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How A Home Theatre Company Gained 400% More Leads Through SEO And PPC

Your business can achieve serious results with SEO and PPC, if you've got the right strategy. Here's how a home theatre company achieved 400% more leads.

There’s a wealth of information about SEO and PPC. As a business owner, you need to separate the good advice from the bad.

If you don’t know how to handle your online presence, your business will struggle.

You’ll attract fewer leads than your competitors. Your potential customers won’t even be able to see you when they search for your services.

So many businesses end up in this position because of the advice that they receive.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) “experts” offer all sorts of weird strategies.

You get pulled in all sorts of directions that lead you nowhere.

The end result?

You get a strategy that doesn’t suit your needs. Your website fails. Your PPC campaigns cost too much. And your social media pages become online ghost towns.

It doesn’t have to be like this.

You can achieve success in the online space. You just need to work with the right people.

And that’s what the smart folks at Universal Home Theatre did when they came to us! 


Universal Home Theatre offers a range of solutions to its clients. In addition to top-notch TVs, the company provides a range of data solutions.

Based in Queensland, the company wanted to expand its offering. Of course, that presents a challenge. The home theatre sector is a competitive market. Our client struggled to get the online recognition that the quality of its service deserved.

They had practically no online marketing strategy and didn’t even know about Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising. 



The Challenge

The company wanted to expand its services into Sydney. A bustling marketplace, Sydney represented new opportunities.

But expanding into the city meant facing even more competition. Universal Home Theatre barely had a web presence.

If they expanded right now, they’d have gotten lost in the shuffle. Plus, the company also had a tight budget.

They didn’t have many online leads coming in, which had stalled the business’ growth. Universal Home Theatre had to rely on us to create campaigns that would take them to the next level.


Our Solution

First things first – education.

We talked the company through the various strategies that we’d put in place.

We helped them to understand that a strong PPC strategy would get them in front of more people. With the right ads – and the right product – they’d start generating leads instantly.

While that happened, we’d work on their organic search results.

A comprehensive SEO campaign would help their site to rise up search engine rankings. Eventually, they’d start generating leads from PPC and SEO.

This educational process built trust. Universal Home Theatre felt comfortable with the strategy. But we still had a limited budget to deal with. The company offered $3,500 to get its campaign off the ground.

We invested $2,000 of that into PPC. The rest went into building the foundation of their organic SEO campaign.

Our solution focused on the following aspects:

  • Building strong backlinks to the company website
  • Shoring up the onsite SEO
  • Developing custom landing pages for the PPC campaigns
  • Finding fun ways to advertise using PPC


That latter service may have been the most important. With this initial money, we helped Universal Home Theatre launch its “Get Mounted” campaign. The copy was a little risqué.

But it was just a creative way to let people know that the company could help them with TV mounting. Simple, creative, and to the point.

More importantly, our work had an amazing effect.


The End Result

As you can see, we stretched that $3,500 to its absolute limits. And we got great results to show for it.  After eight months of working with us, Universal Home Theatre enjoyed a 60% increase in website traffic.

Within a year, we’d doubled the amount of leads that the company received. After another year, we’d doubled them again – a 400% increase.

Our online marketing efforts helped the company expand into Sydney. But it didn’t stop there. With us, they started advertising in Victoria, Brisbane, and other areas too.

Universal Home Theatre achieved the growth that the owner desired. And it did it thanks to our in-depth SEO and PPC strategies.


How Can You Strengthen Your Web Presence?

You can achieve anything with the right strategy. That’s just what Universal Home Theatre did.

They went from knowing nothing about online marketing to running great lead generating campaigns.

You can do the same. The team at Online Marketing Gurus can help you to create an in-depth, bespoke online marketing plan. But here are a few tips to get you started.


1. Avoid Bad Links 

Your website needs backlinks. So far, so standard, right? Every single online marketer will tell you about the importance of backlinks.

Links from other websites show that your site has some level of authority. People trust it enough to link other people to it. Search engines see this and respond accordingly. 

A site with lots of good backlinks will rise up the search rankings. Notice the use of the word “good” in that sentence.

There are good and bad backlinks in the world of SEO. Here’s the result you can get when you have good backlinks.

Below you’ll see all the #1 positions in Google that Universal Home Theatre enjoy (and this number is climbing every day!). 


A good backlink comes from a website that has high authority itself.

Let’s take the technology industry as an example. You may have a business that manufactures technological products.

A backlink from a site like CNET or Tech Radar would be a great link for your website. But then there are the bad backlinks. Even worse, these are the links that many SEO companies try to sell to you.

A bad backlink comes from a junk website. Take online directory websites as an example.

There are so many templated versions of these types of sites. They look terrible and it’s obvious that nobody uses them.

Yet so many people build links on such sites.

Let’s make it clear.

These links will not benefit your website.

If you’re lucky, search engines will just ignore them when determining your position.

But what if you’re unlucky? Some search engines, such as Google, punish you for building too many bad links.

They’ll remove your website from the rankings entirely and force you to clear up your link profile.

This process can take months. Even years!

All the while, you’re getting no organic search traffic.

The simple tip is to only build good links. But how can you do that? Making your website an authority is a good start. Create and post useful content and people will link to it.

You can also create campaigns that encourage people to link to you in return for a chance to win something.

The possibilities are endless. The key is that you avoid the junk links that can tank your website. 

New Call-to-action

2. Build Custom Landing Pages 

Let’s switch the focus to PPC campaigns. It’s easy to create an ad that links directly to your company website.

People will probably click on it and your traffic will increase. But the ad isn’t effective. You don’t convert this traffic into leads. That’s because people aren’t finding what they expect when they click on your ad.

Custom landing pages help you to give your visitors what they expect. Each time you create an advertising campaign, create a custom landing page to go with it.

If you’re selling something, don’t make your visitors wade through a bunch of pages to make a purchase.

Send them to a custom page that allows them to buy right there and then. A good PPC ad with a strong custom landing page can run for over 230 days.

Just look at this example for Universal Home Theatre. Just imagine if you could have an ad bring in leads, clients and sales for almost a year.

Well, it’s possible. 


That’s a bunch of ads with low cost-per-click (CPC) and great positioning.

Each goes to a custom landing page that’s 100% relevant to the ad copy.

Good custom landing pages can help you achieve the same thing. 


3. Create a Clear Call to Action 

Have you ever clicked on an interesting ad, only to find yourself lost in a sea of content?

All you want to do is enquire about a product or service.

But you can’t find a way to do it. You go from page to page until you eventually give up. If your website doesn’t have a clear call to action (CTA), that’s what your visitors will do too.

Build clear CTAs into your custom landing pages.

It’s all about making things as easy as possible. Take this as an example: 


From the moment a visitor lands on this page, they can see the CTA. They can see what information they need to send and what they get in return. It’s clear and concise, which means more people will use it.

It’s with clear CTAs that we helped Universal Home Theatre double their leads twice over.

But there are some tricks to CTAs:

  • Don’t ask for too much information.
  • Don’t ask for information that a potential client might not want to share.
  • Ensure the CTA offers you some way to contact the client (email or phone number).
  • Keep it short. Nobody wants to spend too long filling out a form.
  • Use the CTA to tell the client what they get in return.


The above CTA fulfils all of those criteria. Ensure yours does too.


The Final Word

With the right help, you can create a successful online marketing campaign. That’s what Universal Home Theatre did with us.

In just two years, they increased their traffic and leads by 400%. Plus, they expanded into new locations.

The above tips provide some of the basics of a great campaign. But you need help to put them into practice. That’s where Online Marketing Gurus can help. We have Australia’s best search consultants and they use their skills to help you to grow your online presence.

From website audits to competitor analysis, we offer everything that you need to succeed online.

All that’s left is to get started.

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