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Getting maximum value from your pay per click (PPC) management takes experience, expertise and a heavily data-led approach. With OMG as your PPC Gold Coast agency, you’re in the best hands.

Stop wasting precious marketing dollars on PPC services that don’t deliver. We’ve consistently provided excellent results for businesses on the Gold Coast and beyond.

No magic. No dodgy practices. Simply brilliant hyper-targeted campaigns that deliver more than you ever thought possible.

Ed Jones
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Ed Jones
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What our Sydney based clients have to say.

We work with great companies of all sizes and we’ve helped big name brands grow even bigger.
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Why OMG?

Pay per click is a proven and powerful way to target prospects and improve conversions with fast results. But the world of search advertising is a complex beast. Without the right experience and tools, you can waste thousands of marketing dollars and valuable time attracting website visitors who have no intention to buy. Sound familiar? There is a better way. The OMG way.

Hyper-targeted strategy
Hyper-targeted strategy
Hyper-targeted strategy

Target your prospective customers at the exact moment they’re ready to spend, with the precise messaging to compel them to convert. Our PPC Gold Coast specialists will craft hyper-targeted Google Ads (AdWords) and PPC campaigns that get more from your digital marketing budget.

We take our years of experience and data-driven approach to give you a PPC Gold Coast service like no other. We’re experts in creating and managing Google Adwords, Display and Shopping campaigns that increase brand visibility on the result page. We know which PPC tactics to use for the best search engine results, how to write ad copy that compels your audience to act, and how to craft landing pages that convert. In short, we create killer PPC campaigns that consistently deliver astounding results.

On-the-ball PPC management
On-the-ball PPC management
On-the-ball PPC management

Unleash the real potential of your ad campaigns with transparent, honest and data-driven PPC management. Our pay per click specialists continually monitor and optimise your campaigns to deliver an exceptional ROI. And we produce regular reports with meaningful data.

Already have a PPC account? Let us have a look and we can tell you what’s working well and what needs fine-tuning to take advantage of big opportunities. Pay per click is all about driving fast and consistent revenue growth – and that’s exactly what we’re here to help you do.

Partner with PPC Gold Coast specialists
Partner with PPC Gold Coast specialists
Partner with PPC Gold Coast specialists

Looking for a dedicated PPC Gold Coast team? You’ve just found us. Our gurus know how to target your Gold Coast customers and win their spending dollars with ultra-targeted, cost-saving campaigns.

How do we know our strategies work? Because we’ve used them to get revenue-smashing results for our PPC Gold Coast clients just like you.

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PPC Gold Coast Services

Bank more revenue from PPC with our never-say-die PPC services.

Crush your competition. Rake in the sales. Say goodbye to poor performing ads, high CPCs and unqualified leads.

Google Ads

Smash sales goals in record time with a bulletproof Google Shopping campaign.

Google Shopping

Hunt down leads your competitors have overlooked and get higher conversion rates at a lower cost-per-click with a sharpshooting Bing ads campaign.

Bing Ads

Stay top-of-mind and convert site visitors into customers with competitor-crushing remarketing.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Curious to learn more? Here are some of the most common questions we hear day to day.

Why is OMG the best PPC agency in Gold Coast?

The quickest way to discover why we’re the best PPC agency in Gold Coast is to read our client reviews. Our happy customers don’t lie.

We think this review sums us up: “Since starting to work with OMG, our team has quadrupled in size, and due to the extreme growth in leads, our business has grown by 64%. They might be SEO/PPC specialists, however, I call them ‘carers’; they genuinely care about their clients personally and professionally.” Yep, that pretty much covers it!

Are you the cheapest in the Gold Coast?

We’re not the cheapest PPC agency on the Gold Coast. But trust us, you don’t want to work with the cheapest. Why not?

Sure, you might pay less up-front. You might even see some results straight off the bat. But you won’t see revenue growth in the long term. And you definitely won’t achieve the kind of ROI that we can generate.

Our advice? Stay away from the cheapest. Work with an agency which gives you the advantage of years of experience and PPC know-how – like OMG.

How much should PPC cost?

How long is a piece of string? We’d love to tell you exactly how much to pay for your pay per click advertising, but there are too many variables. The most significant factor to consider is which industry you’re playing in.

PPC is an auction – it comes down to supply and demand. The more competitive your industry or location, the more you need to allocate to get the profitable keywords.

Get it right, and your PPC campaigns will pay off. Get it wrong, and you can wind up wasting dollars on non-performing keywords. That’s only one of the factors to consider. Don’t worry – our PPC team is here to help you navigate the jungle and get the best ROI.

What are the advantages of Google Adwords?

Google Adwords (now Google Ads) is famous for delivering phenomenal results to businesses. How? Because you’re targeting consumers who are ready to buy. Around 2 out of 3 people searching for products they are ready to purchase will click on paid ads. Why is it so huge? Because you are targeting people with buying intent. This means they are typically in the market for the keywords they are searching for – the very same keywords you are targeting with your ads. For example, if someone searches “mobile phone repair Gold Coast”, they probably have a broken phone and need it fixed ASAP. You can set the location you want your Google ad to show for, so you can make sure only people in that area see your ad (in this case, Gold Coast).

Your brand can benefit too, with the right ads proven to improve brand awareness by as much as 80%. Another advantage of Google Adwords is they can deliver results instantly. Running a quick seasonal promo? Short-term paid ads will deliver sales fast.

With Google Ads, you only pay when people click on your ad. That is, if someone searches for the keyword you’ve bid on and they click on your ad, that’s when you pay. Compare this to other ads and bidding strategies which cost the same no matter whether anybody sees or acts on your ad.

One more benefit of Google Adwords is it offers brilliant tracking capabilities. Drill down into which ads are working, which are not doing so well and see how you can improve. You can make tiny changes to your headlines, targeting and text to get better and better results.

But if you’re going to unlock the advantages of Google Adwords, you need to know how. Adwords management is hard. It takes in-depth knowledge of Google’s tools and analytics to create a hyper-targeted performance-driven Adwords campaign that supercharges sales. Plus, you’ll need a lot of time to constantly tweak, refine, and optimise all of your ad campaigns. That’s why we highly recommend that Gold Coast businesses work with an agency that offers PPC services with proven results. Hint – that’s us!

How does OMG work with PPC?

Creating a pay per click campaign is easy. Making it profitable isn’t. That’s why every element of our PPC management services is designed to get the best from your PPC budget. With OMG, it’s in safe hands.

There are a few things that make us different from other PPC Gold Coast agencies. Top of the list is our results-driven approach. We’re 100% focused on getting you the maximum return on your PPC investment. Anything less isn’t good enough.

Next, we’re completely transparent. You know you’ll always get straight-up, open advice. No point beating around the bush – time is money and we want to make the most of yours. There are no secrets in our approach. You’ll always receive clear, regular reports that provide data in a meaningful and easy to understand way. We know this is important if we are going to work together to make the right data-driven decisions.

So, what’s our process? First, we invest the time to understand your business, objectives and competition. We examine your target market and work with you to create detailed customer personas. This is a critical stage in creating your PPC strategy.

We don’t stop as soon as your campaigns are live. Our PPC Gold Coast gurus examine the data to optimise your campaigns and discover any needle-in-a-haystack opportunities we can pursue. It’s this relentless drive towards success that makes us stand out from the rest.

Do you focus on big or small companies?

Everyone. Small and medium businesses, large enterprises, and all businesses in between come to us to accelerate their pay per click results. We’re here to help you get PPC advertising results regardless of the size of your business, and your budget for that matter.

In fact, we’ve worked with all sizes of PPC campaigns. That means we know exactly what it will take to help you achieve success too.

Will PPC work for me?

That depends – how committed are you? Done right, pay per click will skyrocket leads, accelerate conversions and drive profits. But you can’t just throw money at PPC and hope for the best.

You need to invest in a razor-sharp strategy that will get the best possible results. If you can’t do this alone, or you don’t have the expertise in-house, partner with an experienced agency who will be dedicated to unleashing your PPC potential. (That’s us!).

How long does it take to get started?

You can start right here, right now. All you need to do is claim your FREE digital marketing audit (worth $2000!).

Our PPC management team will examine your search marketing activities, SEO campaigns, your industry, competitors and target audience. Then we’ll put our findings in a report that shows you what’s going well, where you can improve and how we can help. If you like what you see, we’ll get started!

What are the strategies for successful digital marketing?

Every successful digital marketing needs three things: time, resources and money. If you’re not ready to view digital marketing as a long-term investment, you won’t see results. Likewise, if you want to do it all on the cheap, you won’t see lasting results. Digital marketing can be a revenue driver, but unless you invest time, resources and budget, it won’t reach your goals. Whether you get an agency, consultant or hire in-house, you’ll still need to invest time to create results.

Once you’ve committed the time, resources and money, you need to set the foundations in place. After all, if you can’t measure your digital marketing results, you can’t improve them. Understand who your potential customers are, where they spend their time, chart their journey and use the data to drive better results. Every decision you make should be data-driven – that means everything from your website design and keyword research to search engine optimisation.

Another element of a successful digital marketing strategy is automation. Marketing automation allows you to create a digital experience that nurtures new visitors into leads and loyal customers. Automation can include everything from landing pages to list segmentation and lead scoring.

Now, if we’re talking specifics, a successful digital marketing strategy may include SEO campaigns, organic and paid search engine marketing, content marketing and social media advertising. Whichever channels you choose, you need to ensure you are using data to try, test and prove what works. That’s the only way to achieve game-changing results.

What kind of results are possible with PPC?

We know what you’re thinking: Can our PPC Gold Coast services deliver the results you need? It’s a good question. If you’re going to hire a new PPC agency, you need to trust that they can deliver.

We can. But don’t just take our word for it – look at what we’ve achieved for other clients.  We helped one client generate an explosive 500% growth in their ROI for paid search. Another client achieved a massive 90% increase in conversion rate and 54% lower cost per conversion, in just 12 months.

Are you wondering how we did it? It’s no secret. We use hyper-targeted PPC campaigns, and then we continually refine and optimise them to get the max return for every dollar. There are no set-and-forget campaigns here — no siree. Our results come from a relentless dedication to improving your results.

Now you’ve seen the results our powerful pay per click advertising campaigns can achieve, what are you waiting for? All you need to do is claim your FREE digital marketing audit and you’ll be on your way to success. Our Gold Coast PPC specialists will perform a comprehensive audit (worth $2000!) of your paid search activities and show you how we can unlock more revenue.

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