Bing Ads

Hunt down leads your competitors have overlooked and get higher conversion rates at a lower cost-per-click with a sharpshooting Bing ads campaign.

Bing for business is booming – get on board

Drive more leads and haul in thousands of additional, high-converting clicks. With Bing Ads, you can target a whole new audience – one that your 100% Google-obsessed competitors may have overlooked. Bing is growing rapidly, nabbing 9% of searches worldwide and over 12% in Australia.

When you consider the billions of internet searches performed every day, that’s a lot of searches and a lot of potential leads. Bing is continually innovating to increase its market share, and that’s awesome news for businesses wanting to ramp up search-based sales through Bing Ads.

Bing Ads
Here’s what PPC is and why it’s so profitable and effective for businesses

Get more bang for your buck 

Here’s the lowdown: Bing can be the rocket fuel you need to send your sales into the stratosphere. With fewer advertisers competing for space and bidding up the cost of keywords, Bing’s “boutique” nature can be your secret weapon. If there’s one seriously compelling reason why you shouldn’t put all your PPC eggs in the Google basket, that reason is Bing. While making sure you get a piece of Google’s massive share is important, using Bing Ads in combination with Google makes sure you’ve got all your bases covered. It’s simply a win-win.

Yes, Bing can bring in the leads. But you’ve got to do it right. Simply importing your Adwords account into Bing (like some agencies do) won’t take advantage of the advanced customisation and targeting features unique to Bing. Our comprehensive approach creates super-sharp, sales-driving campaigns, starting with intensive research into your customers and competitors. We’re then able to zero in on the keywords that consistently result in sales. Tracking your campaign’s bottom-line performance gathers valuable insights on click-to-conversion ratios, spend, demographics and more.

Partnering with the best to give you an unfair advantage

Smash your sales targets with a little help from our friends. That’s right, no matter what your website needs, our partnerships with the best people in the best digital technology sectors means a massive advantage for you.
While our gurus focus on SEO, PPC and social media marketing, we’ve partnered with industry guns in CRO, content marketing, web design and development and more. Ensure every aspect of your online presence is primed for optimal rankings, conversions and lead generation.

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