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Know exactly where your digital budget is going and always know how your campaign is tracking. Work with Melbourne digital marketing experts who have nothing to hide. Our approach is 100% transparent. No excuses, no complex jargon and no smooth-talking to mask a lack of results.

When you work with us, you have full visibility of everything. Our dashboards are super detailed so you can see all the stats you need to know on a daily or weekly basis. You always maintain ownership of your Google Adwords account. And when it comes to SEO services, we tell you exactly what links we’re building for you. That’s the OMG difference.

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Why OMG?

Stop wasting your digital marketing dollars on lack-lustre campaigns that don’t deliver results. Invest your budget where you know it will generate a stellar and sustainable ROI. Let our Gurus show you how you can achieve sales growth in Melbourne for your target audience.

Honest Gurus
Honest Gurus
Honest Gurus

Work with an honest, dedicated Melbourne Digital Marketing Agency that puts your goals first. Our approach is 100% transparent from the get-go. Track campaigns and results on your personalised and detailed dashboard. Get regular updates from your digital team. With OMG, you’ll never be left in the dark again.

Evidence-based campaigns
Evidence-based campaigns
Evidence-based campaigns

The key to your success? Data, data and more data. In everything we do, we use the power of data to deliver revenue-shifting results. No guesswork. No hunches. Every decision is informed by real numbers, real results and real testing.

Extensive experience
Extensive experience
Extensive experience

Looking for the leading Melbourne digital marketing team? You’ve found us. We’ve worked with 1000+ clients of all different sizes, across every industry. We’ve seen first-hand the digital strategies that drive conversions and revenue, and those that fail. All these lessons inform your strategy and give us a razor-sharp focus on success.

Come and visit us in Melbourne to discuss your goals.

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Digital Marketing services in Melbourne

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Frequently Asked Questions

Curious to learn more? Here are some of the most common questions we hear day to day.

What is Digital Marketing and what are its benefits?

Digital marketing uses a range of tactics and channels to connect with your target audience where they spend their time: online. On average, Australians spend more than 6 hours and 13 minutes online every single day, whether it’s browsing the web, connecting with friends on social media, using a search engine to find information, or shopping for their products and services. Your audience is online. And if you want to promote your Melbourne business to leads and potential customers, you need to be as well. This is where digital marketing campaigns can make or break your business.

Digital marketing is a powerful way to put your business in front of the people that matter. You know the old saying, “right time, right place, right message”? That place is online. And digital marketing is the key to get you there.

So what goes into it?

Naturally, your website is a huge component of your web marketing efforts. But here’s the thing: with digital, you can’t put your eggs in one basket. It’s not enough to have a website and call it a day. Your audience is on social media, but they’re also on search engines, YouTube, online media publications, and email. That’s why every rock-solid digital marketing strategy should be built upon a multichannel approach. We’re talking web design, content marketing, search engine optimisation, Google Ads, social media advertising, and more. This is the only way to truly improve your brand awareness, increase lead generation, drive revenue, and ultimately achieve sustainable business growth.

Done right, digital marketing helps your revenue soar. A laser-sharp multichannel digital strategy is proven to generate leads, conversions and, ultimately, bottom-line results. We know because we’ve seen it first-hand. However, you need to be focused on the right channels for your business and target the right people if you want to reach your business objectives and achieve revenue=shifting outcomes. That’s where a leading digital marketing agency like OMG comes in.

At OMG, we have a proven record of leveraging multichannel digital marketing solutions to deliver jaw-dropping results for thousands of clients. We’re talking 50x growth in organic revenue, 141% growth in leads, and a whopping 1000% growth in on-site conversions. It’s no wonder 450+ happy clients have given us an average of 4.9+/5 stars on Google Reviews for our award-winning campaigns. Now, we’re here to do the same for you. We’ll help you unlock the benefits of digital and achieve business growth with evidence-based, data-driven marketing campaigns that achieve tangible results. This is the digital marketing agency Melbourne has been waiting for.

Why is Online Marketing Gurus the best Melbourne digital marketing agency?

We are entirely focused on creating and executing digital marketing strategies that forge serious revenue results for our Melbourne clients. Online Marketing Gurus will make sure your digital campaigns are specifically crafted to deliver on your goals. That means we get the results you really want – the ones that change the game for your business. This is true for small businesses and enterprises alike!

How do you know we’re the real deal? Take a look at our numbers: we’re talking about 20:1 ROI revenue gained, 400% more leads and 10x more revenue. Here’s another reason we’re different: we’re happy to tell you precisely how we achieve results. Simply head over to our case studies.

In fact, we’re happy to reveal one of our tactics right here and now. DATA. Everything we do taps into the incredible power of data so we can deliver astounding results. It’s how we make intelligent decisions about which channels to target. It’s how we figure out what’s working and where we can improve and refine. And most importantly, it’s how we ensure your campaign is always on track to provide the ultimate ROI. Another reason we’re considered the best digital marketing agency in Melbourne? Because we don’t cover up our data. We’re 100% transparent from day one.

Naturally, the best way to find out why we’re the best is to ask our clients. These are the companies that have experienced our serious revenue-shifting results. Check out our case studies and testimonials, and flick through our 450+ Google reviews from happy clients.

How do I find the right Melbourne digital marketing agency?

Choosing the right digital marketing agency is a mixture of art and science. There are so many Melbourne agencies claiming to offer the best digital marketing services that narrowing your choices can be overwhelming.

Start by asking your prospective agency some probing questions. Find out how they will improve your digital ROI. Which channels will they target and why? What do they define as great service? How do they communicate with and report to clients? What do their previous clients say about them? Their answers will reveal what you need to know about how they work, whether they’ll be focused on your goals and whether they are honest at heart.

How do I improve my online marketing?

That’s a good question. We know that online marketing is complex. There are a ton of tactics out there, from social media to SEO, and it can be hard for Melbourne-based businesses to know where to start. The fact is, there are heaps of elements that lead to online marketing success. We’re talking about website design and development, social media marketing, landing pages, paid search and SEO to mention just a few. So you can’t just tweak a few things here and there, cross your fingers and hope for the best.

It all begins with the marketing funnel. Every customer goes through a journey, from the moment they first discover your brand to when they learn more about it, enquire about your business, and sign on the dotted line or make a purchase. Savvy digital marketing agencies and companies optimise every part of their strategy development to ensure their marketing campaigns and channels speak to customers at each stage of the funnel. For example, your audience in Australia might first come across your logo and business using a Google search, which means your SEO strategy should be focused on content marketing and generic top-of-funnel keywords to build brand awareness. Then they might hop onto your social media to learn more about your product or service, before contacting you by phone, email or dropping into your store. When you serve up the right message to them at the right time, you’ll see an uplift in traffic, customers, and sales performance.

Another key to improving your digital? You need to delve into the data. This isn’t like putting your logo on a billboard and hoping people see it. The beauty of digital is that you can track your performance across every channel, from your web traffic to search engine marketing, social media engagement, and leads from your website. What’s going on with your digital marketing right now? What’s working? What’s not? How can you build your company online presence to generate more organic traffic and improve your conversion rate? Where are the opportunities for growth, and what’s holding you back? Only by knowing the answers to these questions can you find out where to improve.

Here’s the important part: you can’t go on hunches and guesswork. Even if you think you know what needs changing, use real data to prove it. That’s what evidence-based digital marketing services are all about. Using the evidence to inform your online marketing strategy.

Now, you could go about all of this yourself. You could spend days, weeks, months, or years learning about best practice digital marketing campaigns and solutions – in which time, your competitors will have gained momentum, put their logo on more websites, and captured even more market share. Or you could partner with people who know precisely what they are doing and have a proven track record for success, like an award-winning digital marketing agency in Melbourne, Australia. With the right digital marketing agency, Melbourne-based customers will come flocking to your website and store, and your phone will be ringing off the hook. Ready to bring in floods of traffic, leads and sales? Contact OMG today to claim your free $2000 audit, and find out why we’re the best-rated digital marketing company in Melbourne, Australia.

What goes into a successful digital marketing campaign?

The secret to a click-crazy digital marketing campaign? That entirely depends on your business situation, industry, and a world of other factors at play. But it all starts with having clearly defined goals and objectives – also known as SMART goals – at the beginning of each campaign. This guarantees that every strategy pushed forward is perfectly targeted toward what your business needs to succeed.

But what exactly are SMART goals? Well, it’s actually an acronym for the following:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Relevant
  • Time-bound

To create a SMART goal for your brand, it needs to be something that can be clearly defined and measured, one that can be reached by your brand and our Gurus by a specified time, and is also applicable to your current business situation. Where possible, it’s also helpful to also create one based upon past data and industry insights which ensures your goal can give you the results needed to stand atop the competition.

Doubling down on past data, it’s crucial that you set up accurate goal tracking through a trusted platform or CRM. You’re really only as good as your data, so be sure to take care and maintain it regularly if you want to realise substantial success in the digital world. This data can transform your strategies into conversion-grabbing monsters as data can offer up vital industry insights and opportunities to further enhance your campaign.

Moving away from goals, we additionally recommend building an internal digital marketing team of both specialists and generalists. Why? Because it provides you with immense flexibility and a wide variety of perspectives going into every campaign. Specialists offer the essential expertise needed to reach that next level of success in each marketing channel. Generalists then provide your team with the ability to shift and change quickly to whatever your company needs to reach your goals with minimal wait time.

What’s more, for sustained success in your digital solutions, your online business needs to take a holistic approach to every proper strategy it undertakes. That means taking a step back and making sure that your entire marketing strategy is interconnected and focused on a clear direction. Having silos between digital channels is the biggest detriment to business success, so be sure to construct your digital solutions in a way that ensures everything connects to each other and has a clear purpose toward your defined objectives.

Do you offer digital marketing workshops or training?

Yes, we do. Our goal is to partner with Melbourne businesses and marketing teams of all sizes to unleash the power of digital, and be the fastest-growing brand they can be. There are a few ways we do this. One way is to organise exclusive face-to-face digital marketing workshops for your team. This training is delivered by our experienced Digital Gurus and available to our existing and new clients. Even if you’re working with a digital agency, it still pays to improve your team’s skills and performance in digital. We also provide training to our valued partner organisations and have trained teams at BigCommerce and PayPal. Because even the experts need to sharpen their skills now and again!

So, what do we train you in? Everything essential when it comes to digital. SEO, social media advertising, paid search, general digital marketing – we can service the topics you need to meet your training and performance goals. If you’re not sure what you need, give us a call. We’ll delve into what you want to achieve with a campaign and design a workshop that hits your bullseye.

Look out for our regular digital bootcamps and workshops in Melbourne, Australia too. But if you can’t wait until then, head over to our blog for the latest digital tips and recommendations. You’ll find articles, ebooks, news, and checklists on all things SEO, PPC, content, social and more.

So, why should you partner and learn from us? Simple. Our team at OMG Australia comprises of industry experts who have worked with thousands of clients worldwide to get measurable digital results. These Gurus are working on live digital strategies every single day. And they are happy to share their proven tactics for performance with you. There aren’t many Melbourne digital marketing companies that can say that!

What do digital marketing consultants do?

At the most basic level, a digital marketing consultant or marketing agency in Melbourne should help you grow your brand and business online.

They’ll help you create a tailored digital marketing strategy that achieves your objectives with a combination of marketing platforms and services. See, what works for you is going to be different to what works for the business next door. A marketing agency will help you pick and choose the right digital marketing services for your business, whether it’s Google Ads, SEO, social media, email marketing, content marketing, or web design and development. And after you’re happy with the solutions they’ve proposed, they’ll help you reach your target audience, drive more qualified traffic to your website, improve conversion rates, and ultimately bring in more sales. But that’s not all. A digital agency should also optimise each and every campaign using evidence and data, in order to ensure you get the best ROI possible.

But here’s the deal. Not all digital agencies are created equal. There’s a big difference between a leading digital marketing agency that gets tangible revenue results and one that will present you with vanity metrics and achieve below-average ROI. If you want the best results from a digital agency, you have to pick one that’s got a proven track record for helping brands and businesses grow. That’s us.

As an award-winning digital marketing agency, Melbourne businesses have trusted OMG to deliver revenue-shifting results for years. From SEO to conversion rate optimisation and PPC campaign development, our team is laser-focused on using our expertise and experience to get outstanding results for brands across the state. Best of all, it’s FREE to get started – no strings attached. Get in touch with us today to claim your audit worth $2,000, and find out why we’re the best digital marketing agency Melbourne has to offer.

Do you focus on big or small companies?

We work with everyone, regardless of whether your logo and brands are a household name. Our team of Gurus gladly partner with small business owners, big enterprises, eCommerce businesses and anything in between. Our digital marketing efforts have proven results, and Melbourne businesses partner with us to turn their strategies on their heads. The fact is, we can help you get results regardless of the size of your company and the type of product or service you offer. It’s all about reaching your goals with the right strategy – and that’s where we excel.

Every client is unique, but the chances are, we’ve worked with businesses facing the same challenges and barriers as you. We use that knowledge and experience, together with our understanding of your business, to create a strategy that delivers sustainable results.

How do I get started?

Ask yourself: ‘Am I ready to start making things happen with my digital marketing results? Am I tired of wasting my time and budget on digital marketing strategies that don’t deliver?’ If you’re ready to do something about it, our Digital Growth Gurus are ready to help.

Whether you’re looking to completely overhaul your digital marketing campaign through proven strategies or just need a passionate team to help give the business that final push it needs, OMG is there to help you. Rather than brutishly taking control of all your marketing, we seamlessly integrate into your team, becoming an extension of your squad rather than an external source. This ensures every brand strategy we push forward is purpose-built to easily fit into your current campaign.

So, if you’re ready to kick start your digital marketing adventure with OMG, it all starts here – by simply claiming your 50+ page digital audit. While it’s worth $2000, you get it for FREE. No fee, no obligations, no catch. Just a frank 30-minute strategy call and conversation about how we can help grow your business. We will discuss your business goals, target market, competition, and digital tactics up until now. We’ll take the time to put each digital marketing channel under a magnifying glass, with the goal to identify potential opportunities for explosive business growth. Using evidence and statistics, we’ll complete a comprehensive analysis of every channel including social media platforms, PPC, and SEO.

Then, we’ll bring it together into your free digital audit with an in-depth, 6-month roadmap, on-boarding and timelines to propel your strategy towards your goals. You don’t have to work with us afterwards – simply take our advice and try it out for yourself. But if you do decide we’re the digital marketing company for you, we will do great things together.

Don’t forget, we’re a full-service digital marketing agency that has the experience and know-how across all digital marketing channels. From SEO, SEM, social media marketing, content strategy, remarketing, conversion-focused custom landing pages, and so much more, our Gurus can do anything and everything you need to experience long-lasting success.

We highly recommend you direct your energy to invest in digital marketing that delivers. Claim your free 50+ page audit, 30-minute strategy call, and 6-month multi-channel gameplan worth $2000 right here and now to get a return on your marketing dollar worth shouting about.

What results can I expect from the best digital marketing company?

Simply put, if you partner with OMG – the best digital agency in Melbourne – you’ll expect nothing but game-changing, world-beating revenue growth. Why? Because we don’t partner with companies for a month or two, we’re in it for the long haul. Through this, we have time and time again supported clients across industries and business situations to experience long-term growth fuelled by snowballing website traffic, leads, and sales.

From small to medium businesses to multinational corporations, OMG is a full-service digital agency that can take you to the promised land and help you achieve magnificent results. Need some proof from real previous clients? Then scroll through our case studies across a variety of Australian businesses and find a company similar to yours to see how this digital advertising agency can help you.

For example, our digital strategists helped this Melbourne-based team of computer specialists see a 600% increase in organic conversions, year on year, with the use of targeted conversion optimization. We additionally worked with a renowned lifestyle brand to increase their domain authority from 9 to 52 with an extensive technical SEO overhaul.

While we’re a premium digital agency based in Melbourne that has a distinct knack for SEO, we also have extensive services in social media strategy, email marketing, PPC, and so much more. For example, our Gurus worked with a leading Australian eyewear specialist to decrease cost per click for PPC by 59% and increase organic conversions by 62% by creating highly targeted PPC campaigns and optimising local SEO directories such as Google My Business. Moreover, our team also generated a 12:1 ROI within 15 months for an online Australian pet store through consistent optimisation of the overall strategy alongside much needed technical SEO.

With an ever-growing list of exceedingly satisfied Australian businesses, a 4.9/5 rating on Google from over 450 reviews, alongside 15+ industry awards, it’s safe to say that this creative digital agency is the one to go to first if you need to make a splash online. Whether you want an SEO agency to help your site climb the rankings on search engines, a creative digital agency to assist in mobile app development and creating engaging customer experiences, or just want a full-service digital design agency based in Melbourne to create campaigns that guarantee explosive business success, OMG is the undoubtedly the right agency to work with! Start obtaining more customers today and work with a team of experts that beat all the other digital marketing agencies.

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