Andrew Raso April 19, 2023

Google has always been at the forefront of innovation, constantly making changes to improve the overall experience for its users. Now Google’s announced it’s developing a new project under the codename ‘Magi’ – an AI tool that will have significant impacts on Google’s overall search experience.

One of the crucial things to note from Project Magi is that Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) and SEO will be impacted. From what’s known about the project so far, it looks like there will be a reduced amount of real estate on SERPs (around 25-30% less), creating a more competitive environment where the winner takes all. This will make the top three results more important than ever. So, there is a need for businesses to invest in better SEO strategies, including improved link building, content creation, and technical optimisation, to rank in the top three results and attract the most traffic to your website.

Although it isn’t entirely clear what the tools will offer, they can be expected to be built on the back of Google’s Bard chatbot. The chatbot has already demonstrated its ability to provide users with relevant answers to queries in real-time. Project Magi is expected to take this to the next level.

It’s also been said that there will be new features. However, at least for now, they will be exclusively available in the US – eventually being rolled out to the rest of the world as they become refined and perfected.

It is no surprise that Google announced Project Magi, coming off the back of the successful launch of Open AI’s Chat GPT and Microsoft’s Bing chatbot. This has driven the development of all things AI. So in response, Google has been pushing to improve its search engine and key features to provide a more engaging and personalised experience for users while, at the same time, trying to get ahead of the competition. 

In addition to Project Magi, Google is planning a more radical rebuild of its search engine. The company is investing in AI technology to provide more relevant search results and a better user experience. And again, we’re seeing the trend that these efforts are likely to further reduce the amount of real-estate on SERPs, making investing in better SEO strategies absolutely essential for businesses if they want to hit ranking factors and reap the rewards of increased traffic and engagement. 

In other news, Google is also said to be developing several other AI tools that aim to help users find what they need faster and more efficiently. This includes:

  • GIFI – an AI image generator
  • Tivoli Tutor – a language learning system 
  • Searchalong – a Google Chrome browser extension feature that integrates a chatbot to answer questions related to the web page 

These are exciting times for the search industry, with Google pushing the boundaries of innovation and bringing something new to the table.


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