple dollar figure that you can slot into your digital campaign budget and present for approval. But the reality is that Google Adwords management costs vary based on your goals.

With PPC, as with many things in business, you have to spend money to make money. But rather than seeing it PPC as an expense to your business, think about it as an investment. For every dollar spend, focus on how much return you will get from that dollar. Naturally, the more dollars you invest in PPC, the higher the returns. But look at whether the returns are relative to the extra spend. If you double your budget, will it give you double the leads? Knowing your goals from the start will help you manage your PPC budget and get the results you want.

As a rule of thumb, the more you’re spending on Adwords, the more you’ll spend on management. Higher ad spends require more time to manage them effectively. If you’re spending $1,000 on Google Adwords, you wouldn’t expect to pay the same management fee as a client spending $10K or $20K.

Truth is, Google Adwords is more time-consuming than many people realise. It might be faster than organic SEO when it comes to delivering actual results, but it still requires a significant chunk of time to get right. For a profitable Google Adwords campaign, you need a PPC ad with target copy. That might require research into your target audience and messaging. Add to that a high-converting landing page or website – after all, you want to make sure anyone who clicks on the ad then converts. You might also need your agency to conduct split testing to see which ads or landing pages work better. It adds up, doesn’t it?

The important thing is not to get caught up in the dollar figure. If you’re comparing Adwords management fees, take some time to understand precisely what your fees include. When you look closely, you might notice that the cheap PPC management packages include less time on your campaign. Not enough time means you're more likely to be throwing money at campaigns that aren't performing as well as they could, which means wasted budget.

If an agency is spending less time on your campaign, they start looking for shortcuts to try and get results. They stop paying attention to the details, which can cost your business even more. Or, worse, they use tactics that go against Google’s Adwords guidelines. But you won’t necessarily know this, because these types of agencies have all sorts of tricks and excuses to mask their low performance or lack of work. They’ll try to confuse you with jargon or fancy reports to keep you in the dark.

Sure, you have a budget and the price you pay matters, but what you should really be focusing on is the quality and experience of the agency you’re working with. An experienced agency with Google Partner certification and proven results is worth its weight in gold. Companies invest in their Adwords management services because they know exactly how to get revenue-busting results.

Can you get cheaper Google Adwords management overseas? Absolutely. The rate can be as low as $10 to $25 per hour. But if you’re serious about your PPC and you want high returns, stay local. With overseas companies, you’ll be taking on a huge amount of risk too. Have you seen how many overseas companies there are offering PPC services? Imagine how long it will take to find one that offers professional quality services that you can trust.

This is where our free $2,000 audit will come handy for you. See what’s involved in your campaign – claim your FREE audit today!
Google is required by law to charge 10% GST on its services. Yep, that means it adds a 10% charge on all Google Adwords click budgets (cost per click, or CPC). This has been the way since 2016 and shows no sign of changing.

So, what does this mean for you? The main thing to know is that the GST is added to your account after the spend. Your budgets stay the same. There will be tax implications depending on whether you’re registered for GST – we recommend you talk to your accountant.

There are other guidelines for Google advertising, too. These aren’t secret rules that only Google and its exclusive cohort of agencies know. They’re laid out for everybody to see in Google’s AdWords Policy Centre. The whole aim of this centre is to make its policies more user-friendly and accessible to advertisers. It lays out guidelines across four categories:

  • Prohibited content (what you cannot promote on the Google network)
  • Prohibited practices (things you can’t do)
  • Restricted content (what you can advertise, but with limitations)
  • Editorial and technical (quality standards for ads and websites)

If you’re in any doubt about how serious Google is about its guidelines, take a look at the numbers. In the Google blog, Google’s Director of Global Product Policy, David Graff, says that in 2017 alone, they took down more than 3.2 billion ads that violated their advertising policies. That’s more than 100 ‘bad ads’ per second. Per second!

If you check out the Google Adwords Policy Centre, you might notice that some of the guidelines are pretty new – they were rolled out in September 2018. But the good news is they haven’t changed much from the previous policies, according to Google. The biggest changes are around weapons, tobacco, fireworks and alcohol advertising.

If you’ve advertised before, you should definitely spend time going over the new policies carefully to see what these changes mean for your Adwords campaign (if anything). If you’re new to Adwords, visit Google’s Adwords Policy Centre to become familiar with what you can and can’t do.

The great thing is, if you’re working with a Google Certified agency like OMG, you can be confident your consultants will be all over it. We make it our business to know what’s happening in Google’s world, so we can get the best results for our clients.

The reality is, with so many guidelines around the types of ads and technical requirements, working with a PPC agency can be incredibly valuable. It saves you time and energy, not to mention the headaches of making sure your ads tick all the right boxes. With OMG working on your PPC campaign, you can sit back and let us take care of it. We’re not saying you shouldn’t know Google’s policies – it’s definitely worth being familiar with the basics – but if you’re working with a reputable agency, you don’t need to get bogged down in the nitty-gritty. Find out how our Gurus can take the complexity out of your Google Ads and make your sales soar.
Our focus is on high-performance PPC campaigns with revenue-shifting results you can see. We’re talking serious returns on investment for over 1,000 clients of all types and sizes.

How can we deliver these results through PPC?

Because we’ve been doing things differently from day one. When we started out, we could see that lots of PPC agencies were wasting their clients’ budgets and time. PPC takes dedication and hard work, but too many agencies out there aren’t giving clients the commitment they deserve. We figured there's got to be a better way of doing things.

That’s why our whole model is built on putting our client success as the number one priority. Your results, your growth, your happiness is what motivates us to bring our A game every day. We’ve racked up over 200 Google reviews rating us at 4.8+/5 on average. That’s makes us one of the best rated PPC agencies in Australia!

Here’s the data to prove it.

Using custom PPC campaigns, we delivered a 220% increase in conversion rate, 1,000% increase in click-through rate and 40% increase in transactions for one client alone! See for yourself how we did it in .

Another thing you get when you’re working with OMG? Absolute honesty. We won’t sugar coat our advice or conceal our methods. We are all about building real relationships built on honesty and trust. If something’s not working, we’ll tell you. Better yet, we’ll already be working on a way to turn it around. Because we make it our mission to continuously monitor and improve campaigns for the best possible results. After all, that’s the way PPC works: test, tweak, fine-tune and improve.

No stress of non-performance over here. Our Gurus are highly trained and experienced in PPC. They know how to use data and insights to meticulously craft a campaign that squeezes every dollar for maximum results. Because nobody likes wasted spend less than a marketing professional.

When it comes to staying on top of PPC tools and trends, OMG goes above and beyond. We are a certified Google Partner, which means we are up-to-date with the latest on Google’s products and we know how to get the best results from their tools. We’ve proven time and time again that we can devise high performance Google Adwords campaigns that boosts sales, not just window shoppers. Our certification means we know how to create and optimise ads that meet Google’s strict guidelines.

We’ve mastered the use of all those elements that create a killer PPC campaign: negative keywords, ad extensions, phrase match keywords, split testing, broad match modified keywords, ad scheduling, and more. In other words, our Google Partner qualification isn’t just a stamp for us to put on our website. It means we take ourselves seriously, and we are serious about your success.

The important thing to know about OMG is that we’re here for the long game, not the short one. See us as an extension of your team. Your partners. Our clients say this is what makes us the best Google Adwords agency. We invest time and energy into our client relationships. Because we know that your success is our success.

Naturally, it’s hard to prove all this on a website, but you can hear it straight from clients we’ve worked with. Take a look at
how we helped Universal Home Theatre achieve big wins in a competitive space. We developed custom landing pages for hyper-targeted PPC campaigns that kept qualified visitors coming back for more and converting to happy customers.

That’s only one example of how we’ve helped clients achieve incredible revenue-shifting results – check out more case studies.

So, if you’re serious about getting PPC results and you want long-term success, talk to us.

Let's increase your sales.

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