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Unlock explosive revenue growth with honest, evidence-based digital marketing.

As a business, you want a Brisbane Digital Marketing Agency that understands you. An agency that does what they guarantee, without excuses. Experts who keep you in the loop – and deliver real results with an impact you can measure. Your search stops here.

OMG is not just Brisbane’s, but Australia’s best-rated Digital Marketing Agency – and for good reason! We get the results that meet our clients’ goals. Just take a look at the numbers: 20:1 ROI revenue gained. 400% more leads. 10x more revenue.

Whether you’re a small business or large enterprise in Brisbane, our sole focus is on online marketing that translates into serious revenue for your business.

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Why OMG?

Are you wasting your precious marketing budget on digital campaigns that don’t deliver? Now’s the time to partner with Brisbane’s best-rated digital agency. With our Gurus on the case, you can be confident every dollar is working towards your long-term goals. When you work with the experts, you’ll get expert results.

Partner with honest Gurus
Partner with honest Gurus
Partner with honest Gurus

Meet the agency that focuses on honest digital marketing strategies for Brisbane businesses. No dodgy tactics or secret squirrel business here. Our Gurus are 100% transparent. From day one, you always know exactly where your digital dollars are going and how your campaign is tracking.

Evidence-based campaigns
Evidence-based campaigns
Evidence-based campaigns

What’s the one thing at the core of every successful digital marketing strategy? Data. We put real data and real insights at the centre of everything we do. No guesswork here. Everything is tested and proven to get the game-changing results you want.

Thousands of successful campaigns
Thousands of successful campaigns
Thousands of successful campaigns

Our Gurus have worked with thousands of clients globally – businesses large and small across every industry. We’ve seen first-hand the strategies that get real results, and those that flat-out fail. And we put this knowledge to work for your business. Come and visit us in Brisbane to discuss your next winning campaign.

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Evidence-based Digital Marketing

Drive tangible results for your bottom line with data-driven Digital Marketing. Our Gurus offer transparent, evidence-based campaigns and strategy that help you win.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Curious to learn more? Here are some of the most common questions we hear day to day.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing. Two words, one MASSIVE topic that can achieve revenue-shifting results for your business. Digital marketing involves using various channels and tactics to reach your target audience online. Done well, it’s a powerful and precise way to connect online with the people who matter most (your potential customers) and ultimately get them to make a purchase or sign on the dotted line.

Why is this so important?

Your customers spend a LOT of time online. 6 hours and 13 minutes every day, in fact. And during this time, there are countless opportunities for them to come across your business. Let’s take the 63,000 search queries typed into Google every second, which includes queries for products, services and online shopping. Or the 2.6 billion monthly users on Facebook and 1 billion monthly users on Instagram who scroll through the platform for hours on end every day. Or the 774 million+ professionals that use LinkedIn for their career. That’s a ton of people, just waiting to discover your products and services. But you can’t reach them unless you’re online too. That’s where digital marketing comes in.

Want to appear on the first page for relevant search terms that your customers are searching for in Google, like “local cafe near me” or “best computer shop in Brisbane”? You’re thinking on the right track. See, 75% of people never click past the first page of search engine results. But here’s the thing. There are millions of websites online, all of which are competing for the top 10 positions on Google. If you want to outrank them and come out on top, we highly recommend search engine optimisation, or SEO. SEO involves optimising your website’s on-page, off-page, and technical elements for search engines like Google. With SEO, you’ll improve your ranking for keywords related to your product or business, which translates to more brand visibility, more traffic, more leads, and more sales.

Another way to get to the top of search engines? PPC marketing strategies. With PPC, you pay every time your target audience clicks on your ad. The most popular PPC advertising platform is Google Ads, which allows you to advertise your business at the top of search engine results. Other avenues for PPC advertising include display advertising across 2 million websites using the Google Display Network, YouTube Advertising on the world’s biggest video platform, Google Shopping Ads, local search ads, Gmail ads, or even retargeting ads that are shown to people who have previously engaged with your website or company.

Then there are social media marketing solutions. Brisbanites use social media every day to connect with friends, family and brands online. If you want your business to appear on your audience’s newsfeed, social media advertising is the way to do it. The best part about these platforms is that you can run digital marketing campaigns with laser-focused targeting. Want to only reach customers who are female, living in Southbank and aged between 25 and 34? With social media, you can do it – and achieve insane ROAS as a result.

Don’t forget about email marketing campaigns either. The number of global email users is set to reach 4.48 billion by 2024, and email has been ranked by small businesses as the second most effective medium for building brand awareness. From promotional emails to brand marketing campaigns, email is a great way to reach your database with a highly personalised message that converts quality leads or encourages them to make a purchase.

Lastly, let’s talk content marketing. This is a MUST for every Brisbane-based business. Content marketing underpins ALL your digital advertising tactics: it helps you improve your organic ranking on search engines, encourages people to click on your Google Ads or social media ads, and builds trust between your business and your audience. Content marketing comes in a number of forms, but the most popular are blog posts, news articles, infographics, videos, podcasts, eBooks, and white papers.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There are a number of other web marketing tactics, including web design, web development, conversion rate optimisation, graphic design, marketing automation, influencer marketing, and more.

We know – it’s a lot for any business to manage. That’s why more and more Brisbane companies are turning to a full-service digital marketing agency like OMG for help. A digital marketing company can help you pinpoint the best channels to grow your business website and build hyper-focused digital marketing campaigns that bring in floods of new visitors to your website. Ready to learn more? Fill out the form below to claim your FREE audit worth $2,000. No catch, no strings attached. Just real revenue results.

How do I find the right digital marketing agency in Brisbane?

Finding the right Brisbane Digital Marketing Agency isn’t rocket science. But with so many Brisbane companies to choose from, narrowing down your options can be an overwhelming task. You need an agency that’s willing to sink their teeth into your business and get to know your goals and challenges. An agency that won’t stop until they are accelerating towards your goals and delivering an ROI you’ve always dreamt of.

Start by drilling your prospective agency on how they will get results. Are they open and honest about their tactics? If no, walk away now because they’ve probably got something to hide. If yes, brilliant! Now check their track record. Delve into their case studies to see what results they have achieved. You’re looking for long-lasting results here – not just the quick wins. Ask them how they did it. Are they happy to discuss their approach?

Finally, ask them how they communicate with their clients. You need an agency that will be an extension to your own team. They should focus on open, honest and regular communication and you should find it’s a pleasure working with them, not a chore. At a minimum, you should receive a monthly report and updates. Phew! There’s a lot to consider when looking for the right Brisbane Digital Marketing Agency. It all starts with a conversation – let’s talk!

How do I get fast traffic on my website?

Let’s be frank. You can’t build a website and expect people to immediately come running. That’s not how success works in the digital world. Investing in digital marketing is essential to attract the right visitors to your website – visitors who are looking for what you have to offer. The fastest way to get traffic to your website is with pay per click advertising, or PPC. This is where you pay the advertising platform, such as Google Adwords, money every time someone clicks on your ad. The great thing about PPC is that it targets consumers right at the moment when they’re ready to buy.

But there’s a catch.

While PPC will get you fast website traffic, you still need tools like SEO and content marketing to build your online reputation and reach audiences at every stage of the funnel. In fact, we highly recommend it to all of our clients. Fast website traffic is great, but what delivers results is a continuous stream of the right traffic for a high conversion rate. PPC is all about faster, paid results while SEO gets long-term, sustainable traffic to your website. Any digital marketing agency team worth your time will look at ways to take advantage of both tactics and bring them together for astounding results.

Why is Online Marketing Gurus the best digital marketing agency in Brisbane?

OMG is the leading digital marketing agency for a multitude of reasons, but it all comes down to the gold-standard approach we take to every campaign.

Our entire process is entirely evidence-based and driven by cold hard numbers. This means that each and every idea and optimisation we implement is centred around proven strategies that all but guarantee revenue-raising returns. What’s more, we’ve even developed our very own innovative evidence-based tool called Gurulytics, which has quickly become an industry-leading app for our clients to visualise and gain instant insights from your fingertips.

We exist to design and implement digital marketing strategies that create serious revenue for every single client. If you speak to other Brisbane digital marketing agencies, they might promise success in the form of clicks, traffic and likes. That’s what makes us stand out. Our team is here to deliver the results you really want: the ones you can take straight to the bank.

Whether you’re a new business looking to make a huge splash with a perfectly optimised new website or an existing business that’s in dire need of a digital marketing makeover, our whole team can give you that much-needed push into the eyes of customers who can’t help but click buy. We’ll go above and beyond to ensure your site climbs to the top on Google and other search engines as well as social media marketing that improves your digital performance.

We also boast a star-studded team of specialists in their respective digital channels rather than a group of generalists. What this means for our extremely happy clients is they’ll get to work with digital marketing experts who have unmatched knowledge and prowess in their respective fields. Rather than middling campaigns, our digital agency promises next-level campaigns that digital marketing agencies simply cannot match.

Need more proof of our success? Check out our near impeccable 4.9/5 star rating on Google with over 450+ reviews from a plethora of different clients with different situations. So, if you’re in need of the best digital marketing agency Brisbane has to offer, you need to get in touch with Online Marketing Gurus today! Whether you have a small team in need of help implementing SEO changes or just need a Guru to enhance your web development, our Gurus are guaranteed to deliver results to improve your bottom line.

What Digital Marketing services do you provide?

Our team of Gurus provide every service you need to make sales and revenue soar. That means website SEO, PPC, content marketing, social media advertising, and conversion rate optimisation.

Let’s start with website SEO. If you want your website (or websites) to appear on the top of search engine results, we’re here to help you do it with a well-crafted white hat SEO campaign. Our Gurus research the keywords your target audience are looking for online, then engineer a tailored strategy that will get your website to the top of search results for the most profitable search terms.

PPC is another channel our team uses to help your business grow. From Google Ads for your product or service to remarketing and display advertising, we’ll bring floods of highly targeted visitors to your website – then turn those clicks into conversions. The same goes for social media advertising. With the help of our team of social media Gurus, you’ll put your brand in front of your audience with a hyper-targeted campaign on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn.

We’ll also craft compelling content that sets you apart from the rest. Unlike another team in Brisbane, our Gurus understand that content makes all the difference between a campaign that delivers sky-high ROI and one that barely makes a dent in your bottom line.

Then there’s conversion rate optimisation. On top of opening the floodgates to more clicks, we’ll make sure every page on your website is primed to turn clicks into conversions. Whether it’s A/B testing on your website or evaluating user behaviour, our team will turn your site into a lean, mean conversion machine.

Got another campaign requirement that’s not on this list? Talk to us! What we’ve listed here is the tip of the iceberg. Our team of Gurus have all kinds of digital skills under their belt, from marketing automation to lead generation tactics for your service. We’re here to help YOU succeed. Best of all, we’ve also got an extensive network of partners in Australia, who we have the pleasure working with on website design and development, graphic design, PR, brand marketing strategies, and more. Between our team and our team of partners, we have you covered on all things marketing.

What are the processes involved in Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing uses digital channels to connect with your target audience where they spend their time: online. It goes beyond website design to include services such as search engine marketing and search engine optimisation (SEO), email marketing, social media advertising, local search, paid search, content marketing, and much more. One essential tactic is SEO – the process of optimising your website to rank higher in search results to drive more organic traffic to your web page. Another key tactic is paid search advertising, or Pay Per Click, which attracts traffic to your website by paying the online channel every time your ad is clicked.

The most powerful method is Google Adwords where you can bid for prime space on Google’s search engine results pages. None of this is effective without brilliant content marketing – the creation and promotion of blog posts, videos and ebooks to generate brand visibility, website traffic and leads. These are just a few of the digital marketing methods you and your team can use. But the best results come when you bring different channels and tactics together to hit your goals

There’s another essential process in digital marketing that we haven’t talked about yet: optimisation. You need to continuously track, test and adjust your digital marketing strategy based on what you can see is working, and what’s not. Only with constant fine-tuning can really turbocharge your return on investment.

Do you focus on big or small companies?

Everyone! Big, small, online businesses, enterprises, start-ups, e-commerce companies – we work with business owners and marketers who recognise the value in serious digital marketing. No matter your size, we’ll make you feel like you’re our only client. Here’s the best part – because we work with companies of all sizes and industries, chances are we’ve worked with a client just like you. This gives us valuable insights that we can use to create a unique strategy for you.

Why are SEO and Digital Marketing so important?

The simple answer is this: SEO and digital marketing help turbocharge your business growth. Why? Because online is the first place today’s consumers go to research and buy products and services. With over 100 billion searches every single month on Google across the globe, the numbers speak for themselves. In an increasingly digital world, your business needs to be online if you want to realise long-lasting success.

According to TechCrunch, a massive 79% of people shop online, and according to ODM Group, 74% of consumers rely on social networks to help with their purchasing decisions. And Forbes reports that more than 8 in 10 consumers conduct research online.

How do you reach your future customers, engage them and win them over? The answer is digital marketing, encompassing a strong social media strategy. And as any good Brisbane agency team will tell you, website SEO is the pillar of an effective digital marketing strategy. Customers just won’t find you without it.

In fact, without incorporating SEO and digital marketing, you’re missing out on potential sales that could take your brand to the next level. As stated by Junto, 75% of people never scroll past the first page of search engines. In fact, Backlinko has highlighted how scoring the number 1 organic result is 10x more likely to receive a click compared to the tenth spot. So, if you want your brand to take over the digital space on key search terms, then you undoubtedly need the help of a leading digital marketing agency with SEO services.

But what about social media? With 2.6 billion monthly active Facebook users, one billion active users on Instagram, and 617 million active users on LinkedIn, social media is full of incredible opportunities for your business to connect to your audience.

Every day your business is not online, you’re letting other competitors take control of the mind-share online when in it comes to your type of services and products. Don’t settle for middling campaigns that fail to incorporate an increasingly important part of a consumer’s life. Give your brand the best chance it has to succeed and get to work on SEO and digital marketing as soon as possible!

Is Digital Marketing worth it in 2022?

Absolutely. In 2022, Australians are spending even more online than ever before. The average person spends 6 hours and 13 minutes online every single day – and that’s up 10% from the previous year. It’s not just browsing either. 5.6 million Australian households purchased something online in July 2021, and e-Commerce sales accounted for 16.3% of ALL retail spend across the country. Our entire lives are digital. And if you want to grow your business and stay relevant with your audience in Brisbane, your marketing campaigns need to be digital as well.

But here’s the tough part. It’s not enough to just put together a website design and call it a day. Like you, your competitors are using digital marketing tactics to reach the same pool of customers. If your marketing team doesn’t have a clear game plan and strategy, you’ll fall behind and they’ll scoop up all of your potential customers – and all of your potential revenue. That’s why savvy businesses turn to a digital marketing company like OMG to help them stand out.

We help you reach your target audience online and get revenue-shifting results from your digital marketing campaigns. Our secret? An evidence-based approach, based on data and informed by our expert team of Gurus. We don’t believe in smoke, mirrors, or vanity metrics. What matters to us is improving your online presence and translating that into sales for your business. Because we believe this is the digital marketing Brisbane businesses like yours deserves.

How much does Digital Marketing cost in Australia?

There is no hard and fast rule on this one. We know it’s not the answer you’re looking for, but it’s the truth. The cost of digital marketing depends on the team you’re working with, the size of your business, what services you require, the industry you’re in, and the quality of the work delivered.

Each digital marketing company is different, and so is what they bring to the table. The amount that you invest for an award-winning agency based in Brisbane isn’t the same as digital services delivered by a team of consultants or offshore businesses. On top of that, the size of your company also matters. It’s one thing to grow a local business based in Brisbane. It’s another thing entirely to grow a global company across several markets.

What’s more, you have to consider the services that you require. If you’re just after SEO, this is going to have a different cost than if you’re after PPC, website SEO, content marketing, and a social media advertising campaign. Then there’s the industry you’re in. A hyper-competitive industry like activewear might have higher advertising costs than an industry where you’re first to the market. And lastly, you have to look at quality. If you’re working with a cheap team, it might not cost you much – but you might not see tangible results either. However, that doesn’t mean you have to choose the most expensive team of digital marketers to get bang for your buck. What really matters is your ROI.

Above all else, it’s important to see digital as an investment. That’s how you’re going to get the most bang for buck from your digital marketing and how you’re going to grow your business’ online presence. You want to find a team that will get you the BEST return possible for your budget, regardless of whether you’re spending $1,000, $5,000 or $10,000.

Another tip? Opt for a full-service agency like OMG if you want to get the most value. With this type of digital marketing, Brisbane businesses can entrust all of their online marketing to one team, from social media to search engine optimisation, PPC, content and email marketing. This means you’ll have one group of expert team members who know your business inside and out, and who are all working together to help you achieve your goals. Plus, this method is more cost-effective as you won’t need to work with several different agencies for different channels.

Want to learn more about the cost of working with the Online Marketing Gurus team? We highly recommend you get in touch with us today and request your free digital audit service worth $2,000. We’ll develop a game plan and 6-month roadmap that shows you precisely how we’re going to help you skyrocket leads and revenue using digital marketing – and get you the ROI you’ve always dreamed of.

What company is best for Digital Marketing?

If you’re looking for a digital team, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. After all, there are a ton of Brisbane-based agencies out there offering similar marketing solutions. How do you pick the best team for your business?

We’ll keep it simple: the best company for digital marketing is one that has a proven track record of delivering great results for clients. That’s all you need, plain and simple. A team can put anything on a business website. They can sell you on all their services and make promises of insane amounts of traffic to your website. But at the end of the day, these claims don’t matter. What matters is the service they provide and the results. You want to partner with a business that has clients who say it’s been a pleasure working together and that others highly recommend. Not one who has negative reviews or no reviews at all.

Here’s another tip. Look for a business that’s been recognised by the best. We’re talking Facebook Marketing Partners and Google Premier Partners who are up to date with the latest in search engines and Google Ads. These agencies have demonstrated time and time again that they can achieve mind-blowing revenue results for their clients. Industry awards are another tell-tale sign that the team has focus and knows how to create digital campaigns that meet business needs. An agency that’s won awards from reputable industry organisations…that’s the kind of agency Brisbane businesses should be looking for.

Finally, take stock of how they create and report on campaigns. Do they review the data, look at the evidence, and use this to make informed decisions? Do they communicate with you openly and transparently? Do they have a long-term partnership approach that’s focused on getting great results for you, now and in the future? THAT’S the type of business you want to team up with.

Great news: you’ve already found the top agency Brisbane has to offer. It’s us. Over the years, we’ve had the pleasure working with thousands of business owners to help them grow their website traffic, leads, and sales. Our team of Gurus are the best in their game and we’ve got the certifications to prove it, from being a Google Premier Partner to receiving accolades from SEMrush, Deloitte, FT, Anthill, Telstra, and more. And when it comes to happy clients? We have them in spades in Australia and beyond. Just check out the 450+ clients who highly recommend us with a 4.9+/5 star review rating on Google Reviews, or discover the great results we’ve achieved in our campaign case studies.

We’ve already helped countless websites smash through revenue goals. Now, our team is ready to do the same for you. Claim your free digital audit service worth $2,000, and find out why Australian businesses trust us to achieve success with their digital marketing.

How do I get started?

First, take a good look at your existing digital marketing strategy (if you have one). How’s it tracking? Is it delivering the tangible results you hoped for? Maybe you’re not sure whether your strategy is working – which is a clear sign you need to do something about it right now.

That’s where we come in. Get your free audit service worth $2000. Our Gurus will get to work assessing your website and online presence. We look at your website SEO, paid search, social strategy, content and more. We delve into your market and competition. Then show you where we can make things a whole lot better. The best part is this service is completely FREE – no cost, no obligations.

Like what you see? Great! Don’t waste any more time. We’ll work with you to prepare a plan that puts your goals front and centre. We always put in the hard yards to get to know our clients properly – because we know this is what makes the difference between a strategy that’s sale-soaring or just so-so.

Ready to talk? Lock in ​​your FREE digital audit today​​.

What is the best Digital Marketing strategy?

This depends on your business goals. The channels and tactics that work for one company might not necessarily work for another, which is why we craft tailor-made campaigns and strategies for every one of our clients. However, after years in the business, we know there are a few things that every digital marketing strategy NEEDS to have.

First, a multichannel approach. Your customers don’t just use Google to browse the web or visit one social media platform. They’re surfing multiple websites, using a variety of different platforms, and connecting with their favourite brand on social, search, website and email. If you want to do digital marketing well, we highly recommend you do the same thing. A multichannel approach is the key to unlock more brand awareness, more website traffic, more leads for your service, and more sales. It’s about finding your target audience where THEY spend their time on the web – not about forcing them to find you.

The best strategy is also based on evidence and data. Trust us: you won’t see success from your campaign without it. An evidence-based approach involves reviewing what’s working based on the facts, then adjusting and adapting your campaigns with that information. Without data, you’re flying blind – and worse yet, you’re losing out on traffic and revenue.

Finally, it’s about focus. Whether it’s Google Ads or SEO, it’s easy to get distracted with so many moving parts. But if you want your team to succeed, you need to focus your energy on the channels that help you achieve your goals. Want more leads? Focus on growing awareness and driving traffic to your website’s pages with content marketing. Looking to lift ROI? It’s time to optimise your campaign and website design to improve your conversion rate. When you focus on the tactics and channels that matter to your bottom line, you’ll see more success from your digital campaign.

We know that it’s easier said than done. That’s why we highly recommend you partner with the best digital agency in Australia to help you not only reach your goals, but smash through them. And that agency? It’s us. Our team of Gurus will help you cut through the noise, pinpoint the right marketing channels and tactics for your product or service, and ultimately, drive more sales for your bottom line. To find out how we do it, request your free digital audit service today.

What results can I expect from a digital marketing agency?

When you team up with a trusted digital marketing agency – like Online Marketing Gurus – you’ll receive real, tangible results, that will only improve in the long term.

Why? Because when you partner with a Brisbane digital marketing agency like us, you partner with them for the long haul. That means when we plan a digital marketing campaign, we do so with the mindset that seeks to provide your business with the best opportunities to realise explosive business success.

As we plan for the long-term, we in turn avoid cheap tricks and gimmicks which other digital marketing agencies use to give off the impression that they’re building brand success. Moreover, we pride ourselves on ensuring each campaign is uniquely yours, custom-designed to tackle your one-of-a-kind business situation and your overall brand strategy. Whether you need digital marketing consultants for help with data-driven keyword research and perfectly optimised content writing or fresh perspectives to revitalise and enhance your social media presence, we can and will do everything in our power to reach every goal you set.

Ultimately, your bottom line is an undisputed measurement of business success, and every strategy we push forward to elevate your web presence, quality leads, or sales online is all done to give a long-lasting boost to your revenue. Regardless of your industry, business size, current situation or location, we’re confident that our great team of digital marketing consultants can provide the digital performance you desire.

Don’t believe us? Why not check out our happy clients across Brisbane who can attest to our evidence-based approach and strategies? Our dedicated team worked with a Brisbane-based provider of custom exhibitions and display stands to unlock 170% growth in organic conversions and an 80:1 ROI from SEO in just one year. Through comprehensive technical SEO and strategic building of relevant links, our Gurus also helped a bamboo eco-wear brand unlock a 63% increase in organic transactions.

Need more proof? Check out our work with a renowned pen and marker manufacturer on hyper-focused PPC and onsite SEO to bring in a 176% boost in total website visitors, year on year. OMG additionally did an amazing job with a Fortitude Valley-based furniture brand that gained a brilliant 2.5x increase in top 3 keyword rankings with share-worthy content creation and local SEO optimisation.

Results speak for themselves, our clients past and present can all agree that we’re the best full-service digital agency you can partner with. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with our Gurus today!

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