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YouTube Advertising

One billion users. 30 million active viewers every day. If you want to reach millions to make millions, YouTube advertising is the strategy for you.

Captivate audiences, drive clicks, skyrocket sales.

If you want real marketing ROI, you need to engage consumers where they spend their time. For over one billion people across the world, that’s on YouTube. In fact, one third of all online activity is now spent watching videos. There are over 30 million daily active users on YouTube every single day. That’s more than the whole population of Australia.

Here’s the kicker – this audience is not mindlessly scrolling through videos, as on other social media channels. They use YouTube video for entertainment or help with everything from cooking to exercise, tech tips to business inspiration, and more. They are involved in what they are watching. 

YouTube claims that 95% of time spent watching video on is full-screen and with the sound on. So, when you advertise on YouTube, you are not just reaching a huge audience, you are reaching a huge engaged audience. That’s where the real magic happens.

A targeted YouTube ads campaign will reach the people who are interested in what you have to offer. We focus our marketing in a way that resonates with and compel potential customers to act. Our experience shows that these targeted campaigns deliver some of the lowest costs per view, meaning your business can get MASSIVE exposure and deliver HUGE revenue impact.

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Dominate digital with the world’s most explosive channel.

Is it really possible to ramp up revenue with YouTube advertising? Yes! We know because we’ve worked with businesses to launch campaigns that reach millions of viewers and create millions in revenue.

Google's YouTube platform is growing at an incredible rate. Not just on the small screen, either. With the YouTube app available on a vast range of smart TVs, gaming consoles and streaming devices, TV represents YouTube’s fastest growing screen type. Target a growing audience watching YouTube via a TV screen, as well as small screens, and the growth opportunities are explosive.

Our Gurus are here to identify new opportunities to pinpoint your target audience, engage them and drive the actions you want. Every message on your YouTube channel is marketed to your target audience based on two things: what we know about them, and what your marketing objective is. Then, we refine the content, messaging and targeting to deliver the maximum return on your ad budget. It’s all part of our YouTube advertising services.

We’ve got everything you need for YouTube advertising success.

Ever heard the saying “it takes a village to raise a child?” The same is true for digital marketing success. That’s why we don’t proclaim to do everything ourselves. We partner with the world’s best to make sure you have access to the skills and tools you need to get incredible results – not just on YouTube, but on every digital marketing channel.

Integration is key. Our team has worked with businesses of all types and sizes to create integrated results-driven advertising campaigns that reach and engage your audience everywhere, from YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, to Google and Bing across any video ad format. We not only create impact, we measure it too. Because it’s only through using these insights that we can improve time and time again.

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Frequently asked questions

To help you make the most-informed decision, here are common questions customers ask us. More questions? Scroll down, fill out the form, and just ask.

Yes, YouTube advertising can drive more sales, leads, and customers straight to your bottom line. With 30 million active daily users, YouTube marketing is a perfect way to boost brand exposure and skyrocket sales. But as with any digital advertising, it’s only worth the investment if you take the time to create a high-quality, precisely targeted campaign.
YouTube’s paid advertising runs through Google Ads. So, like all PPC advertising channels, the cost of your YouTube ad depends on your unique campaign. That said, YouTube does have a fairly low cost per view, with the average being anything between $0.10 and $0.30. But don’t let that fool you – a decent budget is imperative if you want to get the best out of YouTube advertising. Why? Because your ad needs to be well-crafted and precisely targeted if you want to drive traffic and leads to your business. Take this statistic: 20% of viewers will exit a video if it doesn’t grip them in the first 10 seconds. So, you can’t put just any video on YouTube; you need a good quality ad that will grab attention and compel action. But don’t let this put you off – there are tremendous gains to be made when you get it right.
Advertising on YouTube is simple when you partner with the right agency. As YouTube runs through Google Ads, a campaign will be created with your Google account. This is where OMG can help to ensure your campaign meets the right specifications in line with your budget, your goals and your target audience. There are six types of YouTube ads (TrueView, non-skippable instream, bumper instream, sponsored card, overlay and display), and by working with us we will help you determine which formats are best suited to your needs!
That’s where our YouTube advertising services and strong partner network come into the picture. We know that creating incredible video content needs dedicated time and budget. If you don’t have the experience or know-how in-house, working with an agency will deliver high-quality video content crafted to grab attention and engage audiences. What sort of video content do you want to produce? Whether it’s product demos, lifestyle promotion, behind-the-scenes footage or how-to videos, OMG has experience collaborating closely with partner agencies, including video agencies, to create incredible video ads not just for YouTube but any online platforms where consumers are watching.
Because our clients say so. And they should know – they’re the ones raking in incredible results from our social media advertising campaigns. How do we do it? We understand each social media platform, what it is best designed for, and how to tap into its unique elements to get the best results for your business. Better still, we know that no digital marketing campaign works in isolation. With our wide-ranging expertise, we can bring SEO, content marketing, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and whatever other platform your audience is using to drive conversions.
YouTube advertising automatically *ads* benefits to your business as the reach on this platform is ENORMOUS. It is the second most-used search engine after Google, with 1.8 billion users per month and immediately targeting your customers based on their searches. It also gives you the option of advance target based on demographics, and its user-friendly metrics allow you to track exactly what you reach is so you know when you partner with the right agency, you are getting not just your bang for your buck, but a little more. It’s ROI is high no matter how much you spend, though your investment will determine your reach. Unlike most platforms, with YouTube you pay per view – but only when your viewer watches past the first 30 seconds of the ad. This is called TrueView advertising. Partnering with an agency like OMG will ensure more customers engage with TrueViewing so your investment is worth it, and your ROI increases.

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