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Hyper-targeted PPC that dominates

Sick of sinking money into PPC management services that fail to deliver? Tired of trying to get results from pay per click with no reward? Want to get started with pay per click but not sure where to start?

Good job you found us! OMG is the PPC management company dedicated to helping Hobart businesses crush their goals. When it comes to your search ad budget, we take every dollar seriously. Because every single dollar is an opportunity to drive more leads and conversions to your bottom line.

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Hyper-targeted strategy
Hypergrowth comes from hyper-targeting. That's precisely what we do. We're the experts in developing and managing performance-driven Google Ads, Shopping and Retargeting campaigns that zones in on your customers. The result? Explosive revenue growth.
On-the-ball PPC management
Creating a uber-targeted strategy is only half the battle. Pay per click success comes from relentlessly optimising your campaigns. No time or resources to make this happen? Lean on our Hobart PPC management team. It’s what we do best.
Partner with PPC Hobart specialists

Whether you’re a small business owner or a large enterprise, our PPC specialists have experience working with Hobart companies just like yours. We use our knowledge to help you build an unstoppable profit-generating machine that will crush the competition.

Paid search that pays off for Hobart businesses
500% growth in paid ROI. 90% increase in conversion rate. 54% lower cost per conversion. Partner with the PPC management company Hobart trusts to get real results.

Pay per click advertising is the most popular method of online advertising. So why aren’t more Hobart businesses reaping the rewards? Because learning PPC is a complex process. Sure, you can start a Google Ads account and start bidding on keywords. But it can take years to gain the experience and expertise needed to develop a winning strategy – a strategy that delivers sustainable, predictable, game-changing results.

So, how can you possibly create a killer strategy without the time or resources? You call in the experts.

Our PPC Hobart team have years of experience working with thousands of brands to do exactly what you want to do: turn wasteful ad spend into cold, hard revenue.

How do we do it? Data. We start by diving into your target market to understand who they are and how they are searching. We break down your competitors’ campaigns to reveal quick wins and needle-in-a-haystack opportunities. Only then can we create killer ad copy, creative and design landing pages that win customers and conquer the competition.

And we don’t stop there. As campaign performance data rolls in, we analyse, refine and reboot your ads to get even better results. Because we’re never satisfied with the status quo. We always strive for more.

Not sure how to get the best from your pay per click budget? Maybe you’ve been burnt by a PPC agency who didn’t deliver on their promises? Perhaps all your team is at absolute capacity or don’t know where to start?

Work with our PPC Hobart team.

We strip back the complexities of search as a form of advertising to focus on the single most important thing: your results. Whatever the size of your business or budget, we take your success seriously. And we will do everything within our power and expertise to get the best return on your pay per click investment. Every last dollar.

The number one rule of OMG? Complete transparency. From day one, we’ll give you honest, straight-forward advice on the state of your PPC campaigns and how we can improve them.

New to pay per click? It can be overwhelming, we know. That’s why we’ll help educate you and your team on how to make search advertising a profitable piece of your digital advertising plan.

The final ingredient to your pay per click victory? Collaboration. We have the digital marketing expertise, but you know your business and goals better than we do. That’s why we work as an extension of your team, to ensure your campaigns perform at their best. Put it this way, we might not be your first Hobart PPC management company, but we want to be your last.

Whether you’re an enterprise with an in-house marketing team, or a small business owner just starting your “digital journey”, you want to get the most out of every dollar you spend on pay per click campaigns. Not just rapid-fire results either. You want strong, sustainable revenue growth that you can count on. So, the million-dollar question is…

Are we the agency that you can trust to deliver?


We’re dedicated to getting the maximum return on your PPC investment. We’ve done just that for thousands of clients around Australia.

Need convincing? Take a look at how we helped a distillery achieve an explosive 500% growth in paid ROI.

We worked with an event space to achieve an 84% increase in conversions from PPC and a 54% decrease in cost per conversion in just 12 months.

Plus, using a customised SEO and PPC strategy, we generated 55% more traffic and 190% more conversions for a dental clinic.

And there’s plenty more where that came from!

Let us put our money where our mouth is and show you how we can get you the maximum ROI from PPC. Apply for your FREE digital marketing growth plan worth $2,000! It'll cost you absolutely nothing because we're that confident you'll walk away with heaps of value.

PPC Services in Hobart

You’ll achieve your business goals thanks to our never-say-die PPC services.

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Why OMG?
A lot of digital marketing agencies talk the talk, but we’re more interested in getting stuff done. Our focus is on high performance campaigns with results you can see for yourself, boosting your bottom line and helping your business achieve insane success. That’s it. No filler, all killer.

Because trust is everything

If you're trusting us to be part of your business, you should know exactly what the game plan is and where your money is going. There's trust without transparency, which is why we keep in contact every step of the way. Detailed reports on performance stats, spend vs sales, targets achieved, current vs projected results and more. You've got it all.


Because marketing shouldn't be a gamble

Shelling out for a digital marketing campaign is a big deal, we get it. Many Hobart companies see it as a gamble. It shouldn't be. Our aim is for everyone one of our clients to see a remarkable return on their investment, both in the short and the long term. Your strategies need to be aligned with your goals. Let's win together.


Because we deliver results, not excuses

We’re straight talkers. There are agencies who bamboozle you with hype, jargon and shiny campaigns that are merely digital facelifts. Not us. We outline the strategic goals and financial results we aim for in real terms, then we go and get them.


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Frequently asked questions

To help you make the most-informed decision, here are common questions customers ask us. More questions? Scroll down, fill out the form, and just ask.

No, we're not the cheapest PPC management agency in Hobart, or Australia for that matter. But trust us – you don't want to work with the cheapest.

Sure, you’ll pay less up-front, but in the long run, you won’t get the results you need. Instead, partner with an agency who knows how to squeeze every last drop of ROI from your pay per click budget.

A Hobart PPC agency that will be wholly committed to your long-term business growth – like OMG. We might not be the cheapest, our clients’ results prove we’re worth every last cent.
PPC should cost as much as you want it to. One of the best things about pay per click advertising is that you set your own budget. This means you can spend as little as a few hundred dollars per month or as much as millions of dollars (we’ve seen it done!).

At the end of the day, it’s not about how much you spend – it’s about whether you’re getting the best return on investment. To get the best ROI, it can be worth hiring a dedicated PPC management team.

Sure, it will cost more than if you try to manage your PPC accounts yourself, but with the right agency, the results will pay off big time! Talk to our PPC gurus about the best approach for your business goals.
It comes down to our results-driven, transparent and collaborative approach. Let us explain. First, we’re dedicated to your success. Everything we do and every decision we make is focused on getting you the best possible return for PPC advertising investment. That’s what we mean by “results-driven.”

Second, we're completely transparent with our approach: no smoke and mirrors, no empty promises and confusing jargon. We tell you exactly how it is so that you can make the right decisions for your business.

Last but not least, we want to work with you – not for you. We like to think of ourselves as an extension of your team, and we like you to treat us as such. Because the more involved you are, the better the results will be.

These are just three things that set up apart from the other PPC agencies Hobart has to offer. Read our client reviews to find out more!
There are so many companies out there claiming to offer the best digital marketing services that finding the right digital marketing agency can feel like an impossible task. But there is a way to narrow down your options and find the perfect match. The problem is that many business owners and marketers don’t understand what to look for in a digital marketing agency in the first place.

Every agency you approach probably tells you that they can deliver results fast and cheaply. Trust them and you’ll wind up spending more money fixing the problems they create.

So, here are a few questions you need to ask. Start with the obvious one: how will you improve my revenue?

The key here is to look for an agency who doesn’t give you a cookie-cutter strategy. Every website needs a unique approach, so you want an agency who is willing to take an in-depth look at all these things before they decide on a strategy.

Next, the big one: how will we communicate? Lack of communication can lead to everything crumbling within weeks. So, make sure your chosen agency has a clear, open path of communication.

Another essential question is around results: how will you measure success? This ensures your campaign is built around the right metrics and data. Look for an agency who puts a huge emphasis on data and insights. Here at OMG, everything we do is driven by data and performance, so you can be confident that we are always optimising your campaigns for the maximum ROI. The bottom line? A bad agency can cost you time, energy and money. So, use these questions to reveal everything you need to know about an agency before you commit.
PPC stands for pay per click. It is a form of advertising that allows you to place ads on a range of digital platforms, social media and search engines, such as Google, Bing and Facebook. You pay the ad platform a certain amount of money every time someone clicks your ad and goes through to your website or landing page. You can target these ads to specific keywords, audience niches and locations.

There are lots of reasons why PPC is an important part of your digital marketing strategy. Just look at the stats: people who see a Google Display Ad are 155% more likely to specifically search for your brand and product or service later on. And more than half (52%) of shoppers who interact with a PPC ad will follow up that interaction with a phone call to the advertiser.

The bottom line? Pay per click campaigns offer proven returns whether you have an enterprise or small business. A great PPC campaign will help you to propel relevant traffic to your site for relatively low bids.

Just look at what we’ve achieved for our clients with hyper-targeted PPC campaigns to reach the most ready-to-buy customers. For one company, OMG created and optimised ongoing campaigns to produce 500% growth in paid ROI. And we helped an online fashion business increase the ROAS (return on ad spend) from 16:1 to 20:1 in a 12-month period. This included a 22% uplift in conversion rate!

Of course, PPC advertising is only effective if you know what you’re doing – and it’s not always an easy tactic to learn. That’s why we highly recommend investing in PPC ad management with experts, like our Gurus.
Everyone. We believe that every business – no matter your industry or size – should be unleashing the potential of search advertising. From Hobart's smallest companies to the largest enterprises, our team is ready to help you achieve your pay per click goals.
It depends. If you go in with no real plan or understanding of your customers, you’ll end up leaking money on campaigns that don’t deliver.

But if you create a targeted strategy and work towards clear goals (and have an agency who will help you), you’ll get the payback you want.
OMG can get you started with pay per click in around 2 to 4 weeks. Apply for your FREE growth plan for customised timelines and on-boarding. No obligations, no catches and no dodgy sales guys. Simply straight-up advice from Hobart’s top PPC company.
The main difference between Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) is that website traffic coming from SEO is free (organic), while traffic generated from pay per click is paid. As the name suggests, you have to pay a certain amount of dollars per click.

Another key difference between SEO and PPC is that pay per click ads appear at the top of the search engine results page, above the organic search result listings that are influenced by SEO.

Because of these differences, SEO and PPC often work best when integrated into a digital marketing strategy.
Yes! We are a Google Premier Partner, which puts us in the top 3% of certified Google Partners. For you, this means our team has years of experience in Google ads with the expertise to offer formidable Adwords management services.

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