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85 Digital Marketing Stats You Need to Know

Drive better results by diving into the numbers. This article outlines the must-know digital marketing statistics for businesses.

Digital marketing is a constantly evolving field. If you’re not keeping up to date your campaigns will surely fail.

But how do you know which trends to follow?

How can you figure out which techniques generate the returns you’re looking for?

Digital marketing stats probably hold the answer.

We’ve compiled some of the most interesting and important stats for every major aspect of digital marketing, including SEO, content and PPC insights.

With these digital marketing stats by your side, you can make the case for a new campaign or even figure out which strategies to avoid.


The 12 Best PPC Stats

  1. Across all industries, the average cost-per-click (CPC) for Google AdWords stands at $2.32
  2. Total spending in Google Adwords increased by 23% in 2017 when compared to 2016.
  3. Google holds the highest share of digital ad spend with a whopping 38.6% of ad money going to them. Facebook comes in a distant second with 19.9%.
  4. A shocking 60% of people can’t tell the difference between Google ads and organic search results.
  5. 64.6% of searchers click on Google Ads when they’re specifically looking to buy a product online.
  6. Overall click volumes for Google Ads across the entire network rose by 9% in the final quarter of 2017 when compared to the same period in 2016.
  7. The average business earns $2 for every $1 that they spend on Google AdWords.
  8. The average click-through rate (CTR) for top-position ads in desktop search stands at 8%. For those in lower positions, the CTR falls to 2%.
  9. Average CTR for mobile ads in the top position is 27.7%. This drops to just over 9% for the ad in second place.
  10. Non-branded desktop Google ads saw a 20% revenue increase during the final quarter of 2017. By comparison, they only saw a 3% increase during the same period in 2016.
  11. Google’s display campaigns reach 4 out of every 5 people.
  12. Mobile devices produced 55% of total Google Ad clicks during the final quarter of 2017. This drops to 14% for Bing ads.


The 8 Best SEO Stats

  1. The result that lands the top position in Google search results has a 34.36% CTR.
  2. Google accounts for 94% of the total organic search traffic that arrives on your website.
  3. 72% of people who conduct a local search will eventually visit a physical store as a result of that search.
  4. If your page doesn’t load within two seconds, half of your traffic will bounce away to other websites.
  5. 78% of local searches lead to a purchase being made offline.
  6. Google processes over 100 billion searches every single month.
  7. You can double your organic search traffic if your search result has a video thumbnail.
  8. About 50% of the search results that reach Google’s first page are in https format. This is important because 84% of people will stop a purchase if they notice a website isn’t secure.


The 11 Best Facebook Marketing Stats

  1. 72% of adults who use the internet also have a Facebook profile.
  2. Facebook accounted for 82% of all of the paid social media advertising during the fourth quarter of 2017.
  3. When researching potential purchase decisions 37% of all online shoppers say that they use social media platforms for inspiration.
  4. 64% of all online shoppers claim that videos that they saw on social media platforms like Facebook influenced a purchasing decision.
  5. 40% say that they prefer to invest money into businesses that make an active attempt to engage with customers using social media.
  6. A Facebook post that includes an image engages 2.3 times more people than one without.
  7. Facebook ads that appear in the direct News Feed have a CTR of 1.2%. Those that appear on the right-hand sidebar see that drop to 0.3%.
  8. 96% of B2C marketers class Facebook as a valuable platform. However, B2B marketers prefer LinkedIn.
  9. Just over 85% of women will check Facebook and other social media platforms before making a purchase.
  10. Content consumption on Facebook increased by over 50% between 2014 and 2016.
  11. In the fourth quarter of 2017, impressions on Facebook ads dropped by 27% despite ad spend increasing by 20%.


The 7 Marketing Automation Stats

  1. Most B2B marketers say the ability to generate more high quality leads is the number one benefit of marketing automation.
  2. 98% of people believe that marketing automation will play a critical role in their future business success.
  3. Marketers who rely on automation generate twice the number of leads that marketers who use blast emails. Respondents also believe them to be twice as effective when communicating.
  4. 91% of North American companies that use marketing automation report that it offers a return on their investment.
  5. Almost two-thirds of marketers claim to have seen the benefit of marketing automation within half a year of its implementation in their organisations.
  6. 93% of surveyed industry leaders say that marketing automation delivers a return on investment.
  7. 40% of people claim that the supposed complexity of marketing automation prevents them from implementing it. However, only 11% point to the cost as a major barrier.

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The 12 Best Content Marketing Stats

  1. Organisations that post at least 16 blog posts per month receive 3.5 times more traffic than those that publish between 0 and 4. They also receive 4.5% as many leads.
  2. Content marketing leaders experience year-on-year traffic growth of 19.7%. Content marketing followers only achieve growth of 2.5%.
  3. 75% of all blog posts achieve fewer than 10 shares or links from other sites.
  4. Content marketing achieves three times the number of leads as paid search campaigns.
  5. 55% of B2B marketing professionals don’t understand what content marketing success actually entails.
  6. Content marketing produces three times as many leads as traditional strategies while costing 62% less.
  7. Content from industry leaders and influencers receive more credence from B2B buyers in 87% of cases.
  8. 76% of potential purchasers will exchange personal information for a valuable whitepaper.
  9. Content marketers achieve conversion rates of 2.9%. This drops to 0.5% for organisations that don’t use content marketing.
  10. 47% of people read between three and five pieces of content before arranging a conversation with a sales rep.
  11. Of the organisations classed as “highly efficient”, 86% have somebody in charge of their content marketing strategy.
  12. Of marketers who maintain a blog, 82% achieve a positive ROI through the inbound marketing efforts.


The 12 Best Email Marketing Stats

  1. The best time to send emails is 11am. This is the time that achieves the highest CTR.
  2. On average, the traffic that comes from email marketing achieves a 4.29% conversion rate.
  3. In 2017, 21% of the average company’s revenue came as a result of their email campaigns.
  4. Tablet and desktop users are more likely to click on an email than mobile users. They achieve a CTR of 3.8% compared to 2.7% for mobile users.
  5. Tuesday is the best day to send an email if you want to best chance of it getting opened.
  6. 40.5% of people who receive an email after abandoning a shopping cart will open the email.
  7. Segmented email campaigns achieve almost 15% higher open rates than non-segmented campaigns. Segmented campaigns also achieve almost 75% more clicks.
  8. Video-based emails achieve a near 100% higher CTR than emails that don’t contain video.
  9. Placing the recipient’s first name in an email’s subject line leads to a higher CTR.
  10. Email marketing generates a return of $38 for every dollar that you spend.
  11. Targeted and segmented emails generate almost 60% of all revenue that comes from email marketing.
  12. 78% of people have unsubscribed from a mailing list due to the company sending too many emails.


The Three Best LinkedIn Stats

  1. Content consumption on LinkedIn increased by 21% between 2014 and 2016
  2. 93% of B2B marketers claim LinkedIn is the most valuable platform for their efforts.
  3. 82% of people point to LinkedIn as the best social media platform for securing engagement.


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The 10 Best Mobile SEO and Advertising Stats

  1. Over 50% of those surveyed say they’ve discovered a new company while using Google to search on a mobile device.
  2. The average person spends 69% of their digital media time on a mobile device.
  3. Average CTR for mobile PPC ads drops by 45% between the first and second-placed ads.
  4. When shopping online, 84% of people between the ages of 19 and 29 will use a mobile device.
  5. In 18% of cases, local searches on mobile devices lead to a sale being made the very same day.
  6. 57% of people will tell others to avoid a website that offers a poor mobile experience.
  7. About 40% of mobile searchers are looking specifically for a local business.
  8. Mobile sites that load up in less than five seconds engage users for 70% more time than those that take longer than 5 seconds.
  9. People are 10 times more likely to use an offer delivered via their mobile device than an offer they receive in print.
  10. Android users spend an average of $89 per order made using their mobile devices. This increases to $114 for Apple users.


The 10 Best Video Marketing/YouTube Stats

  1. Video ads achieve an average CTR of 1.84%. This is higher than any other form of display advertising.
  2. YouTube now reaches more people aged 18 and over than cable television during primetime hours. And that’s on mobile devices alone.
  3. Viewers watch to the end of a video ad in 70% of cases.
  4. Facebook generates an average of 8 billion video views per day.
  5. Blogs that contain videos see an average of 157% more traffic than blogs that don’t contain videos.
  6. 80% of people will watch a video compared to 20% of people who’ll read text on a page.
  7. When compared to plain text, video is 50% more likely to achieve strong organic search rankings.
  8. About 50% of people search for a product video online before committing to a purchase.
  9. A shopper who watches a video is nearly 2 times more likely to convert than a shopper who doesn’t.
  10. Video marketing leads to 49% faster revenue growth when compared to marketing that doesn’t use video.


Final Word

Perhaps you’re shocked to find out how effective video marketing is at driving clicks.Maybe you’re not taking advantage of local search with your mobile marketing.These stats offer some surprising insight into the effectiveness of good digital marketing campaigns.Use them to inform the direction your campaigns take in the future.


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With all of this evidence, along with the many statistics shared in this article, you can now see just how vital digital marketing is for the modern business.

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