Aren't all SEO companies the same?

If you’ve had continuous bad experiences with SEO companies in the past, then you need to stop this streak and go with Online Marketing Gurus now. We understand that investing in SEO can be a big risk or not at the top of your priority list, especially after what you might have just experienced, but Online Marketing Gurus is different.


We’re all about transparency and integrity, and because of this, we’ve helped hundreds of businesses who have been in the same situation as you. You need a company that can demonstrate traffic and business growth with amazing results, and our case studies prove that we can do this.

White Hat

Other SEO companies might have promised you page 1 rankings and focused only on this. To live up to their promise, they’re most likely to have employed black hat SEO tactics, leading to impressive results in the short run, but in the end, leaving you penalised and with poor rankings.

How we help sites who have been penalised and what you need to know.

  • We analyse & strategise

    We do a thorough audit and check of what you’re currently doing to pinpoint exactly where the issue lies. Maybe your former SEO company has implemented a poor linking strategy or used bad tactics that don’t agree with Google, whatever it is, we’ll find it and come up with a new strategy to pull you out of this problem.

  • Reposition and rebuild

    We focusing on rebuilding a new SEO campaign for you based on sound strategy that will have longevity and strength. We have helped some of Australia's biggest brands recover from google penalties and sharp ranking drops using this methodology.

  • Did you know..

    Over 90% of sites that do a link clean up only see a major uplift when Google refreshes their penguin algorithm (Most SEO companies will tell you the opposite) unless they have a manual penalty from google.. Be careful of false promises

Recover your lost SEO rankings

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