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Maximise results on every PPC campaign with custom landing pages. Expert design, development and content delivers irresistible results. Attract and convert waves of new customers in no time!

Capture more customers. 

Ready to make an irresistible return for every dollar you spend? Thriving companies choose hyper-targeted PPC campaigns coupled with custom landing pages that WORK. With a PPC landing page tailored to your audience and goals, you'll capture and convert more of the right people — meaning more bang for your buck. Who could say not to that? 

Far too often, we see PPC campaigns deliver low ROI and mediocre results because of a generic landing page; not because they've failed on the copywriting and creative front.  

Turning clicks into conversions starts with guiding your user effortlessly from first touch to final payment. And that's where a custom landing page excels. Best of all, a custom landing page boosts relevance to your ads, meaning it will appear more often on PPC platforms and attract more visitors. 

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Make impact with an ROI you can't resist.

Worried about wasted spend? Want your dollars to go the extra mile? Maximising your PPC results is all about tailoring your content to the people you're targeting and the platform you're on. After working with 1,000+ companies across Australia and the world, we've figured out what works and what doesn't.

Partnering with OMG means you can have a dedicated team building your end-to-end PPC campaigns. Ongoing optimisation delivers an ROI you simply can't resist. Many of our clients see results as good as 417% more return from advertising spend. 

Partnering with the best to give you an unfair advantage

Smash your sales targets with a little help from our friends. That’s right, no matter what your website needs, our partnerships with the best people in the best digital technology sectors means a massive advantage for you. While our gurus focus on SEO, PPC and social media marketing, we’ve partnered with industry guns in CRO, content marketing, web design and development and more. Ensure every aspect of your online presence is primed for optimal rankings, conversions and lead generation.

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Achieve maximum return for every dollar with fine-tuned campaigns from expert Gurus.

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Frequently asked questions
To help you make the most-informed decision, here are common questions customers ask us. More questions? Scroll down, fill out the form, and just ask.
No. We focus on quality, and getting revenue results. No shoddy stuff, or shifty business. There are lots of digital marketing agencies that focus on being cheap, which in turn gets poor results. We're not one of them. Our focus is making you successful (do check out our Google reviews), and providing an intense amount of value to your business.
How long is a piece of string? This is where the $2,000 free audit will come handy for you. Want results? A good rule of thumb is a bare minimum of $1,500 per month over 6 months. This'll vary up or down based on your business size, industry, vertical, how good your site is, how many channels you need, and a variety of other factors.
Put simply, we got tired of digital agencies wasting people's hard earned money, and we figured there's got to be a better way of doing it. Our whole model is built on putting customer success as the #1 priority and having fun whilst at it. Being transparent, being honest, building real relationships, and delivering revenue results. We invest millions into research and development to make all this possible. No excuses, no complex jargon to mask lack of progress—just real results. Our clients adore us for this, and end up being our biggest advocates. You get what you want from digital marketing, i.e. traffic, leads, sales—without the dramas, headaches & confusion. 
Everyone. Small businesses, enterprises, and all else in between come to us to get their digital marketing cranking. Get results regardless of the size of your company. From tradies, to online retailers, to the biggest enterprises across all verticals, the best digital agencies know that the "formula" is the same to get outstanding results. Chances are, we've already worked with someone just like your business, which makes helping you grow, that much easier.
Roughly 2-4 weeks, depending on where you're at. The $2,000 free audit will give you a crystal clear overview of where your business is at, an in-depth roadmap, on-boarding, as well in-depth timelines to accelerate your digital marketing success.
Depends how serious you are. Here's who this is NOT for: if you want overnight success, if you're not ready to view marketing as a long term investment, or if you're after "cheap", this absolutely won't work. To those willing to invest time, and who truly believe in the power of digital, it's one of the most effective, and longest lasting sources of lead generation when done right. In most cases, given the above, digital marketing will absolutely work for you.

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