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How Beme Grew Website Revenue By 67%



Increase in organic search revenue, year on year


ROAS achieved, increased from 16:1 ROAS


Growth in organic conversions, year on year


Increase in website revenue, year on year

The challenge

Beme is a passionate Aussie brand providing fun, affordable, and high-quality fashion for plus-sized women. They offer outfits for every occasion, whether it's casual work wear, comfortable sleepwear, or holiday-ready swim wear. The aim is to create styles that make their customers look and feel great.

Best of all, they're a fast-growing brand with a super loyal customer base across all of Australia. Did you know you can find Beme products in over 200+ stores across the country? This includes 30 stand-alone Beme stores and 180+ Rockmans stores. 

As a clicks and mortar business, the challenging of growth involved driving ready-to-buy online traffic AND foot traffic. However, competition in fashion was fierce. And Beme's website was achieving low-rankings and low traffic compared to their big-name competitors. 

That's why Beme decided to partner with Online Marketing Gurus on a tightly integrated digital campaign, leveraging SEO, PPC and Social. With experience growing iconic brands such as Rockmans, Hello Molly, Princess Polly, and Baku Swimwear, OMG were ready to use their proven methods and approach to growing sales and winning customers for Beme. 

Key problems

  • Want to grow sales with an integrated approach
  • Fierce competition in the fashion industry
  • Want to be Australia's leading plus-sized fashion brand
  • Competitors outranking on most relevant and profitable keywords
Case study date 20 May 2019

Our approach

Looking for the best way to grow sales? An integrated, multichannel strategy is what delivers the best returns, time and time again. For Beme, the OMG team delivered an SEO and PPC strategy tailored to achieving their business goals. 

  • Fully customised PPC strategy with ongoing optimisation and comprehensive reporting
  • Strategic link building to increase website authority and search engine visibility
  • Technical SEO and other optimisation to maximise website performance
  • Comprehensive keyword and customer research to align the website with the most profitable and relevant keywords
beme case study laptop mockup

Breaking down a winning digital strategy.


137% more organic revenue generated.

The secret to search engine success? It all begins by understanding what customers are looking for (via search queries), then positioning your website to answer these specific and high-intent keywords. Getting granular means you'll spend less time optimising for low-profit keywords, and more time focusing on what will deliver sales.

That's why the first step for us is diving into comprehensive customer and keyword research. We mapped what Beme customers were searching for, then streamlined website content and structure to best rank for these terms. The results? Phenomenal across the board.

On a campaign level, we generated 137% more organic search revenue, year on year. On a granular level, we also boosted their online visibility through higher rankings and skyrocketing traffic. For example, within 12 months from July 2017 to July 2018, we increased the number of rankings by 40% and the number of pageviews by 59%. And it just keeps getting better!


ROAS increased from 16:1 to 20:1.

The secret to reaching new revenue heights? Making every dollar count. Hyper-targeted PPC campaigns excel by generating a higher return, often faster than many other channels.

Before we partnered with Beme, their campaigns were ALREADY delivering a considerable return: $16 return for every $1 ad spend. Within a 12 month period, we increase the ROAS (return on ad spend) from 16:1 to 20:1. This included a 22% increase in conversion rate within the same timeframe.

The only way to achieve a consistently high return is through constant optimisation. Our Gurus regularly reviewed keyword optimisation, monitored for bid adjustments, launched new campaigns, and switched off low-performing ads to focus budget on the best performers.

Most of all, we provided comprehensive monthly reporting and regular check-ins to offer Beme transparency on how campaigns were performing.

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