Let Google understand your page better and soar to the top of rankings! This hassle-free plugin for Wordpress turns questions and answers on your page into JSON-LD code on the fly.
  • No coding required
  • Simply copy and paste your question and answers
  • Saves on 'saving' the page or post
  • Fully secured and sanitized
Front & Back-1
Front & Back-1
Make Structured Data On Wordpress Easy

FAQ Schema For Pages And Posts allows you to turn questions and answers on your page (your mini FAQ sections) into JSON-LD code on the fly.

The idea is to add as much meaning into your pages so that Google can understand them better.

You can simply copy and paste as you edit your WordPress page/post into the plugin (as it appears at the bottom of the editor) and upon saving the page, the JSON-LD schema will be present in the HEAD of your page/post.

Ease Of Use
Add JSON-LD schema easily to HEAD of any page or post
Copy And Paste
Simple copy and paste possible as editor present is within a page/post. 
Google Visibility
Gain more visibility on Google’s search result pages by including structured FAQ schemas on your page. 
Secure & Sanitized

Code cannot be inserted into the plugin. 

Using The Plugin

To insert JSON-LD code into a given page, go to that page/post and you’ll find new fields at the bottom of the editor in the backend of Wordpress.

If you’d like to also display your Questions and Answers via a FAQ, use the shortcodes listed below. 

Add the shortcode inside of the page or post content textbox to display the FAQs. The shortcode tag is wp-faq-schema. You can add title and accordion attributes.

The title is the heading displayed above the FAQs.

If you’d like to use an accordion for your FAQs, add accordion=1 as in the example above. (ie. [wp-faq-schema title="Car FAQs" accordion=1] ) This will show the FAQs with the title 'Car FAQs' as well as an accordion. 

If you’d like to mass edit, use the Export section to export all of the pages and posts with their ids – and then edit the file and import it back. Note: For multiple FAQs for the same post add more rows in the CSV file with the same ID and title.

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Learn how to use this amazing plugin!
Shortcode Examples


[wp-faq-schema] – This will show FAQs of that page or post.

[wp-faq-schema title="Car FAQs"] – This will show FAQs with “Car FAQs” as the title.

[wp-faq-schema accordion=1] – This will show FAQs as accordion.

[wp-faq-schema title="Car FAQs" accordion=1] – This code will show FAQs as accordion with “Car FAQs”  as the title.



Meet The Authors
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Krystian Szastok
With Andrew & Mez
Meet The Authors

We are incredibly proud to partner with Krystian Szastok to bring you this tool. 

Krystian is a freelance SEO consultant based in London.He's been devising and managing successful SEO strategies and campaigns for leading brands, startups and rising stars for 14 years. 

Online Marketing Gurus is a global digital marketing company, trusted by 1,000s worldwide. We make the complex digital world simple for every business, so you can create real revenue results every time. Over the past 7 years, OMG has partnered with 1,000+ companies and grown to a team of 100+ Gurus. 

Frequently asked questions

The most common questions about FAQ Schema answered.

The FAQ Page structured data helps Google understand that the page contains some FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions).
Google currently obsessively displays your FAQ Schema data on the search results in addition to your usual organic listing. Taking advantage of this could mean more traffic for your site.

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